@Wow You got to be pretty sick and desperate to use BLM and Antifa like that.


While we're praying for our awesome DJT & his family, let's pray for the USA, the American people, & our future as a free nation!

Found on Facebook Magnificent Melania page

Please continue to pray for President Trump & First Lady Melania. The election is far from over. May GOD let all the MASSIVE voter fraud be revealed and America be saved. 🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼

@Work_to_Live @whernandez

Hear, hear!

We must never waver. That's not who America is and never will be.

@umad80 @whernandez I agree 100%

Doing the right thing is extremely hard sometimes.

Detailing all this fraud, it's up to our judiciary. No matter kind of upheaval it causes, Justice must prevail.

America has had upheaval before.

This crime cannot stand. It must be rectified.


@Work_to_Live @whernandez

And I think that's the only way we'll get anything done.

Though I fear many are still too complacent. Uninformed or uncaring, take your pick.

But I pray that the evidence is so overwhelming that it will never come to this. Reading toots and tweets, it does sound like they are indeed proving fraud on a mega-scale.

I pray everyone involved makes the right decision.

@umad80 @whernandez
I think Red states are going to lump together into a kind of Irish Democracy federation.

Dakotas, MT, Wyoming, NE, KS, OK, and Texas. Others will follow suit in outright refusing to comply with Obama Pt.3's edicts and policies.

"Come and take it" will be heard more and more if Biden succeeds.

It's not ideal, but it's hope.

I'm not complying with anything. I'm not registering my guns and mags. I'm not even worried.


Love it!!!!!! Love Kash. We are seeing something different in the midst of a bunch of noise that has been around for decades. What it is is the next generation of warrior patriots, who are real, authentic, grounded, kind, involved, competent - and deadly and efficient and decisive in a moment when they need to be. For their nation and us. Did you see my last night thread on Ezra that included toots on Kash? If not, I can boost again for you. 😘

Lee Zeldin

Where’s Patriot Kash Patel while the media baselessly targets him with shameful character attacks yet again? In the Middle East, serving Thanksgiving meals to our heroes deployed abroad. He’s always wherever he can best serve his country at every moment.

What is being shown is not mere voter fraud. This is a coup against President Trump, and The American People

The silence of The Justice Dept
as millions of Americans’ civil rights are violated is deafening. It failed to secure evidence or convene a grand jury. It is up to private sector.

Major Patriot...

Be proud Deplorables. We flooded the voting stations in such massive numbers the corrupt machine had to literally stop their rigged counts and truck in pallet-loads of fake ballots in the middle of the night for Biden.

We helped expose the biggest crime in US History.

Anyone who claims there was no widespread fraud in the election should have this graphic shoved in their face. This is from Russell Ramsland's affidavit in the MI lawsuit. courtlistener.com/recap/gov.us

No American President That Loved America Would Have Done The Thing's Obama & Biden Have Done!

I Would Gladly Give My Life, If I Could Pull The Trigger On Barack Hussein Obama!

Barack Hussein Obama Is In FACT A Terrorist!

Ms @SidneyPowell

Jon McNaughton

I drew this sketch yesterday featuring Sydney Powell, the attorney fighting to uncover the mass scale election fraud. Looking forward to watching this unfold! Learn about the paintings: mcnaughtonfreebook.com/2020

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