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I would like to share comments that I recd from an email friend re Vindman. My friend is a combat veteran who served in the 101st Airborne, Vietnam!

"That sorry excuse is lucky he made 1st Lt. We would have not accepted him as a Company Commander in Nam & would have considered him a REMF. Rear Echelon Mother F-----. He'd have made a poor assed supply officer. That he wears the crossed rifles of an Infantryman is a disgrace.

The prick did DJT a great service today & Schiff must be furious.

Long periods in space can REVERSE blood flow and lead to deadly clots, NASA reveals - in a major blow to future Mars missions

Astronauts on the International Space Station reported impaired vision
Researchers put them through ultrasound scans to study their blood flow
Some were found to have stalled or even reversed blood flow in their left jugular
NASA say putting astronauts in a lower-body vacuum suit can ease the problem

It appears the President is guilty of committing foreign policy? WOW!

The Democrats' next debate is tomorrow night.

That has vanished from the news. The Dems and the media are behaving as if the election next year is not happening. Impeachment is their one obsession.

Self-destruction every day.

"We hear the people of Iran. We understand the issues and yet cannot give details as to what is being done. But know we hear you loud and clearly."

@HeshmatAlavi : "...yet cannot give details as to what is being done."

Dems knew they had problems with Biden and Ukraine, which they anticipated even before Trump. They just didn't anticipate Trump.

With the former VP/presidential candidate under attack, it seems obvious to me that they'd want to prepare a tit for tat offense ("Yeah? What about Pence and his dodgy quid-pro-quo shady Ukrain visit?") as their defense.

If that was an op, it was definitely denied by Trump.

@StevenDouglas Im sure you meant "If it is one big drawn out swallwell"?

Flags go up whenever I see people overly concerned about why something otherwise innocuous *didn't/doesn't* happen.

In this case, Trump's attackers seem overly concerned about why Pence *didn't* attend the Zelensky Inauguration.

Was it for the same reason he doesn't have one-on-one meetings with women other than his wife? As in, CANNOT BE FRAMED?

Did Trump stop Pence from walking into a trap (a la Papadopoulos, wherein Pence is framed into a Biden-like position)?

This is really eerie.

Someone took a GI Joe-type action figure and put a hyper-realistic head on it.

solved (because forensics). Feel free to share and help Swalwell escape from the dark stinky cloud he's under, he's suffered enough.

"For 40 years we have cried and bled. Enough is enough! We are making a stand!"

Brave woman tears down a "Death to America" poster.

The crowd is heard chanting, "Death to the dictator," in a reference to @Khamenei_ir.

Iranians have no enmity against the U.S. or the American people.

This is a 40-year lie promoted by the mullahs only.

Wow. There's definitely a BIG disturbance in Iran.

The mullahs are more worried this time. Of course they can rely on CNN as useful idiots but there's some serious shit going down.

Since Trump came in there's been a very steady & patient build up of pressure on the mullahs. If DJT has decided they're history, God help them.

A good idea is check Tom Wictor's brilliant insights at @ThomasWic and also @HeshmatAlavi who is the #1 go to in the world on what's happening.

Apparently the homelessness official was doing a damn fine job.

He certainly increased homelessness.

I mean, who even knew they had a "homelessness official?"

Must have been useless....🙄

Trump administration ousts top homelessness official as White House prepares broad crackdown

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