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I love this song, alone or in one of it's remixed versions, nothing can top a vibing cat!

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@darulharb A Republican would be charged with risking a catastrophe, but a Democrat? Sorry ,m'bad"! Nothing to see here. Just a mistake. Carry on.

@wretchardthecat: "The new trend is for public figures to portray themselves as simultaneously authoritative and pitifully ignorant. How could I know he was a Nazi? How could I know fire alarms alarmed? Poor me. How dare you question me?"

Scientists say pair of sandals discovered in Spanish bat cave are 6,000 years old, Europe's oldest shoes

A team of scientists have found what they believe are Europe’s oldest pair of shoes in a Spanish cave dating them at over 6,000 years old. #press

Oh, THAT door! The one next to the "EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY" sign! 🙄

@greg_price11: 'In fairness to Jamaal, there really is no other way to spin this except for using the 'I’m the biggest fucking idiot that has ever lived' defense"

That's his story, and he's stuck with it!

@greg_price11: "BREAKING: Rep. Jamaal Bowman just released a statement in which he claims that a door marked 'emergency exit' is one he usually takes to get to votes and says he thought pushing the big red box that said 'FIRE' would open it. [statement]"

How long before Trump says we need to defund Ukraine?

It feels like the World is surrendering to Russia.

ITM y'all! I've been busy helping a local fren run for City Council, but when Sen Feinstein passed away, I immediately thought of this 2019 gem about the families that run California - which John recently brought back to the show a few eps ago.

Is anyone really surprised?!

TYFYC! xoxo

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cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

For my part, I like the idea of less taxes and smaller government, less regulations, less laws, less departments, less employees, and less government contracts.

As I've implied or said before, learning about China lets us learn about aspects of here. Looking at the corruption in China reveals some of the types of corruption we see here. But since we still have less, it's nice to know that we can do things that cause less corruption if we just think of how to do so.

Trump blasts Biden’s EV mandates as ‘government assassination’ in speech aimed at striking auto workers

Trump is really putting the union leadership on the spot.

Senate unanimously passes to reinstate formal dress code after Sen. John Fetterman controversy

The U.S. Senate has passed a resolution formalizing business attire as the proper dress code for the floor of the chamber by unanimous consent in response to the "Fetterman Rule" given to Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., who often wears gym shorts and... #press

If you want to go the sleep, watch these "debates".
If you want to wake up and kick ass, watch President Trump!

Interesting article from Yahoo news..

3 reasons the 2024 election will be very different from 2020

A prominent point being made is the Gen-Z voters who will now be voting.

Normally these are tried & true democrats - but with the economy in the toilet, Gas fill ups and Starbuck drinks requiring loans from a bank, things may not be that cut and dry. An opportunity for the GOP..

That said, getting the young to get off their asses to vote is another story..

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