For the record:

My name is Steven Lawrence. Douglas is my middle name. I used that handle on Twitter (and a fake AI pic) as an anti-doxxing measure.

Mainly I didn't want the university I work for harassed by nasty little lefty-locusts and other creepy crawlers because of me.

Now that's not an issue. F*** those people. Come and get me, bitches.


Steven Douglas Lawrence

This is Dr. Tien, my surgeon and sponsor into a new life. He's as Trump-sure of his abilities as I am in mine and our personalities meshed right away.

Dr. had some very good news for me today.

The speed at which Dr. drew this diagram and notes suggested that he'd done it thousands of times.

Here's what's not noted:

1) Stage 2 or 3 at worst. No spreading. Liver, kidneys, lungs, etc., all appear clean and unaffected. We caught it early.

2) I check in next Tuesday, operation tentatively scheduled for Thursday morning, with one week recovery. No colostomy bag *whew!* (and sorry if that created a visual).

3) Word of the day: Adjuvant
which means...


So I won't be pulled completely into the depths of recovery hell. Prayers answered, easy yoke, light burden.

5) Dr. Tien wants me to his personal language coach, not concerned about the costs. And neither, coincidentally, am I.

6) I've been a chain smoker most of my life. That ends forever starting Tuesday. Nothing like a hospital bed and lots of fluids to sleep it all out of me for good.

Dr. Tien is European and US trained and has spent a lot of time in US facilities, and has attended many US conferences.

He said he is normally in surgery for a minimum of 7 hours every day and that in all his time performing surgeries the complications have been extremely rare and in all cases fully manageable.

He has never lost a patient due to surgery or complications from surgery and he is not the slightest bit concerned with my chances.

But he's required to warn me nonetheless.

More than anything, we got what Chris Miller talked about as a "look into each other's eyes".


And the costs - total projected costs - appear at this point to be well under $10K - DOABLE!

So, I asked if I could stay and many of you echoed that and I am extremely grateful for the outpouring.

What a boost.

Now to turn this too-stagnant body of mine around, to buy a greater chance at more time to see everything through before I do finally move on.




LOTS of bumps in the road leading up to today. "Complicated business" as Trump would say.

Below is part of a conversation with my director friend after I was forced into a surgery-delaying battery of RE-tests at full (foreigner) prices (300-400%).

No problem with it. Roll with it. Flow over it like water. Dr. Tien stuck to his guns and won't have any part of that. Because of my director friend.

One more big test in the morning and a Covid test on Monday, and I'm clear for admission.


My new surgeon friend doesn't know it yet but he's about to become a test student - the object of some very intense focus.

At HIS leisure.

He said he's ready to WORK AT IT. I'm taking him at his word. When he's finished with my body pathology I'm starting on in his speech pathology.

I plan to work some substantial BEFORE/AFTER magic on his speaking voice.

Cannot wait to get started on him.

Nothing like a dedicated student who's willing to learn.

Excited to bear fruit!


I'm on Facebook. For its originally intended purpose: Connect with family and friends.

I have thousands of friends from all around the world and from all walks of life.

I have never CONTAMINATED my page with politics. There I'm all about PERSONAL - NOT COLLECTIVE - relationships.

No stench of the insanity going on now.

I'm living there like the good old days - where EVERYONE was left guessing at your political leanings. Hopefully with everyone wanting to claim you.

In my large private family group my sister sent me this pic.

Know how long it took my face to go from confused neanderthal to "Ooohhh, I get it!" ?

@StevenDouglas Steven... you are a gorgeous, brilliant presence here. We are here for you, and thank you for your honesty. Most who follow us on youtube know that I am Louise Lazar, but it can be very scary revealing ourselves, especially when we have careers or lives that are 'noted' by those in our cities. Many have been 'outed' on twitter for their values, and SQV is a safe space.I love that picture. Thank you for sharing.

@StevenDouglas I hope you are doing well Mr. Doug... I mean, Mr. Lawrence. Keep fighting.

@StevenDouglas Are you sure your name's not "Bond"? James Bond?
I hope you are doing well?

@StevenDouglas Hello Steven, I hope your scan results will be good. 🤗🙏🏻


Thanks for your message and the picture.

I wish you well for your operation and any other treatment. Its good to be prepared and also in "normal" life anything can happen any time.

For those of you, who check the stars: Today I have Uranus exactly conjuncting my Jupiter, so I know a thing about sudden turns of fate.

We are with you.

Only thing that matters now is a full and complete recovery. Get well. Refuah shelayma. You’re in our prayers! ❤️

@StevenDouglas —I’m glad to read your updates; I have been lifting you up every day.

I’m praising G-d the cancer was caught early.🙌🏾

Don’t hesitate to DM if you need anything.


Wow, amazing!

I haven't seen such a condensed stream of good news in quite some time 🙂

I'm very happy for you, very happy for your family and friends in the US and Vietnam, and sure as hell happy for your friends here in QV.

Good things sometimes do happen to those who deserve them 🙂

@Zemeliko @StevenDouglas Yes Zem and every dark cloud has a silver lining! So happy to hear this news today. ❤️

@StevenDouglas Excellent news! It certainly seems he has earned your trust, which is paramount, and outcomes are in part dependent on patient attitude and cooperation.

Continued 🙏🏻.

@StevenDouglas you’re very, very lucky!

Wishing for your recovery everyday! Looking forward to the next coffee!

@StevenDouglas the magic of dedicating yourself to a fruitful goal. Your horizons are wide and joyful wonders galore are there begging you to run forever.

You are truly an amazing person.

Praying for a total healing for you.

@StevenDouglas Sending positive vibes and prayers for the surgeon's steady hands - speedy recovery! God Bless.

Good to hear you have a focus point as you move forward. Sounds like a good challenge. Carry on, sir. Prayer s continue.


It's all in the eyes. There, we see the truth and the soul of another human. If you're receptive at all, you will see it.

I'm not going to write another dissertation. Suffice it to say you are loved without limit. We ALL have you lifted up and enveloped in love and prayer. ❤️ 🙏


So Mr. Lawrence (😂, yes im laughing, not avoidable), thank you to provide divide news. Very glad to read about it.

I hope that you continue to have your high spirits, and having fun with it. Full speed ahead good sir. And good evening.


And I was laughing partially because of the movie Lawrence of Arabia (dad loves the thing 🤣, nice history btw and the epic stuff), and you reminded me about it. Thanks.


Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé ("Steve and Eydie") were a hit singing duo six years before I was born.

So when I was young all I EVER heard from older people when they heard my name was "Where's Eydie!"

Hyuck hyuck, they all thought it was original.


You know sir, the answers you could provide to people in this situation is very broad, at least in portuguese (i imagine in yours too). And I agree with you, no original at all.

Lets just say for some reason SMB comes to mind. 🤣


I realized just about now, Sorry. Divine, not divide.

Typos do not love me. No, they don't.

Said a prayer for you this morning, turned on the computer and saw this toot! What a nice surprise!
Today is going to be a good day!

@StevenDouglas This is all wonderful news.

I hear you on the chain smoking. I did too until my cancer diagnosis in 2010. So I quit. And I’m still here so you’re doing the right thing.

@MadBeachBimbo @StevenDouglas

I've been blessed in that regard. Lungs are clear as a bell after smoking since I was 17. All or most of my smoking was done outdoors. There is definitely something to that secondhand smoke, be it someone else's or your own.

@2020_DJT @StevenDouglas I so get it. I mostly smoked outside except in winter, I smoked in the garage when it was freezing.

Dirty little secret: I smoke maybe 1/2 a cigarette every 7-8 months. I bum one from somebody at the club where my husband plays. Tastes like crap so I’m fortified for another 7-8 months when I get curious again. I am searching for that elusive aaaaah when you take a hit (when you are really addicted). Doesn’t happen UNLESS you’re addicted.

Thank God I can walk away.

PTL for answered prayer. He has healed you Stephen. We all give thanks.

@StevenDouglas I'm happy to learn that the universe is smiling upon you! Blessings!!!

@StevenDouglas Sounds like you’re in good hands. Prayers are being answered

@StevenDouglas well it’s a good morning for me. I get to read a thread from you while drinking my coffee. I’m so thankful you received good news!

@StevenDouglas one of the best threads I have ever been fortunate enough to read on the web. May God bless you

Steven, you saw in his eyes what his words spoke... he made future plans with you, is your confirmation... just an observation ❤🙏🏻

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