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islut vs hillary. Don't care. The ass party has no nominee that can challenge President Trump.

This looks hella fake anyway. Seems like hillary, or someone else, wants to propell islut to the nominee.

Has islut given an explanation for her retarded accusations about President Trump being in bed with al qaeda yet?

Just saw the Batwoman pilot. I was told this took the worst elements of supergirl. It's not. The pilot at least was fine. The only negatives about this show appear to be the marketing.
Batwoman is similar to Arrow season 1. Kate kane is fine as a character. The villain Alice intruiges me. Maybe episode 2 has the sjw feminist crap. But ep 1 didn't.
If you liked Arrow season 1 odds are you'll like the Batwoman pilot.

As a Packer fan who attended the game, I am glad we won. I believe we deserve to be 5-1. I believe we shouldve beaten the Eagles, no PI/Defensive hold last drives... vs questionable illegal hands last 2 drives. I also recall being at the game last year when the refs turned a win vs MN into a tie.

Reffing has been horrible for awhile. At this point the only thing you can count on is that they are crap. Perhaps they are this bad to distract from say krapernick, or antonio brown or the like.

2. Everything about Joker works. The acting is top notch, the story has a ton of layers, and the direction... I didnt feel the film was too long or too short.
Joker isnt political, but he basically inspires antifa. Honestly, attacking this film the way the left has is incredibly retarded, even for them.
If the oscars meant anything Joker would easily get best picture.
If you like dark films with an insane delusional protagonist, you'll love Joker. 5/5

Joker has a chance to make One Billion Dollars without china. I'd live to see that happen.
My short review.
Arthur Fleck lives a crap life that constantly shits on him. He has various mental illnesses. Joker helps you understand his view. He is constantly seeking help that he doesnt get. I don't want to spoil the film. It truly is an awesome dark film and is worthy of being considered best film ever. I consider Alita and Unplanned marginally better. Very possible Joker unseats both for me.

I used to play W.o.W. Was a big fan of Starcraft. Haven't played in awhile.

Love the responce to the retards currently running what was once a great company.

Saw Joker. Going to let it stew for a bit before I post in length.
Its worthy of its praise. Very dark film.
My top 3 films this year.
3. Joker
2. Alita Battle Angel
1. Unplanned

Nfl. The Cowboys will miss Tyron Smith more than The Green Bay Packers will miss Davante Adams.

Joker appears to be an A. Seeing it tuesday, maybe.

Jeremy Jahns and a few others have given Joker high reviews. Film is described as a slow burn. I guess this is more of a character study than a comic film.
My new expectation is that it'll he an A- film that'll make a decent amount. Having the MSM describe the Joker as Trumpian will only put people in the seats.

Also the captain marvel XXX parody trailer is out. Looks better than the source film, not that that was difficult.

Joker comes out this week. It's hated by the right people so I'm giving it a chance.
beyond the trailer has released a review. Her review gives me pause as she says it's a reflection of the modern era, sort of.
I think Joker will be okay. I'm predicting a solid B.

I was at the Packer game. The NFL has proven they dont know what Pass Interference is and apparently the league doesnt think a helmet to helmet on a guy being face masked warrents ejection or suspension (Mike Scwartz claims league wont suspend bennett for his hit).
If the league wasnt a joke before it damn sure is now.

Fuck rand paul. he's a pussy ass bitch who is allergic to greatness. Please vote him, and the rest of the rino asses, the fuck out of the senate.

Funny thing, nothing they do can stop President Trump.

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