Wrote this ten years ago today. I had been in Vietnam for three weeks, bored in my little hotel room.

A flag of truce to Dr. Seuss,
Whose name is subject to abuse.
His name rhymes not with Mother Goose,
Nor does it rhyme with carrot juice.
It does not, cannot, sound like loose,
Nor reproduce a sound like Bruce
Or a loose goose on a caboose.
Those who have heard the doctor's voice
Know clearly that the rhyme of choice
Must sound like Soice, or even Zoice!

Thanks for sharing and... great to see you back I hope you are totally healed!


Your rhyming talent is quite remarkable, my friend, even to the level reminding a bit that of the person whose name this lovely little poem discusses 🙂

Here's a Youtube link confirming what you say:

In fact, in Hebrew we pronounce his name more as if it rhymed with goose or loose. That is because the resulting word, סוס, is meaningful in Hebrew, and simply means a horse.

Dr. Horse. Kind of still suiting, isn't it? 🙂


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