Ah, well, enough of the "We Democrats are going to f*ck up this nation news.". I'm waiting for the time they get "f*cked up" for everything they have done starting back with that piece of shit Obama and his ugly husband. Time for the arrogant and ignorant to see the error of their ways, no matter what it takes.

Anyway, going to go watch TV and definitely something of escapism. Tired of reality. It's really starting to suck. Take Care Everyone! God Bless All!🌹❤️🤗❤️🙏❤️🐈🦇🐪❤️🌹


I know I prefer bats to Democrats. This is some older footage. Megabattie said the bat baby season is about 10 weeks away. Praying the new generation of baby bats are not affected by the syndrome causing thin bones and lung bleeding🙏😭 Hoping for a strong generation of babies!❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️


Was hoping that Megabattie waa able to have a survivor be ause this bat was alive while perched on a power line. She received him from power employees who saved him from the wire. Sadly the young bat deteriorated over time and passed away. Sadly so many times recently, members of all species, including humans, are dying way too soon. Only the good die young. 🕊️Rest In Peace Champ🕊️❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇


Haber is an adult bat who unfortunately was caught in a tree netting while trying to get some fruit to eat. The person who found him did not call for a rescuer like Magabattie, instead they cut Haber out around the netting and but kept him tangled in the netting and took him to a veterinarian. Megabattie was called in to help him. Sadly, the longer bats are left in the netting, the more susceptible they are to acute illness and renal failure. Plus being caught in the nets is very stressful.

In better news, this video from Baby Bats and Buddies from a few years ago shows James the bat listening on the topic of what kinds of fruit are good for baby bats. He's very curious!


Getting ready for bed now. Have a Great Week! God Bless All!🌹❤️🤗❤️🙏❤️🐈🦇🐪❤️🌹

I can’t do bats Tuxi. I know it isn’t fair. Since the whole bad thing I just can’t although I never liked bats.

I’m sorry your sister is still having a hard go of things. I will keep her in my prayers🙏🏻

@Jaime No problem. Not everyone has to like bats. However, for the animal kingdom, just remember that bats or any other animal cannot catch COVID-19. They do not have the receptors for transference. That is why the original virus from a bat was the animal version of a coronavirus. The same coronavirus that animals have been susceptible to. Dogs even get a 3-way vaccine that includes fighting coronavirus. But they cannot spread it to humans. That's where Fauci and playing God came in.

@Jaime Had those fools in Wuhan not been trying to make a bioweapon, we would not have had a COVID-19. They wanted a coronavirus that would be deadly to humans and they got it. They made it. China does not care about their citizens and neither do the Democrats and their savior of the election, or one of them, Fauci.

My Dear Tuxi.
I can’t say I don’t agree with you.
Just take care of yourself. With Gods blessing this too shall pass as infuriating as it is.❤️

Gottcha❤️ I’m afraid of them when I see them swooping down.😁

@Jaime That's how I was long ago, but that eas when our area in Chester County was very rural. Recently I've only seen 3 bats. Little Brown Bats were just about wiped out here. Since learning they are promiscuous I believe bat singles bars are proliferating as a new post-COVID place to go.

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