Meg had an interesting rescue around 3 AM in Sydney in some strange circumstances. Little Spindrift got one heck of a concussion and was found on a walkway. A member of the public (MOP) called Meg but never covered Spindrift with a protective box, nor did she stay near her. So there was Spindrift with a raging bat headache and near her were some drunk men. Thankfully they didn't get bitten or scratched by Spindrift and didn't bother her. One guy tried moving her with his cell phone, but to no

avail. I had to laugh at Meg at how she took the advice of the one guy, but she took a deep breath and she and Spindrift made their way home. Spindrift is a female subadult, and she has survived the first 24 hours so she needs a prayer that she makes it through the week without any major damage from the concussion or any other injuries that may show later.

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