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For the record:

My name is Steven Lawrence. Douglas is my middle name. I used that handle on Twitter (and a fake AI pic) as an anti-doxxing measure.

Mainly I didn't want the university I work for harassed by nasty little lefty-locusts and other creepy crawlers because of me.

Now that's not an issue. F*** those people. Come and get me, bitches.


Steven Douglas Lawrence

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Sorry if already seen but I can't stop laughing. Rape bike with a seat called "The Penetrator".

Thief sits, seat slides straight down as a thin steel shaft goes boring for core samples. 😂

@CarpeDonktum: "No, but he will be, they are currently waiting for a thunderstorm.

>@TimRunsHisMouth: 'Is John Fetterman alive?'"


Why wouldn't they? I would have never expected the Democrats to impeach him _twice._

At this point, I'm expecting all three bogus indictments, maybe four ("Stormy," GA phone call, Mar-A-Lago documents, and -maybe- Jan. 6th).

@MarinaMedvin: "Trump’s Case in DC: Yesterday the appeals court set a MIDNIGHT deadline for the defense to protect attorney client privilege and then 6AM response deadline for the government… just wanted to make sure you guys realized that the court gave the lawyers a few hours to work and in the middle of the night, at that. And no, I’ve never seen that before. Ever."


When he is NOT arrested on Tuesday, MTG and the Q-tard crowd will claim victory: "they" are afraid of us. Trump will credit his warning.

And people like me will be leaving in that narrow strip between yawning and disbelief.

QuodMeet 19 March 2023

A live open interaction with Quods on the matters of the day.

YOU chose what we discuss.

LIVE, Sunday 9:30pm Eastern

To join on-camera, follow the link in the next toot.

Asking "...the impossible, hoping to be left alone." - The source of all my greatest deals and breakthroughs.

All the staying (and walking away) power in the world, as all the best and greatest opportunities remain open.

Hat tip to Brian Roemmele. Orson Welles, talking how he got full creative control over Citizen Kane.


QuodVerum is free to use but, alas, it's not free to run.

Supporting SQV is NOT supporting "Saul" or "Thomas".

It is supporting yourselves by keeping this platform alive.

If you are already contributing, thank you!

If you are not...what the fuck are you waiting for? A cup of coffee per month won't send you to the poor house.

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Hi Canada, we're right behind you, we'll catch up!

The mere notion that an artificial limit on enrollment could EVER be a good thing was creepy as hell for starters. Worse now that 'algorithms' are in charge.


From 80 to 1,000 in a year and nobody cared to look.

What goes up fueled by hot air must crash down.

Oh, yes. THIS is a crash. Not a 2% fluctuation in markets.


Tell me again that bit about Muslims being silent on terrorism...

This is how Russians take Ukranian prisoners.

Tymofiy Mykolayovych Shadura, a member of the 30th separate mechanized brigade, fell in Bakhmut.

So much for fucking imbeciles and their moral relativism.

His last words, Slava Ukaina. Glory to Ukraine.

The words in off after the shooting..."сдохни, сука" (sdokhni sucka) "die, bitch".

Beard Blather 158

"Improvise, Adapt and Overcome"

Thomas Wictor and Saul Montes-Bradley discuss whatever comes to their minds.

Saturday, LIVE
11:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm Pacific


so blacks/hispanics are in the same league as disabled children. got it

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.