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I love this song, alone or in one of it's remixed versions, nothing can top a vibing cat!

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@JackPosobiec: "I asked an AI to make an image of China taking over the White House and this is what it showed me [image]"

Dang, dude. It's time to get a driver.

Or dig up Chitty. One of the two.

@shipwreckedcrew: "Actually - there is. Any active CHS in contact with a represented defendant or attorney is acting as an 'agent' for the Govt. Big 'no no.'

>@julie_kelly2: 'Can’t wait to see DOJ say 'AKSHUALLY there’s no law preventing FBI from using informants to spy on defendants and their lawyers.'”

Today's Trek Toot.

Happy 92nd birthday to William Shatner. And happy 21st birthday to my youngest son Mike.

That took a bit of planning.

@ChuckRossDC: "[screenshot]

>@washingtonpost: 'Analysis: The TikTok fight is a microcosm of so many other fights. The future of the nation will affect younger Americans more than older Americans, but it’s older Americans who are making the decisions that will determine what that future looks like. '"

U.S. judge orders $1.68 bln payout to families over 1983 Beirut bombing #press


Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

Characterized by disturbances in motility patterns and/or visceral hypersensitivity (pain).

Minor Symptoms:

bloated, especially after eating loose stool constipation gas

Major Symptoms:

acid reflux pain foul smelling gas abdominal distention

Severe Symptoms:

foul smelling sticky stool sense of urgency to defecate hematochezia (blood or mucus in stool)

Gut health is often the key to holistic health as the gut can positively, or negatively, affect many other systems.

#medicine #holistichealth #gut

He’s been sitting there, staring into the fireplace for the past 20 minutes. I’d love to know what he’s thinking. Then again, he might not be thinking about anything at all.

Good ol’ Nick.❤️

Analysis: Erdogan tries to salvage economic credibility before Turkey's election #press

Bird flu has killed more than 200 million birds in the past year. Global health officials have said the risk of transmission between humans is still low. Here’s what you need to know about the current outbreak of H5N1 #press

A Vienna museum aims to highlight the urgent need for action on climate change with an exhibit of tilted works of art #press


Question about expiry dates for amoxicillins 500mg. I have some on hand for emergencies - diverticulosis. With my accident and all the OTC meds it feels like I am having a flare. All urgent cares are closed, of course. Typically I can’t get this prescribed over the phone.

So the question, I have amoxicillin 500mg that expired 2/6/2021
It has been stored in original bottle, in a hall closet away from heat source and humidity.

Am I safe to take a capsule now?

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