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THIS phase is transitional.

In the future, we'll become an even more cohesive society.

Trump has eliminated the concept of "trespassing."

NOW, people of any background can be together, and all we see is commonality.

This is only the beginning.

Things will get even better, as Trump promises.


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Watch "🔴LIVE: President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Lake Charles Louisiana" on YouTube

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@darulharb I really like doing it, and here on SQV people actually read my comments. On Twitter it would be like standing on a street corner and shouting in the wind.

I mentioned once before that I used to work for CNN 20 years ago managing their official chat rooms and one of the things we did was live commentary during news and political events. As a disclaimer, 20 years ago CNN was a reputable news organization, nothing like it is today.

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I see the country divided up like a pie politically. There are 5 major slices and a bunch of really tiny ones.

Trump support or hatred is like an overlay on top of that.

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Shared values are what make a homogenous society.

Admit it:

You yourself now see the country only as Trump supporters or Trump haters.

Because of race baiters, we've all been infected with the notion that a person's race or ethnicity determines their interest.

I met a black guy who's an expert in the Napoleonic Wars, and against my will, I thought it was odd that he would be interested.

Without knowing it, I'd put him in a prison. It made me angry.

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For decades now, American society has been divided into strictly delineated territories that excluded entire groups.

We TRIED for E Pluribus Unum, but it always eluded us.

Trump has achieved it.

The proof is this picture.

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On Judas goats.

Somebody asked me to summarize so that they could tell people on Twitter.

Just copy and paste these toots and writer your own thread on Twitter.

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And that's why the Democrats are saying openly that they will raise taxes on the middle class, eliminate our borders, and give free EVERYTHING to illegal aliens.

Here's a term that Democrats no longer understand:


An idea not announced explicitly.

NOW, they say exactly the right thing to drive away voters.

Democrats are promising lawlessness, poverty, and classism that elevates illegals over citizens.

It's madness that can't win elections.

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The Trump Disinformation Playbook.

A thing of beauty, and deployed over and over and over....deceiving a helpless "Groundhog Day" intelligentsia.

Phone Calls!
ONLY 94/195 GOP signed Petition!

Meanwhile....EO ending Soviet-style gov. regulation tyranny of citizens; more judges slipped in; Rallies ramping up; GOP House Leaders flexing; IG phone book ready; Hillary pops up her head at Sleepy Joe's demise; Erdogan checking Putin....


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@wziminer @oystergirl @ThomasWic

So far I haven't found it, but I found two of my old children's stories to add to the one I just wrote. Now I have three children's stories to finish editing and illustrate, and I still haven't found the one I was looking for. 👀

Now I am overwhelmed... I think I need a nap.

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@wziminer @oystergirl @ThomasWic

I mostly wrote a book once. The name of it was "This book is not for you."

The first word of the book was "UNLESS"... and then I let loose on a dozen topics, with information that everyone needs to hear but definitely wouldn't want to.

Matter of fact I didn't want to hear the information either, until I was in a place where I had no option. 😳

No one would have bought it, but it would have saved them a lot of heartache.

It's true..

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Thanks for pointing this thread out @drawandstrike

@REX was saying under his outwardly harmless and goofy appearance is an extremely intelligent man.

A thread on how Carter page blew up Strzok's leak strategy, wrecking several reporters in the process, Brian Ross, Ellen Nakashima, and Ali Watkins.

A mark of a very capable spy somebody who has a very unassuming appearance that hides their smarts.

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Trump is stabilizing the World. All without fanfare.
Korea, Syria, the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, China & Mexico.
Trump has assisted the Arab States in devolving Islamic Extremism to such an extent it's no longer news.
The Gulf Cooperation Council is taking the Lead.

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@Ballerina @NevadaJack

Teacher’s unions and their pay has been an issue of mine for a long time. Add in the fact that academia at all levels K- through college is infested with socialists and SJWs and breaking up teacher’s unions (denying them power) becomes intensely important to America’s future.

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@MEMA @ilumanous @wziminer @oystergirl @ThomasWic

In my understanding, the book has not been written yet, not to mention, to my knowledge, only one person knows the author's name.
Treat yourself to a 3rd and
Keep investigating, it will find you.

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