It's a shame to see soooo many people do not understand Our Great President. I'll be watching the rally later, but apparently a chant triggered a bunch of dumb asses.
tim Pool earlier this week admitted he thought President Trump was using racist rhetoric to distract from multiple things while also marrying the ass party to the retarded commies. He's pissing himself over this chant...
President Trump is playing sooo many people for fools. Thank You Judas Goats

In case you aren't already awRe the new faceapp aging thing is apparently russian malware. Company is based in russia, has links to hackers, and via facebooks shit policies, access to every site you frequent. Use with extreme caution. I personally dont do shit with facebook anyway.

Paraphrase of Plato, "Those smart enough to avoid politics are ruled by retards."
President Trump has had a hand in Politics his entire adult life if not longer.
While many are getting their asses kicked by tweets (And Goats), President Trump is busy Making America Great Again. Thank You.

Is pelosi now alt right? Rofl. Thank you Fat Brown Buffalo. You provided President Trump with the perfect weapon.
The ass partys only hold to semi normalcy is biden, which is sad. What makes this even better is President Trump made it clear as crystal this was a set up, and they still dont get it. Rofl.
Thank You President Trump! Thank You Judas Goats! Thank you Fat Brown Buffalo for creating the justice asses who are giving the ass party their just desserts. GOD is Great

Come 2020 the ass party will wish they had aoc's 21% approval. They may even wish they had omar's 8%.

A bloomberg reporter tweeted that The White House now has a few photos on the West Wing walls of President Trump and KJU. Nice

Part of me is in a state of stern rage at the squad. Another is thankful to The Fat Brown Buffalo for helping President Trump easily "run train" on the ass party and, intentionally or not, help Make America Great Again.

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1. Trump's genius at work.

'Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.' - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Justice Democrats sure took Trump's bait. This press conference was also a direct snub at Nancy Pelosi.

This is a Democratic Party, in civil war and freefall.

And a massive headache now looms for Pelosi and Schumer. What are their options?

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4. Option #1 - JOIN THEM.

This seems unlikely, as.the JDs want to supplant establishment and moderate Dems, with their own wackos.

We can rule that option out.

Not surprised the party who orgasmically supports infanticide hates America and loves its enemies.
Thank you President Trump for Making America Great Again and for Keeping America Great.
Is President Trump getting pelosi to help the demise of her party, or are they really this retarded?
You are only as strong as your weakest link. the squad is hilariously weak and President Trump is the best of all time.

I wasn't sure it was possible, but somehow twitter keeps out retarding itself.
Thank you @Debradelai for this great platform.

I'm seeing many idiots claim President Trump is against free speech because he stated writing something bad about something good is wrong. Last I checked that action was usually Libel and/or Slander.
President Trump is easily the greatest President of all time. He will easily win reelection. And we will Keep America Great.

Anyone else having trouble sleeping?

Can't wait to hear more about epshits arrest.

Can't wait for this kickass week.

A sad update about that missing person, Ellen. Her sister says she has unfortunately passed away. May she R. I. P. And may God be with her.

Saw a pic of KJU and President Trump. Was it just me or does KJU look thinner?
Big things are happening. Thank You President Trump

Several have pointed out the people in Korea right now. This with what I think happened with china... Korean Peace? End of that war? More?

Greatest President Ever!

Imagine if the news came out July 4th.

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It's now clear that this isn't just a one off meeting. They're in a full blown summit, by the looks of it.

The entire American leadership is there, Pompeo, Kushner and others.

I think there's something MUCH BIGGER going on than we have been led to believe. We could be on the verge of a massive breakthrough.


It speaks to how shit the ass party is that a fake ass like tulsi is considered the best by some.
I don't give a shit about any of the candidates. None will do shit. It's a much better use of time to see President Trump dominate.

This person is trying to find her sister. They have a lead on her phone, Lodi, Ca. and her car, Stocktom, Ca. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

May God be with them.

Check out thatstarwarsgirl77 (@thatstarwarsgrl):

The ass party has been given the rope. they are hanging themselves.

President Trump will easily win reelection.

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