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'Fully Vaccinated' NFL Megastar JJ Watt Says His Heart Went Into 'A-Fib' This Week, Had to Be Shocked Into Rhythm, Retiring Early twitter.com/fisherlady111/stat


It never gets old.

"Those who label words as violence do so for the sole purpose of justifying violence against words."


“If you want to understand the game behind the J6 Committee's criminal referral... and the role of color revolution operative Norm Eisen... read this piece” revolver.news/2022/06/norm-eis

“This will be my thread on all the undercover FBI assets I have located posing as violent and racist conservatives.

My studies include Charlottesville, January 6, the "Justice for January 6th Rally", various Patriot Front events, the Youngkin bus hoax, and other "racist" events.“

The Pelosi Project


Excellent thread

It’s funny to see the concerted effort to place all blame onto Trump for the midterms

This narrative is being pushed by the same media propagandists, Neocons/RINOs/NeverTrumpers & Uniparty Globalists who failed the US for decades & are eager to go back to “business as usual”


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.