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For the record:

My name is Steven Lawrence. Douglas is my middle name. I used that handle on Twitter (and a fake AI pic) as an anti-doxxing measure.

Mainly I didn't want the university I work for harassed by nasty little lefty-locusts and other creepy crawlers because of me.

Now that's not an issue. F*** those people. Come and get me, bitches.


Steven Douglas Lawrence

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At his next speaking engagement in Maui, Joe tells the people of Hawaii about the time his own house caught on fire and he almost lost his '67 Corvette, his cat, and his wife.



Succulents are nature's closest thing to plastic plants.

Yes, I do get marinaded and grilled frog legs twice a month. Better than chicken.


He's crazy as a mad hatter, but quite enjoyable, indeed. Especially if you had ever endures the sociotard interviewing him.

Javier Gerardo Milei, the Make Argentina Great Again tsunami who may just become their next president.

I don't know much about him at all, but holy smokes, I must say I enjoyed this.

Jake Tapper and other morons are saying Trump's use of the word "RIGGERS" (in the TS post below) is a RACIST DOG WHISTLE"!

I think you have to be a racist to even think of that!

Just a friendly reminder:

JIF is to Skippy as Skippy is to shortening.

The North Carolina House just voted to override Governor Roy Cooper’s veto on their bill called ‘Fairness in Women’s Sports Act’ in order to protect women from the trans mafia in sports.


"In order for our officers to love someone else, we have to love them," Chicago Police Chief Larry Snelling said.

So Chicago's police aren't loving others enough?

Hearing a lot about "adult mental health" support lately.

From the DOE:

"debriefs" - "touch points" - "self care at home" - "one-to-one mentoring or affinity groups".

Considering the sources and euphemisms used, it sounds like a grift with gaslighting support to me.


Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia signed legislation Friday that will create an oversight commission with the power to remove local prosecutors and district attorneys from their jobs. The measure has been heavily criticized by Democrats, including an Atlanta-area DA, who is seriously weighing charges in connection with former President Donald Trump’s actions in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Thomas' OG account is still suspended, but they've unlocked Carlos Osweda.

From the out of the blue, neither here nor there department:

I have traced, with stunning clarity, the quality of my dreams - good ones to nightmares - to procrastination.

The more I procrastinate, the worse my dreams get. Whenever I stop procrastinating, my dreams become amazing.

Your mileage may vary, but this one's unequivocal for me. Innat crazy?

In a class with dozens of teens, mostly girls, when I learned just how up and out of the weeds and out of touch I really am of late.

Part of the lesson: "What good movie have you seen recently?"


Me: "Barbie, anyone?"


Thumbs down, all heads shaking no. That's when I learned it was banned here - because of the "nine-dash line" as portrayed on a "World Map" in the film.

All I could do was laugh. I live here, I'm on QV and Twitter, and I didn't know!

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It can be done.
A few things are prerequisite.
A full understanding of the environment your entering.
A well practiced routine without exception.
Knowledge of the flora and fauna of the region.
Having the right tools that have multi purpose.
Redundancy of essentials.

Our ancestors did this successfully with proper planning and raised families thousands of mile from the closest amenities of any civilization.

But these three were reckless.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.