Meg has been taking a break and working on extra things. She still rescues when needed, but in winter everything slows down in the bat world and it allows extra time. Meg posted this about her time with some other animals:

I still can't get my screenshot of this to show up. My photos turn off when I go to post it.


If you remember the paralyzed bat that Meg rescued, named Toomey, well he is improving over time. He did have a trial flight but was still needing more rehab, so he has been recuperating in the aviary and is a definite survivor. Meg made a video of his care and he is doing very well!

Toomey is in Mandi's aviary and she has been doing great work with him.

Meg also posted a video of the bats Jenner, Tafia, Beryl, Tussletoff and Alexei in the aviary. All are in care over winter and then will be released in the spring.

Canada is a microbat found on a mooring post near Canada Bay, Australia. He was found wonky, with a concussion and the MOP who found him stayed with him and sent Meg a map complete with a red Google map pin so she could find the location.

Canada was wet when he was found so he had been in the bay or got near the water and the waves from the tide touched him. He is doing well and will also be released in the spring.

Unfortunately the streak of survivors was marred by little Molasses. A beautiful black 12-week old, Molasses fell from a tree literally in front of a lady who was walking her dog. She got some soil in a box and placed Molasses in it and called for rescue. When Meg took Molasses home, the little sweetie was found to have burns on both thumbs from electrocution. The burns are from current going to the thumbs and it goes across the chest, meaning cardiac and renal problems will soon be coming

along. So Meg made him comfortable, cleaned him up, fed him and gave him love, but to save him from a painful death that comes from electrocution, she had Molasses euthanized.

Rest In Peace Molasses

From a carer named Jane Baker, here is her video of her giving some love and care to bats she rescued. This is from 5 years ago and the bats are adorable!

Meg has been going through the tons of footage that she has, and sent this video of baby bat Cottontop from the time he was rescued, through the time he spent at Mandi's "Babytown" which includes both the babycreche and creche for full-size bats. Cottontop was then released but Meg doesn't have footage of his flight home. He's a little cutie!

Baby Bats and Buddies of Australia has a carer named Adel, (but not Adel al-Jubeir). They have cute bats over winter and this is a picture of a wide-eyed cutie!

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