One thing about the Democrats, they fight. They persist. If Republicans were 1/2 as insistent as the Demons have proven to be, our country wouldn’t be in the mess it is. I’m glad President Trump is a fighter. But I’m so incredibly angry about this Judge Sullivan.

I hate that 2 staffers at the White House have tested positive for Corona.

Trey Gowdy just said he does not think there will be prosecutions in the FBI due to this whole deal. He said “treating people bad is not a crime.”

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From a friend this morning:

"I feel very strongly that the Lord is telling us to call angels to minister to our representatives in the House and Senate...and warrior angels to shut down the enemy.

"It was a very strong word to me this afternoon....just thought I'd share it with you.

"The scripture from 2 Kings was from that word ... "

Please join me in this prayer. ❤️

The nasal swab cost just doubled per LabCorp b/c CMS doubled the price, so they did too. The blood test is an "unknown price". Mckesson medical supplier has 0 PPE to supply doctor offices. The rep told me yesterday they have no idea when they will have any in stock. Where are the millions of gloves/masks/tests?? The reality is so different from what I hear on the briefings and I'm mad b/c my husband is a doctor trying to take care of these patients and it's getting dang near impossible.

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Calling for Prayers for DJT if you are a believer/practitioner.

I've worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week before and watched men fold and breakdown under the pressure. And the job was much less crucial and demanding that the tasks being tossed at our President.

I've never before witnessed anyone like Donald Trump.

So Georgia will let hair salons open soon. Mine just emailed their new practices which includes a $5 sanitation fee per client. Am I wrong to be mad about it?

On a different note, I just watched Disney’s Onward & I cried like a baby. Good movie but emotional.

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Well, here we go. Just got this in the mail. And I got 2 extra for family members who don’t even live in the USA anymore. Let the fraud begin.

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Gov Blackface Northam has ordered VA locked down until June 10. What's June 9? The Republican primary election. Read this thread 👇 👇

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The hospital I worked at for almost 20 years is "furloughing " workers and cutting overtime. Why?? B/c they stopped everything to take care of Wuhan sniffle patients....and they haven't arrived. Now there's no work for them. Stupidity.

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HOA member wants to know if we should let neighbors know “pool opening may be delayed in 7 weeks” due to virus. I wanted to say, how about “y’all might lose your jobs & then your home in 7 weeks” due to virus. Same concept. Spread speculation & fear.

OMG. Bill de Blasio just now “President Trump has done nothing to help NYC. We are virtually on our own. He has abandoned us.” What a freaking liar!!!! I get so angry at my husband for watching CNN. I swear he does it to make me angry.

I just read on FB from an "expert" who gave their 2 cents about how this virus is mutating. It has mutated twice already and is eating people's lungs. That's why it's important to stay at home. There is no cure. There is no treatment. There is no defense.🤦

Just watched the NBC news for 10 minutes. Showed doctors without supplies; patients dying in Italy; talked of "worst case scenarios" going on in California where Drs are practicing how to decide who to treat and who to let die.
I hate the MSM. All 3 of our staff members in my husband's small primary care office just quit out of fear.

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