Carnivore pasta
5 egg whites
1 egg
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Mix above
Cook it however thin you want your "noodles." The link below is a few minutes

Cut strips after it cools.

I paired this with a cheese sauce (mainly heavy cream and cheddar cheese)

Apparently amber heard and ezra Miller haven't been recast/cut from their DC films. Not paying to see either film, especially the flash.

Violent Night was a surprisingly good film. The plot was fairly obvious but enjoyable. I liked this portrayal of Santa and his journey. The other characters were fine. The film is maybe a tad too long, but only feels maybe 5-10 minutes too long.
I was stunned at the wholesome-ish (???) ending.
Also, no political BS adds a Plus.

Violent Night is a B+ if seeing near Xmas on a Tuesday. I wouldn't mind a Sequal about how this Santa came to be.

Hope this happens.
Jon Landau says they’ve been talking to Robert Rodriguez about doing an ‘ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL’ sequel — “Hopefully that comes to fruition.”

(Source: Deadline)

Congrats to the Green Bay Packers for usurping the Chicago Bears for most franchise wins in NFL history (a record Chicago held for over 100 years).

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Here is the start of the Twitter release on The Hunter Laptop
We are up to tweet 29.
It's rather incredible.

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The Left has forsaken the words of MLK. They use Race to Define Everything - Their Aim is Division and their Goal is Power

I've seen 3 episodes of Wednesday. It's okay at best. Adult Wednesday was brilliant, this show is not.

This series is a netflix series. It has its moments, but the minor political jabs are very noticeable. Taking Wednesday and having some of her character be a 3rd wave feminist... some of Wednesday Addams characteristics may fit with some aspects, but this...

I doubt I'll finish the series.

Thanksgiving with the mn family today (some had work yesterday). Sooo many fun political convos along with creative interpretations of the past. Thank GOD for alcohol, and Rodizio Grill yesterday.

Can't wait for 2024.

The Dragon Ranger, the Super Sentai counterpart to JDFs Green Ranger sent this after hearing the news.
The tweet has a video.
A message from Shiro Izumi as Burai/Green Ranger/DragonRanger of the Zyuranger Japan for Jason David Frank and Global Fans.Everyone stay strong.
Rest in peace Jason David Frank/Green Ranger.

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