Rest In Peace Rik Ocasik, lead singer of The Cars. Rick Ocasik (75 or 76, date of birth listed as 1943 or 1944) was found dead in a residence in Manhattan he had shared with his wife, but was recently for sale. He and his wife had separated in 2018.

The Cars, out of Boston had many hit albums and singles, including “My Best Friend’s Girl” from the eponymous album “The Cars” in 1978. In 1979 they followed with the album “Candy-O” which had many hit singles, including “Let’s Go”, “It’s All I Can

Do” and “Double Life”. In the 1980s the group had a resurgence, fueled by 2 popular videos that were hits on MTV. “Heartbeat City” released in 1984 was their most successful album and contained the hits “Magic”, “Hello Again” and “Why Can’t I Have You”. Their most successful single, “Drive” with vocals by Benjamin Orr was introduced at 1985’s Live Aid and the video for the song was created by actor/director Timothy Hutton.

Here is Ric Ocasik and “Magic” with The Cars:

Here is the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech video from The Cars. I thought the first speaker, Elliot Easton, was Elton John at first. Ric looked like he never changed a bit!

@EarlThePearls Thank you! I love The Cars! They were a favorite of mine in high school and then in college. The song “Magic” was a hit when I was a freshman in college and I used to blast it in the car when I drove home on a weekend.


I wore out their Heartbeat City album. 💔😭

@Cdubois Definitely going to get a CD of the album. I have “The Cars” and “Candy-O” on CD, but never did get “Heartbeat City”. Did wear out the college’s radio station’s copy though!

@ThomasWic Yes, a very beautiful song. I listen to this sometimes when I have my introspective sessions, especially on a rainy day or a foggy night.

@ThomasWic @SpiceOfOurLife
My best Friend in High School pined for a Girl that turned him down.
He played this Song over & over & over til he was over it.

About 2 years I think.

@ThomasWic @SpiceOfOurLife

So many memories woven with this song. One, at a lake in north Atlanta ~ summer before Senior HS year 1985, with about 9 other buddies. We were exhausted from jumping a cliff and swimming all afternoon. And some beers. Nightfall, a late summer evening in GA like this one tonight, all of us stretched out on a beach in a circle, laying on each other's stomachs, watching the stars, shooting the breeze. Somebody had a boombox with the Cars playing in the background.

@ThomasWic @SpiceOfOurLife Love the song too. My second favorite song is Moving in Stereo - another song with a spacey, haunting 1980s sound. RIP, Ric.

@ThomasWic @SpiceOfOurLife

Yes, haunting and very sad, like how we feel after a fight with a loved one. I listened to it many times, decades ago, when I was sorting some things out.

@EarlThePearls Thank you Earl! I’m saving all links and adding them to my political You Tube page Tuxi Talk 4, but under “Break From Politix” for when I’m sick of watching politics!

@lolajl @EarlThePearls Thank you so much! I’m making specialty pages because I duplicated so many playlists on pages that my iPad is running out of space!😂😊❤️🐈❤️


Bowie's passing hit me hard, but Rick's is deeper even. Very contemplative on back porch tonight. So grateful to him and the Cars for decorating our youth.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis Yes. I agree. Just saw where he passed of natural causes so he may have died while asleep. If so, that is the way to go.

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