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My God that would be some delicious irony.

You'd think he'd be still alive with all those overpriced vitamins.

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He died from long battle with cancer.

He championed hydroxychloroquine for COVID, after 45 state governors and/or their Public Health Commissioners instituted specific unprecedented legal barriers for the off-label prescription fills of the FDA-approved drug for COVID Spring/Summer 2020. Before such restrictions, folks were being prescribed hydroxychloroquine for COVID March-early summer 2020.


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Dr. Zelenko was a married man with 8 children, an observant orthodox Jew. He was battling recurrent and metastatic sarcoma, recovering from open-heart surgery, and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. He was a man defending his principles of medicine against Unrelenting defamation of character from the media and threats against him.

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He was an anti-vax grifter who was selling overpriced vitamins as the "Zelenko protocol" when you could get all that for cheaper. He convinced millions that the vaccine was no good, a death warrant, and made people believe that only he had the cure.

Look through @watch4thedrop's threads to find out all about the truth behind "the Zelenko protocol".

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