The final recap at the bottom of this article sums up just how the @GenFlynn was framed by the Obama Admin to help fuel the Hoax to undermine @realDonaldTrump

Kudos to Saul Montes-Bradley for this excellent work! @Debradelai


8pm ET Tonight!

The American Safe Families Act of 1997 has created a big business around adopting children out of foster homes. The net result is families are being separated and destroyed while niche businesses are booming selling children.

continues the coverage of Legally Kidnapping Children
through the financially incentivized CPS / Foster Care Program.

Monday 8pm ET

This article lays out EXACTLY what happened to General Flynn and why.

It will take you some time to go through it. It is worth every minute!…


Every time the left tries to shut the door on Trump, he puts his foot in it, then turns the tables on them. 🤣

I love it!

@Steeltruth We all know that illegal filth will lie on this census...but it's nice to see Democrats resist the question.

It's also nice to remind people that OBAMA is the one who removed the question.

Now why would Saint Obama do that?

Our President is on fire today. He's hilarious, just chatting away. He looks well rested. He's at his best with people that love and appreciate him.

Trump is a genius. Leftist heads are popping like popcorn. He is now announcing that the Commerce dept will be using ALL government data bases to determine how many citizens we have. The net has been spread...effective immediately. Bwahahaha!

Bill Barr on EO to ensure accurate count of citizens and non citizens live in our country.

SCOTUS recognized it is lawful to ask who is a non citizen.

Since 1820s Fed Govt has asked about citizenship.

Barr to work with Secy Ross on viable path to citizenship question.

Executive Order immediately!

Every dept and agency in govt to provide Dept of Commerce with all numbers on citizens and noncitizens in our country.

To gain a full and complete accurate count of the non citizen population.

All will report data including SS

Will Count EVERYONE!

(11) Whether the victim is a chickenshit moron like Nakoula Basseley Nakoula or a national treasure like General Michael T. FLynn, it actually makes no difference.

The notion that any of us, at any time, at the whim of a wannabe dictator like Obama or Clinton can have our lives destroyed for what we think or say...well...that's a different matter.

When our fate is in the hands of third rate paper pushers like Peter Strzok or Andrew McCabe...well, we are screwed.

(13) When a private company like Facebook is being told by Congress to silence the opposition under threat of being buried in a mountain of legal bills...we have a problem.

Generations ago, Mark Twain quipped that " No one's life, liberty or property are safe while Congress is making laws," echoing Benjamin Franklin's “No man's life, liberty or fortune is safe while our legislature is in session.”

It is no longer a joke.


Quality over quantity, always.

I believe in my bones that there are throes of good people out there, Conservative or not, who are sick of the shrillness of social media and desperately crave a place where they can have a sane exchange.

I am determined that this should be that place.

A starting point for a national dialogue, with the Federalist Papers as our guiding light.

We'll talk more about that.

When we reach 100,000 well be ready for prime time.

An army of digital Minutemen.

@Cdubois @Steeltruth

Indeed. Fast and Furious must come to the front burner.

"Over the course of the investigation, the Justice Department has provided false information, stonewalled document requests, produced scores of blacked-out pages and duplicate documents and refused to comply with two congressional subpoenas.”

Busy covering up a foul-up that cost the lives of many in two continents as Eric Holder allowed massive amounts of guns to go to cartels and terrorists.

@Debradelai @Cdubois @Steeltruth

@Debradelai You're absolutely right! These "double standards are unacceptable. Eric Holder and those involved must be held accountable

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Salute to America and President Trump!

America is back! She's got energy, jobs and pride bursting at the borders! Everyone wants to join this success story as written by President Trump and casted by the American ingenuity!

Robert Caron with explains the nature of spying on citizens and why it was necessary to set up rogue ops like Fast and Furious.

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