On Vice's Chris Miller interview teaser (Thus far many DOZENS of likes!).

My three takes:

1) Takes place in a church. "One never lies in a church."

2) Miller makes weak implications AGAINST Trump on an already settled (now moot) issue.

3) Miller affirms: The military would NEVER obey an UNLAWFUL or UNCONSTITUTIONAL order from a President.


The public can have full confidence that whatever the military HAS done and is NOW doing is LAWFUL.



So what audience is Miller's message intended for?

4) Miller was talking to LEFTIST RAG VICE.

Beautiful. And telling.

Did Miller lie?


* "...a lot of rhetoric spewed over the previous bunch of yearrrrssss..."

TRUE. Talking point. And irrelevant.

* Did Jan. 6 set alarm bells ringing?


TRUE. For anyone.

* Trump responsible?

"I don't seems cause and effect, yeah."

TRUE. Yeah, it did SEEM that way.

* Would anyone have *MARCHED* on the Capitol without the President's speech?

"'s pretty much definitive that wouldn't have happened."


Even Antifa wouldn't have bothered to show up were it not for a chance to sabotage his speech.

I think that's pretty much definitive.

* Did he know that he was enraging the crowd to do that?

"I don't know."


What Miller did was absolutely brilliant.

1) Kick a dead (impeachment) horse and spout a couple of meaningless talking points for street cred.

2) Do it in a church. EVERYONE knows that, like Pence, Miller's a True Believer - would never blaspheme.

Now they're hooked, and here's the beauty of THAT battlefield prepping:

Miller WEAPONIZED TRUTH as a tool of deception - for those who make leaps of logic and don't know how to WEIGH the truth.



There things that will upset others on my side but make me giddy - for reasons that will make THEM giddy.


ANYTHING even REMOTELY smacking of "anti-Trump" causes tribal minds to slam shut.

NO differently than on the steadily imploding BidenCo side.

All reason, logic, and common sense goes out the window. EVERYTHING else is interpreted in only the most negative light.

Which makes me smile. Because if it's working on YOU, chances are it's working even better on THEM.

Here's more deception on Chris Miller's part with Vice:

Miller said, “There was a lot of concern that we were just some sort of Trump hatchet men coming in to do heinous things to the Department of Defense, which couldn’t be further from the truth.”

" the Department of Defense..."?! That is what couldn't be further from the truth. I don't know WHOSE concern that was, but that choice of words was PURE DECEPTION.

Story airs on VICE/Showtime 8 pm Sunday, March 14.


"We fought a civil war over this once - let's not do it again"


Yes, and also TRUE.

And that is precisely what Trump-NOT-THE-LEFT accomplished.


His statement also led me recall Trump's "I just want to stop the world from killing itself!"

So, I surmise, alternatives were pursued... leading to who-knows-what-but-not-me and the oddball circumstances we find ourselves in.

Didn't make a whole lotta sense, Dems and RINOs pushing so hard to go through with impeachment of a "former" President, for one.

@WhirledPeas @StevenDouglas
People died for this country!
“Let’s do whatever “to make sure America stays America - not some dumb bartenders pipe dream to erase it like a Etch A Sketch

@Bubba222 @StevenDouglas

I suspect they worked out an alternative to a civil war, friend. Perhaps something like a complex military operation, akin to what the gentleman had mentioned previously... perhaps, but what do I know, I'm just a humble bigfoot.

Watching n waiting, and getting re-engaged in the local GOP to do what I can.

@StevenDouglas We have to be was a downer day on many fronts...tomorrow will come and we will be ready to fight harder...because Biden is still an illegal President...and every time he signs Executive Orders or Bills he commits ...treason.

@StevenDouglas Thank you for scoring the BINGO in this thread. I am glad you pointed out the obvious: The shenanigans at the Capitol would not have happened if it wasn't for Trump's speech.

I think people are hearing what Miller said instead of listening to what he said.

All you said.
I identify with Miller. I see how his answers are "true"..leaving more specifics unmentioned.

Because I've had to do the exact same thing to one person that was totally evil....
Thanks Steven.

@StevenDouglas an interesting avenue of thought,Steven. You bring up some good points many wouldnt have thought of.I hadnt heard the interview,and the clip is all Ive listened to,but based on that alone,it makes sense

This interview sounds like Miller is being vague and letting leftists connect the dots with their biases. It's also them trying to twist words their way.

By saying the military is not going to obey unconstitutional order, they are thinking of Trump. They think Miller is distancing himself from Trump. Using confirmation bias against them.

@redwhitebluedude @StevenDouglas I noticed that Miller’s voice & level of intensity changed briefly when he said people need to understand how the military works...... then he returned to his measured tone & thoughtful composure in his responses. Random I know but I noticed the interviewer swallowed hard after he posed a couple of the questions, there was a lot of what I’d call a suspenseful tension on the part of the interviewer that I’m not sure he was intending.

@MyFlyingCloud @redwhitebluedude

Good catches, all tells for sure. Notice everything, it doesn't have to mean anything to begin with. Eventually it forms a semi-predictable pattern. And, if nothing, a base line for anomalies with they crop up.

@StevenDouglas I have a few friends who send me articles similar to the above “Vice” one. Regarding content, They read it, then fire away with comments like “see, even he turned against Trump. Nothing is ever going to happen and you’ll never admit you have been wrong.”
Now, I just nod my head. If I do respond it goes like this “Go Biden, I voted for Joe.”

@StevenDouglas Miller began his military career in 1983 and joined special forces in 1993 where he served for 20 years. After retiring in 2014 he was a defense contractor providing CLANDESTINE Special Operations and Intelligence to the Under secretaries of defense for Intelligence and Policy. He has a Masters degree in National Security. Special forces are just that, “special”. Very few have what it takes. Although you may never know where they’ve been or what they’ve done,

@StevenDouglas LOL! The entire response is indicative of the staff at DOD it seems. Inside baseball.

you can be sure they are in the most dangerous situations defending you and me! Unless he’s lost some of his marbles, Chris Miller will never waiver on his commitment to the military or this country. Be confident he is doing exactly what he was trained to do to protect and defend her. No doubt.

@StevenDouglas Pompeo, Scavino, Miller, Flynn, and Pence are still "on the job" prepping the battlefield with hints and disinformation to lure the enemy to sleep. Meanwhile, Trump is silent and Biden is crashing hard for the whole country to see. Something is up. Can't wait for the "Best that is yet to come".

@StevenDouglas this is great! Thanks for your explanation and thoughts. Again, for people who take everything at face value, they can’t see through every detail. We cannot accept that “it is what it is”. Trump doesn’t work that way...and he knows that he has supporters who are able to read between the lines.


Excellent thread.

The scene of journo guilelessly nodding along with Miller reminds me of that time when Fredo thought he was going for a lovely enjoyable boat ride on the beautiful secluded lake.....

@StevenDouglas I'm reading your comments on this and have a totally different take. Like many, Miller seems weaselly here, like he is looking to rehab himself in the eyes of the left. He should speak the truth plainly and he isn't. (basing this on your summary)

@StevenDouglas Chris Miller is doing himself, and Trump, no favors here: I realize the actual interview may be less incendiary - we shall see - but at best he is being played by the Fake News Media Narrative Engineers.


"Miller seems weaselly here…"

Out of character for a man of his stature?

"…like he is looking to rehab himself in the eyes of the left."

Why? For what?

"He should speak the truth plainly and he isn't."

No, yes. And why? Does he lack courage?

"Chris Miller is doing himself, and Trump, no favors here:"

Trump isn't running for office.
Base: Unshaken re: Trump, angry with Miller.

And no legal jeopardy. So why so far out of his way to appease the left? What does he gain?


Everything about that interview screamed facade/bullshit to me.

Everything. Nothing genuine about ANY of it.

TWO narratives were crafted simultaneously:

1) For the left: Trump really SEEMED to have done something, like, seemingly, totally, more or less definitely, untoward on Janury 6th and before.

(So what).



Future employment? Now you have to believe Miller is a sellout.

Tough sell there.

Weaselly is another way of saying DECEPTIVELY.

"He should speak the truth plainly and he isn't."

Always look for and root out normatives (shoulds/oughts).

At least reframe as questions, not assertions, so that they can be tested and explored as hypotheticals.

WHY *should*(/not) Miller speak the truth plainly?

What truth would that be? Even hypothetically, give examples to test the question.

@StevenDouglas Future employment like Defense Industry lobbyist, exec, or Board of Directors -- Like when Barr gave interview to AP in Nov or Dec, I question the wisdom of granting interviews to left leaning narrative engineers. Miller doing the same. Both allow the Narrative to take hold before the actual transcript or tape is even seen.


Yep, doesn't make a damned bit of sense, does it. Like, on the surface, REALLY bad moves!

You're making all my points for me without realizing it.


It always comes down to interpretation doesn't it......


Yes, which means parsing and examining everything from everyone's point of view.

Communication is divided, as it's incumbent upon multiple combinations of Sender vs. Multiple Receivers.


A case like this was - 100% guaranteed - not a spur of the moment thing.

It was planned in every respect. Including the wording of the message grist spoon fed into Vice's mill.

They were played like a fiddle and don't even know it.

@StevenDouglas @lili60 how were they played? They asked questions and Miller answered. Of course some of the questions were leading but seems to me Miller answered them as honestly. Why he would do the interview? Idk, but I don’t really see the play?

@Kitcat @lili60

My answer ASSUMES certain things (which could be wrong):

1) Recent massive, unprecedented DOMESTIC military activity.

2) The military has yet to PUBLICLY respond to China's and Iran's interference in our elections.

3) The military MAY later respond in a way that will seriously upset the left.

Pence and Miller PUBLICLY put "independence" distance between themselves and Trump.


NONE of their actions must be interpreted as PARTISAN, or, worse yet, "PRO TRUMP".

@StevenDouglas @lili60 they haven’t responded that we know of and as far as we know Biden is POTUS. The one they wanted installed is in. Also what authority does the military have to interfere in a election? It’s up to the state legislatures to certify their electors. Not the military. SCOTUS also has basically given the go a head. So has congress. That’s what I got from Miller. Imo it would have been completely unconstitutional for T 1/2

@StevenDouglas @lili60 to give any orders to interfere with the certification of Biden’s electors. Even if he feels the election was stolen. He’s not the one who decides. Neither is the military from my understanding. Unless they know something we don’t but even then I don’t see why they would hide evidence and allow the election to be certified in the first place. I know you’re working from a place of theorizing. I’m just not sure how this vice interview fits. 2/2


You wrote: "The one they wanted installed is in."

That's a loaded assumption stated as if fact.

Which takes you off point.

"…what authority does the military have to interfere in a election?"

A Constitutional election? NONE, of course.

"it would have been…unconstitutional…to give…orders to interfere with the certification of Biden’s electors."


So they didn't.

Because THAT was not the issue.




"[Trump's] not the one who decides. Neither is the military from my understanding. Unless they know something we don’t..."


"...but even then I don’t see why they would hide evidence and allow the election to be certified in the first place."

I tooted about this MANY TIMES.

You're asking RHETORICALLY, as if the answer is obvious. Ask that question FOR REAL.


Real question, with surprisingly solid, simple answers.



@StevenDouglas Thank you for your insight. I would like to respectfully disagree slightly. I believe people went to DC to March to the Capitol because of the Electoral College vote and to protest the unlawful certification of several states electors. Many had already gone to the Capitol building before Trump spoke a word. He called for people to be there in large numbers as a sign that we were displeased with the election, and that call was well before Jan 6.


Everything you said was true (for certain not all people) and I don't even see slight disagreement between our views.

My point is that it's all just as meaningless now as it was during the Senate trial. Doesn't move any needles.

I believe that the smear piece on Trump was a vehicle that was used by Miller, nothing more. And everyone got what {they thought} they wanted out of it.


"3) Miller affirms: The military would NEVER obey an UNLAWFUL or UNCONSTITUTIONAL order from a President.

Good news is that Trump would never give an unlawful or unconstitutional order (even if his his opponents fall into the trap thinking they are).

Also, the fact that Miller went out of his way to go give a rare interview to VICE, out of all outlets should tell you something, as you have smartly laid out.


“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Boscombe

@StevenDouglas Where would I find the interview you’re referencing please sir? Happy Saturday!

@StevenDouglas - Speaking of Leftist rag VICE, they have a publishing office near where I live and it makes me wanna puke each time I pass by.


I can't stand people like this Vice journalist who are such pusses they seriously believe we were moments away from the horned hat guy setting the Capital Gains rate.


On a positive note, it made him (AND his itchy-eared viewers) ripe for manipulation.

@StevenDouglas @Brennan
The whole clip is creepy. A church background setting, really? The interviewers eyes dancing and darting around. He almost appeared as though he was licking his chops. What was Miller doing there? Was that the entire interview with Miller?

@Donjanusgjrdrm @Brennan

No, it was a teaser they posted to get people to watch the entire interview on Showtime.

Why Miller was there is the subject of this thread.

And yes, the entire interview was with Miller.

Vice wanted a hit piece on Trump. Miller gave them what they asked for. Kind of. Not really.

But Miller gave them just enough to spin that Orange Man Bad straw in some viewer gold.

While getting his own, more important message, out.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @Brennan

The hypothetical question for me:

Could I envision Miller's answers as having been written by Trump himself?

And I am NOT suggesting that they were. I am only asking if Miller's words could FIT into a Trump-generated plan.

Resounding yes for me.

If I were Trump, no ego here, win that war:

TRUMP: "Go in agreeing with as much as you can. Establish your independence - FROM ME. Establish that YOU AND THE MILITARY are straight arrows - straight shooters."

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