15 minutes. Is that a new record?
Ceasefire lasted 15 minutes. Hamas just couldn’t stop launching rockets at Israel. I’m absolutely shocked that an evil terrorist organization whose stated goal is to murder Jews wouldn’t be honest!

I haven't looked at this ceasefire agreement, but I'm sure if/when active it'll be violated within minutes (seconds?) by those goat fuckers.

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This is going to be a fun Thanksgiving... already off to a wonderful start. My dad's wife apparently thinks President Trump is pro nazi (her words due to Charlottesville), but also mostly defended omar and talib, and other shit.
2024 can't come soon enough

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Hey all! My apologies for not being around, I know many of you worry. Late October I was fighting a terrible cold, then I gave it to my dad, which then boomer rang back to me, and then got my mom. Then I just got super busy. This will be my first small business Saturday, so I’ve been trying to get the story ready with ideas and stocked with merchandise.

It’s also a hard time for me. On December 4th, it will be 20 years since I lost my brother.

But I hope to be on SQV more often now.

NEW: UFC’s Dana White says he told a big sponsor to “go f*** yourself” after they told him to delete a social media post that he shared of Donald Trump.

Amazing 🔥🔥🔥

“One of our big sponsors called and said, take that down.”

“I said, go f*** yourself. You vote for whoever you want to vote for and I'll vote for whoever I want to vote for. That's how this works. I don't even care who you're voting for. It's none of my f***ing business. F*** you.”

Video: @TheChiefNerd

For those interested here's a review of the Hunger Games prequel by Jeremy Jahns.

The live action Avatar the Last Airbender looks okay. It's netflix, but it looks okay.
Live action Yu yu Hakusho.... looks like a netflix series...

Interesting thread. Comparing the 5th HP book to current events.
The reason a lot of young progressives are so mad at JK Rowling is that they read the books as kids, and they thought they were Harry or Hermione. But they grew up into people like Percy or Dolores Umbridge or Cornelius Fudge or Rita Skeeter. And they know it. And on some level, they’re ashamed.

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Gen V Review.
If you enjoy The Boys universe, you'll enjoy this show. I don't think that you meet to watch either to understand the other, but there are Easter eggs.
I enjoyed the main characters and their journies. The evolution of Cate, and Marie... wow.
Not for the feint of heart, every episode features a ton of gore. This isn't a hero show. It's a show about "the real world" if super powers existed.
Gen V starts a little slow, but picks up. And that finale. Wow.
8/10 Cobra Kai.

One of the saddest things surfacing from this tragedy is witnessing how rampant hatred still is. This planet is a very slow learner. To HATE an entire group of people based on the color of their skin, who they worship, who they love, country of origin, it’s actual insanity.

Just saw South Park into the panderverse. It's South Park. They still got it.

I love that Disney tried to take legal action against them. Failed. And it has resulted in at least 2 more specials.

Saw Police State. It's a D'Souza film.

That said, it's extremely fucking important President Trump be reelected with a non-hostile House.

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This is good news. @Debradelai has said before he likes and respects Sydney. I didn’t believe for a second she was turning on anyone.

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