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I still don't know why they call Mussolini and this bitch "Far Right", since both are Socialists.

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As Rosh Hashanah begins Sunday evening, I wish all my Jewish friends a Shana Tova. May the new year bring us all health, happiness and peace among nations.

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The viewing of television is best considered as opposition research.

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@Stefanie —Let me guess: neither Burns or his collaborator found any fault with FDR for not taking any European Jews into the US, and somehow pinned it on the “isolationist GOP”??

With the notable exception of Erik Larson in his book “In The Garden of Beasts,” no Liberal has ever had the courage to admit this grievous fact.

If they did, it would shock me.

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I watched it a few minutes & it was not much of what it was billed to be. Nothing new, except using PDJT as a prop for something he would never do or condone. Burns slandered himself reviewing the Holocaust & presenting mostly old news but using it politically to damage one man; & it wasn't Hitler. Attempting to link PDJT to very dark, very evil deeds of Nazi-ism,
only lowered Burns credibility to zilch.
This is what libtards do to themselves, destroy any & all validity hurling lies.

Have (stupidly) been watching the PBS Holocaust series, and now could kick myself.

At the end they slipped in a clip of Trump speaking at a rally, as an example of present day white supremacy/racism in the US.

Ken Burns. Saul & Thomas mentioned him at the most recent Beard Blather and what a pathetic Lefty Libtard he is.

Forewarned is forearmed. I should have expected it.😒

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@darulharb —I wonder if anyone can DM him. Light a fire and advise him to scrap it????

Just had a fun text with a good friend here in CT. She’s a Trump supporter but has been sidetracked lately with trying to sell a house. Hasn’t been following politics at all for the past few months.

We were discussing the midterms, PA in particular.
Needs no explanation. 😂

Photo of the steel beam remnant that was salvaged from the 9/11 rubble, presented to our CT town. It stands at our hometown memorial to the victims.

Three young men from town were killed in the Towers that morning.

Watching the US Open and rooting for Tiafoe.

Big Mike is in the audience, looking homelier and more bitter than ever. They putting the camera on her. 🤬

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Am I hallucinating or are they piping in music during Trump’s closing remarks?

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Words not mentioned once in Biden’s inflammatory speech last night:


“Make America Great Again” attacked 13 times.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.