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Love the music choices. I'm not admitted yet.

I'm turning in soon as I'm back to to Gate 1 early tomorrow morning to meet with the doctor again. He was in surgery by the time I got finished with a lot of paperwork, a few more tests and two CT scans.

Any day now, hopefully tomorrow, we'll see.

@EarlThePearls @Lolosmom

I'm terrible at reading Vietnamese. But my wife and friends aren't - so, trust!

@EarlThePearls @Lolosmom

My brother and I wandered into a massive used record store in 1972. This was the first 45 I ever bought.

The needle on our crappy old garage sale record player was missing but I replaced it with a vinyl-destroying straight pin.

The record was good for dozens of plays after that.


Hah! That theme song was the ringtone on my old Nokia candy bar phone for my divorced and perpetually fighting parents..

@EarlThePearls @Lolosmom

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