Titania McGrath

All this time we’ve been wasting looking for a "vaccine", it turns out we should have been campaigning against the coronavirus for its discriminatory and racist infection practices.

@masterblaster @robbakas If anybody gets coughed on or sneezed on, I guarantee they will get this virus. It depends on where you live and how tightly congested people’s situations are. A lot of minorities prefer to live in cities or their families have always lived in or near cities. THAT helps to spread this virus. I wish these activists would realize that.

@SpiceOfOurLife @robbakas
The activist leadership knows this already
They’re betting, correctly, that suspicion, superstition, maleducation will inflame this. Meanwhile, white leftists and their minions will turn this into a propaganda campaign


@masterblaster @robbakas Yup. More of the same old virtue signaling BS that always turns every issue into a race issue. The left takes over everything from award shows, to concerts, the recording industry, funerals and now they believe they are the social managers of pandemics. They just can’t blame their politicians for never ending the use of them as political point-makers. Can’t hold a Democrat responsible for anything, or so the Dems think.

@masterblaster @robbakas Just a rerun of the same old boring, cookie-cutter Democratic identity politics and games.

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