Going out of town today to visit some friends.
Weight before leaving town between 180 and 181.
I love this diet!

Carnivore mozzorella sticks today
Take some goat Mozzorella cheese. Cut it into logs.
Take 2 eggs and a half cup if heavy cream and mix.
Ground some pork rinds and cheese whisps. Mix together and add sea salt.
Melt a good chunk of kerrygold butter (ghee or olive oil also work) in a pan. Once it boils Take a few logs, dip in the mixtures and cook for a minute. Flip for another minute. Then let them cool on a plate.

3 weeks of ab workouts... DONE!
Several more to go. Can't believe it's already been 3 weeks.

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Regarding the raid on Trump's home. He always outsmarts them. I have to believe he though this might happen. Let's sit back and watch this unfold.

Only real diet Update is weight is between 181 and 182. I'm using half a serving of Lily's chocolate chips in place of caffeine. Goal for August is still below 180.

Even with me doing the Farmers Market before weight in, I unquestionably lost weight from yesterday, down 1.25 lbs from yesterday. At 180.5
So begins Day 3 of Beef, Bacon, Butter, Eggs and Chocolate.

Sooo as a result of losing half a pound consuming some brownie batter, cheesecake batter and 1 serving of Lily's chocolate chips, I had a similar thing today. I'll laugh my ass off if chocolate is an acceptable part of my diet in place of caffeine.
Beef, Butter, Bacon, Eggs and Chocolate.

Now that I have these labs and have basically been on Carnivore since April 8 I can confidently say vegans, peta, dems and assets can suck it! Beef, Butter, Bacon, and Eggs are all super foods.
Lipds Perfect!
Liver Perfect!
Beef Perfect!
Fuck yeah!
I also fit into some Jean shorts I haven been able to wear in 3 years.

Also a funny thing. Maybe it's coincidence but with the had a minor amount of chocolate today, no caffeine withdrawal. Might add a serving for a week (10 carbs or less)

Doc got back about the Bilirubin. The tldr is no concern.

While I await the answers for the Bilirubin total I have a chocolate omelette today. 1 serving of Lily's milk chocolate chips.
Also making that Brownie Cheesecake batter to put in a Waffle cone for a choco tacko sort of thing.

The goal for August is to be below 180 by September. At some point this month I'd like to increase my exercise from 3 to 5 days (Abs and Arms), or to increase the intensity of the Ab workouts.
Currently still dealing with minor caffeine withdrawal, but it's worth it.

It's been a few days and my weight was 181, down 2 lbs, this morning.

Got my blood test results today. Going to post more about them tomorrow after my doctor has a chance to look at them.
One question I have is what exactly is a Bilirubin total and is a result of 1.6 [on its own] concerning?

So my Ribeye Month results
Down to 182-183 from 185-186.
Started Ab workouts
My knee is fully healed (injured before covid)
No longer on caffeine
Other than the side effects of no caffeine, I feel excellent.

2nd to last day of Ribeye Month. I hope at some point to do this again.

Beef, Butter, Bacon and Eggs. All Super Foods.

Weight update Monday. I don't see how I wouldn't be at my goal.

Keto waffle cone
For those who miss the Choco Taco
Do this, but instead of a cone, a taco. Fill with ice cream, top with chocolate. Enjoy.

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