This is the late William Golding, author of the dark and violent dystopic, Lord of the Flies.

In reality it turns out that Lord of the Flies was William Golding's personal, and utterly myopic, biopic.

Golding, a self-described "brat" son of an active suffragette mother and a depressive, atheist, socialist schoolmaster father, was a sadistic bully to his peers from a very young age.

In later life Golding confessed, “I enjoyed hurting people.”

His novel was entirely about HIM.

Speaking of his World War II experiences Golding quipped,

“Anyone who moved through those years without understanding that man produces evil as a bee produces honey, must have been blind or wrong in the head.”

It was a classic leftist projection, of course. The entire world and everyone in it was essentially evil in exactly the way that he was. Lord of the Flies clearly depicted such evil as primal, innate from youth, and part and parcel to all human nature.

By all means, share your misery.

Lord of the Flies was dystopian leftist fiction published in 1954. It was a "what if" scenario with human natures projected onto all as fact.

The problem with that scenario:

in 1965, eleven years later (two years after the 1963 movie was released), six young boys really were stranded on a deserted island in the South Pacific. They were marooned and survived on that island for fifteen months.

The real life "Lord of the Flies" story is the exact opposite of what happened in the lunatic leftist envisaged Lord of the Flies.

The real life story is both uplifting and awe-inspiring. The author of the article I just read about it tells it better than any synopsis I can give.

It is well worth the read. Pure joy:

I'm writing this because it made me INSTANTLY think of Donald Trump, Thomas Wictor, and Saul M. Montes-Bradley II.

This is a tribute to each, each with their own unique, intensely positive and rationally optimistic projections (all based in reality), versus all of the ghoulish leftists and their wicked media we are battling, who are all DESPERATE to create a real life Lord of the Flies FICTIONAL narrative for all of us to swallow. Surrender to. And wallow in.

Indeed, Thomas, all WILL be well.

@StevenDouglas Well this thread is coming right at me at a most appropriate time. Currently, I’m having my two boys read Lord of the Flies. When they finish we will research the real life Lord of the Flies and write a compare and contrast paper.

@Ballerina A story of two stories:

One story based on imagination fueled by fear, hatred, and disdain, with no compassionate sense of Other.

The second story: Pure nihilistic-defiant reality, with joint reverence for every individual. E Pluribus Unum.

@Cdubois @StevenDouglas I had this hippie chick teacher in 8th grade who couldn't control the class. She decided to punish us by forcing us to read this novel. She should have been sued for child abuse. Thank you for posting this. None of the kids in my class were that bad. She was just incompetent.

@StevenDouglas Thank you! Amazing story.
The things I learn here on QV.

He is certainly the smug ,self important piece of shit isn’t he?

@masterblaster He's one more piece of the Defining Leftist Characteristics puzzle for sure.

He's talking about himself in his novel, but in a very real way he's also projecting Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Polpot onto EVERYONE. His nihilistic view is unapologetically Soros-like ("Hey, if it's not me, SOMEBODY'S going to do it.")

Yes, but that doesn't account for all the SOMEBODIES who see it for what it is and stand up to defeat it.

That's where they're ALL blind. They can't accept that we exist.

@masterblaster If we didn't exist before, much to their tears, shock and chagrin, we certainly can't go on to exist now.

We are all LESS THAN persona non grata to them. They really do want for us not to exist. They express that desire every day, in myriad ways, every damned chance they get.

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