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I've never read anything about Bloomberg.

It's nice to know that my instant aversion to him was based on the fact that I could sense how revolting he is as a person.

And HE'S the next great hope for the Democrats.


All four prosecutors from the Roger Stone trial have now resigned.


The DOJ file a memo with the court on sentencing guidelines, so we shall see. The link is here (5 pgs.)

DOJ reviewing the Roger Stone sentencing and two lead prosecutors on the Stone trial have resigned. Could the Roger Stone Trial have been another "Swamp Rat Trap"? I don't know and am just asking.

For some reason I think 2020 is going to be a very bad year for Jennifer Rubin.

Huber's report hasn't been released yet. No idea what the report will contain but one thing I do know; Now is not the time to be doing dance no matter what outcome you are hoping for.

MSM is part is blaming US for airliner shot down by Iran, claiming it was a casualty of the "crossfire" between US and Iran. Since Iran was obviously expecting a response; Why didn't the Iranian government shut the airport down to all commercial air traffic?

I should think the elimination of Qasem Soleimani got the attention of Kim Jong-un.

I didn't see any of this coming.

It just goes to show that there's limit to the intelligence and creativity of the people working to free Iran.

Regime change already happened. Announcing the death of Soleimani was the end, not the beginning.

If Trump announces no retaliation tomorrow, it means I'm right, and tonight was staged.

You know Iranians, of course, so you know better than I do how a stealth regime change would be carried out.

Soleimani built up what seemed to be a network of savagery that couldn't be defeated except with massive violence.

Therefore that network was vulnerable to thoughts.


The right argument.

One thing Trump can do is convince.

We learned from video that he speaks and understands Korean.

TWICE he reacted before the translation.

My expert opinion of what is happening in Iraq right now is that I don't know what is happening in Iraq right now.






Some internet sleuth figured it out!

Check it out!

@SteveJacobson What a colossal jerk, but then all of those goons from the previous admin believe they’re still running the show,

Former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer is a real piece of work.

The Democrats and Never Trumpers are becoming more insufferable by the day.


Here's the agreement that the Kurds made with the Syrians.

Remember: The official story is that this happened in two days.


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