Read this description of this channel in Chicago. Chicago Fire -Digital. It’s the most recent channel listed, on top:

Otherwise, we will see more of this unfortunately, as @captwfcall and many more posted about in Dallas. I pray this man will recover from this. Till then police better find out who did this.

In NYC a van was set ablaze and the FDNY is there to fight the fire:

In Atlanta these folks just had their business broken into:

Going back to bed, but checking out what some You Tubers have up. Damon on “Smoke n Scan” is disgusted with this. He’s in California and they have been having a free shopping night with each window broken:

Woke up to take a trip down the hall and saw something in LA is burning. Took some screenshots and here’s the link: These damned fools are putting the lives of first responders in jeopardy with their idiocy. Real bullets fired by the National Guard or the military would end the anarchist’s careers in arson and larceny really quickly.

their lives in war, but it is nice when you can be among those thanking the relatives of those lost family members for the service and sacrifice they made......

The next person who tells me masks are necessary is getting sneezed on!

As for a comparison of York County and Montgomery and Philadelphia counties:

Some similarities and differences, however, some counties with much less cases than York are still in the red zone.

The 5 main counties in the Philly area: Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Bucks and a Philadelphia have a cold day’s chance in Hell of going from red restrictions to yellow by the 2nd of June, and I doubt even by the 4th of June at the rate we are going. Red restrictions work like this, with yellow restrictions and green explained as well:

BUT, and here is a blood boiling part: Gov. Wolf has decided our state primary is to be on June 2nd. But the Stay-At-Home order lifting is on June 4th. So of course the little bastard is promoting mail-in voting and took time from his smarmy busy day to take a jab at Our President when talking about the increased chance of voter fraud:

Now, the county has posted Press Releases like this:
And then posted stats for the county, including hospital stats:

Surprisingly some small townships in this sprawling but urbanized county have had a small number of cases, some 2, some 4. It still seems to settle the highest numbers in areas where people have been congregated the closest, and have traveled the most. Of course highly populated areas just naturally have the unfortunate probability of having more cases due to interactions. No way you can change that. The death count in Pottstown though has remained the same:

Here in Montgomery County, PA, we are the largest county by population besides Philadelphia County. Here is the overall count of COVID-19 information for Montgomery County:
Our little city of Pottstown has a population of 22,662 and we have had 105 positive cases. One source has us as having had 198 cases total. However, we still have had only 2 deaths, one person aged 71 and one person 88, May they Rest In Peace.

We are that town area in the Southwest corner of Montgomery County with 105.

Wait until blue state governors see these. Stupid masks won’t be enough. They’ll want us dumbasses to wear these next😂😂😂

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