Sorry to be a broken record, but my jaw is perpetually dropped contrasting this to what's happening here in Vietnam.

We've gone from dead quiet and mostly empty streets to roaring back to bustling life since the 4th of May.

There's a three day funeral service for an elderly woman taking place next door to me, which means my neighborhood street is blocked off with massive flowers and signs - lots of noise.

Kids back in school and all over the place.

It's like nothing happened.

@StevenDouglas @Debradelai I am going back to my part time fun hobby job next week. I just had to download this ridiculous letter that I must carry with me at all times in case I get stopped by police who want to know why I am not in my fricking house. It's Texas, so I doubt I will have a problem, but the fact that the company had to write such a letter tells you that we are perilously close to a socialist/fascist society in some places. I have to carry papers. Horrifying.

@wziminer @Debradelai

Everyone here is talking about what's happening there in horrified tones.

"You're so lucky you're in Vietnam!"

Yeah, I guess I really am a refugee. Irony?

Good thing Trump is at the helm. I can't wait for untold leftists to get caught in the massive blast when the economy lifts off. Operation Warp Speed indeed, it's going to be epic once separation occurs.

@StevenDouglas @Debradelai It's getting better here, though our county judge is begging the Gov to keep us locked down here because we haven't reached out "peak." Some bar/restaurants have opened up, I went to the dentist yesterday and have a hair appointment next week. As I mentioned I will be going to work as well. It might just be curbside pickup, but it gets me out of the house.


I was never afraid of CV-19. I was/am afraid of the left and the extreme over-reach on our liberties! I was impressed our lefty Gov. maintained sanity.

@StevenDouglas @Debradelai

@JM Oh yeah, it's very fascist. Am going to try to download the letter to share it with all of you. @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

@wziminer @JM @StevenDouglas

I wear it wit pride on certain occasions.

Like the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

I'll go to jail before I carry a "laissez passer" to go to about my town.

@Debradelai I agree. I have been driving around my city in Texas with no problem whatsoever. I doubt I will need it at all. The fact that the company felt compelled to write this letter at all because certain states are forcing them to do it is so very sad. I went to my dentist yesterday, am going to a birthday party tomorrow, will be going to work on Tuesday, and am having my haircut on Thursday proves that I don't need that letter. It horrifies me that other people do. @JM @StevenDouglas

@Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @JM @StevenDouglas When I went to get my COVID antibody test this morning the phlebotomist said one of our hospitals is now requiring negative results before allowing entry. She was mad they were defying Hippa rules. I was glad I met her. We had a great chat about the wisdom of old fashioned medicine.

@Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @JM @StevenDouglas

Just north of Tejas, in Oklahoma we can go just about wherever we want.

Traffic up every day

Only annoying part is all the mask wearing folk who look like medieval plague doctors.

Most people I converse with who are wearing them as REQUIRED to work sound like they are suffocating.


@Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @JM @StevenDouglas

We also have those who wear them as a fashion thing. Go along to get along. Right in to the train cars they'd go. no questions asked

@EarlThePearls @Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer Shut up Earl. I will wear a mask for my protection.
@Debradelai @JM @StevenDouglas
Shut up Earl. I will wear a mask for my protection.
Don't like it? I don'tgive a shit.



IF you want to wear a mask for YOUR protection fine.

Do it.

Just Don't Tell me to SHUT UP

Shut your own self up in your house if you choose

It is the fascist dictates being laid down that I am complaining about

I still believe in my constitutional rights to speak freely, travel freely, be free from unreasonable search n seizure, and to bear arms, among other things

So wear your Mask. I'll talk

@Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @JM @StevenDouglas

@EarlThePearls @Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @JM
@StevenDouglas I don't stay in my house all day. I wear a mask when I go out. You just all just start name-calling and I am sick of it. Like I said, it is none of your business.

@CarolForrest @Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @JM @StevenDouglas

Did I tell you to not wear your mask? No.

Many people just do it because they listen to the scare mongers.

Based on my observations I'd say 40-50% don't even wear them correctly.

Or they are all by themselves in their car with no one around.

@JM @CarolForrest @Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @StevenDouglas

Did I say I would go out if sick and purposefully spread it around? No

Did I express and opinion that some masks look like the Plague ones? Yes

I am for responsible responses and a thorough education on this situation.

Much of what is being done is not that. That is what I am beefing about

@JM @CarolForrest @Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @StevenDouglas

This is what I am talking about:

One of our group has to carry this INTERNAL PASSPORT to be out on the streets.

She is

@JM @CarolForrest @Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @StevenDouglas

Or what about State Gov'ts taking your business licenses, turning off your utilities, levying fines and jail time?

NY cops beating people for being 5'11" apart?

I could go on but instead I suggest people read what passes through here on a regular basis

and through in a bone once in a while

I' m tossing in a Wish Bone Now!!supportus

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@EarlThePearls @Joycevor @Lonestar @wziminer @Debradelai @JM @StevenDouglas

Shut up? Name calling? None of your business?

You inserted yourself into a conversation, told someone to shut up. Perhaps it would be wise to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Unless he found a way to type with invisible ink, he said nothing about whether or not you should wear a mask. Kindness is a virtue. You know what opinions are. You could buy one of these - 1/2

@JM @wziminer @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

The idiot governor of Delaware isn't implementing Phase 1 until June 1st.

Never mind we met all the "criteria" by the end of April, and at the very least, very early on in May.

My favorite though is, you can go to a restaurant (which is limited to 30% capacity) but you have to wear a mask while dining.

How the fuck are we supposed to eat and drink?!

@umad80 @JM @wziminer @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, my state, is opening to full phase 1 on Monday. Bars, restaurants, retail stores, museums and libraries are open to 50% capacity. Gyms will finally be reopened, too.
Theme parks can submit reopening plans that must include dates for reopening.
Movie theaters are not yet allowed to reopen.

@umad80 @JM @wziminer @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

The first phase of DeSantis’ economic recovery plan started May 4 in all but Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, which have the largest numbers of coronavirus cases in the state. The initial first phase included allowing restaurants and retail outlets that had closed because of the virus to reopen with 25 percent indoor occupancy.

All 3 counties are Liberal majority run.

@DennisCampbel16 @umad80 @JM @wziminer @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

You sound justifiably proud of your Governor!

Hooray for you guys! Lead the way and show the blue states how quickly your economy can turn around!

Show them how conscientiously your citizens can act! Safeguard the elderly & disabled, then enjoy your new found freedom!

God bless America and her governors who CARE about their constituents rather than their political agenda!

TRUMP 2020!

@umad80 @JM @wziminer @StevenDouglas @Debradelai Well now this doesn’t surprise me in the least. This is where Uncle Joe came from after all.

@Ballerina @JM @wziminer @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

Yep! Completely inept. Half of his decisions - probably more than half - have been done after everyone else. He has never lead anything, just followed.

@seeker @Debradelai

Never went on HCQ. Z-Pak and supplements (Zinc, Vit. D, aspirin for a blood thinner to prevent clotting). That and heavy rest and liquids got me through it. Oh, and long walk in the sunlight. The last of my shortness of breath subsided last week.

@StevenDouglas @Debradelai
My question is: how is the situation about hydrocloroquine in Vietnam?
Because using treatments massively changes and I collect these stories.
But thanks also for your personal report.

@seeker @Debradelai

I'm actually not sure about it treatment-wise here. Only a couple hundred plus confirmed cases, zero confirmed deaths.

I don't know if this helps but I was told by my hospital director friend that there is no shortage of HCQ in Vietnam because of its other uses here.

@seeker @Debradelai

I've said before and will again. It would not surprise me in the least to learn later on that Vietnam was hit by and fielded the Wuhan virus at least a month before its spread was finally revealed to the public. It seemed like EVERYONE was deathly sick in December and January.

And Vietnamese don't take sick days unless its truly debilitating. They work right through everything.

Could we have acquired herd immunity and not known it? Can't wait for serology testing here.


Day one EVERYONE was wearing masks and social distancing. Day two maybe 70%. And it's dropped ever since, now down to maybe 10-20% that I can see.

Big grocery stores, wear a mask and get your temp taken at the door with a squirt of hand sanitizer. Everywhere else, meh...maybe. Sometimes, kinda.

@StevenDouglas @Debradelai

Here in North Metro Atlanta, went to a nail and hair appointment last week. We all wore masks due to very close contact... then when we got short of breath and hypoxic... took them off for breaks. I am a scientist, but it is damn hard to live and move with a N-95 mask on for a long time with no break. Not healthy to be re-breathing the air trapped in the mask for long durations. Yet, we were all so excited to get the state of Georgia back open.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @StevenDouglas @Debradelai @wziminer

Even the idiots that are suggesting that we wear dust masks have said to not wear the n95 masks outside unless you are a healthcare worker work

@WarriorPoet @StevenDouglas @Debradelai @wziminer

Yes. Hypoxia (low oxygen in blood to tissues) from constant prolonged thick n95 mask wearing damages brain cells. Healthcare workers who wear n95s do so case by case with many minutes breaks between cases. They do not sit like a nail or hair salon for hours' straight wearin a mask, rebreathing their own air and not taking in good clean oxygen unimpeded.

@wziminer @WarriorPoet @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

Thanks WZ. ❤️ You know I am duck duck going it on your term. I know the situation because my masked salon workers are all experiencing extreme fatigue- falling asleep as soon as arriving at home at 5 or 6 Pm every night, chronic headaches, feelings like they cannot catch their breath.

@wziminer @WarriorPoet @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

Oh crap, build up over time...hours... of carbon dioxide that should be exhaled.. but cannot in a N95 mask.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @wziminer @WarriorPoet @StevenDouglas @Debradelai

I noticed that while wearing my mask for the duration of grocery shopping, I am extremely thirsty afterwards. Not sure if that's just me or something that's - uh, a lack of a better word - normal.

These idiots who are wearing them hours upon hours - even while in their cars - are dumbasses.


Have been working a lot this week with companies who want to quickly ramp up for mask PPE production for healthcare workers, so I have spent the week studying the fabric barrier standards and regulations. In short, a N95 designated/labeled mask is way overkill for non-medical folks conducting their business, those who choose to wear them. N95 is made extra thick for fumes, and forcible projectile blood exposure.

@wziminer @WarriorPoet @StevenDouglas @Debradelai @CarolForrest

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