Rush Limbaugh believes he knows why President Trump has effectively eliminated the White House press briefings.

He theorized that the decision was made to stop the media’s many “egomaniacs” from hogging the microphone and drawing attention to themselves.

“You know, there’s no White House press briefing anymore,” he said. “They don’t do ’em. They don’t get together in the pressroom at 1 o’clock every day with the media asking questions.”


@NevadaJack Oh, Trump does press briefings alright. Lots of them, more than any other President now. And they're HATING it.

Press briefings have EVOLVED.

* No go-betweens.
* Cameras forced to center on him with grass and trees in the background.
* Engine noise muffles/drowns out all their voices.
* Full control over who's asking (without anyone knowing who's asking!).
* His demeanor is as if everything they're asking is reasonable. He just answers. AT LENGTH.

Delicious, isn't it?

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack Very stable genius says "children shouldn't be seen or heard." 😜

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack

Those birds are beautiful.

The same cannot be said of the mangy howling jackals that are the Enemedia. I enjoy knowing they are miserable out there in the DC August heat.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack yes he is an animal. I wish he could be in the shade. It’s so hot. I love him.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack I'm so happy I don't have to see that little rude egomaniac Jim Acosta face anymore, Between him and Adam Schiff I don't know which I despise more.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack

My husband gets irritated by the engine noise, but I would much rather hear the engines whine than hear the reporters whine.

@JustDJ @StevenDouglas @NevadaJack I think of it this way: President Trump is willing to endure the engine noise, if only to make the mob suffer. I appreciate his sacrifice in service to our nation.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack

Another example of a master chess move.

Trump: "Oh, you want to act out for all your libtard colleagues? I got something for that."

Libtard Legacy Media:

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack Never thought of it that way, thanks. I guess I didn't realize they were no press briefings. They would annoy me when I watched them so I stopped.

@KodiakIsland @StevenDouglas @NevadaJack I do as well and try to keep under the radar so I don't get bumped off twitter.


Exactly. He's taken press briefings from them interrogating him, to him lobbing factual information as he's heading somewhere else.
The press has no idea how blessed they are with this guy.

If they should decide, one day, to split from their cohorts to write and publish the truth, he's giving them that chance. Every time.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack
Yes, and he always gets in the points HE wants heard. He makes sure that what he says is the focus, not their prattling, vicious takes on things.
He's a master at this.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack
Brilliant! Not being able to hear their questions has completely destroyed their attempts at character assassination. To have had that idea and follow it through (even getting rid of the excellent Sarah Sanders) is pure genius.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack

Oh yes quite delicious. He’s getting the message out in spite of the biased MSM and I’m loving it. God protect our President Trump and his loved ones from harm mentally, spiritually and physically.

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