Barry and Michael "No Misinformation Here" Soetoro are threatening to leave Spotify if Rogan and his misinformation aren't dealt with.

Ian Miles Chong: "Spotify is under pressure from the Obamas to drop Joe Rogan. They will drop Joe Rogan."

Yup, they might. And I see nothing upsides to it if they do. No outrage here.

It's like people already on lifeboats are rowing over and jumping onto the Titanic in a show of solidarity.



@TheBabylonBee is a parody site. You know that, right? 😉

(Hard to tell sometimes these days, I know.)

@darulharb Yes, I do know that - but sometimes in parody there is an underlying vein of truth or reality,.


The nerd's "an irresistible force meets an immovable object" is a logical impossibility.

Nevertheless, from the article:

"In the words of one seasoned audio industry insider, having Joe Rogan 'is like dropping a Taylor Swift album every day. Spotify needs him way more than he needs Spotify.'"


Obama's threat is more than just his podcast. That community organizer may have the clout to pull enough people to make up more than a Joe Rogan.

"Damn! We're in a tight spot!"


I've grown about as detached from them as they are from most everyone else.

Murderers and sacrificers of others "for the common good".

AKA: ghouls.

This is about all I see now, except in some dark recess under a freshly lifted slimy rock.

As far as I'm concerned, Barry and Michelle My Belle can go to Mars with their threats. I'm sure Elon can make it happen.



Since Trump was (temporarily) removed from the scene, the pearlclutchers needed a unitary object of hate to cover for their misdeeds and found one in Rogan.

I just wish more people can see through the rouse.

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