@YoungBlood. Well, we know the Democrats lie, and their claims of what happened on 1/6 prove that. When Democrats turn up the dramatics, you know that what they are saying is a lie. The Democrats have been using "12 Angry Men" and "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" drama as a backdrop to the "This is worse than 9/11", and "I could have been killed!" cries by AOC and Pelosi. All they needed was Claude Rains and Edward Arnold to say those things (from the latter film) to be perfection.


@YoungBlood. I have to laugh when the Democrats do their personal auditions on the floors of Congress and to the media. Like with the "OK" sign, defending gender pronouns, and trying to condemn Justice Thomas and the rest of the Supreme Court. As for Roe vs. Wade being overturned, Democrats of all stripes still do not understand this was to give the states the right to decide on abortion.

I wonder if Schiff and AOC and Pelosi passed Hollywood muster on their efforts to overdramatize 1/6.

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