Much like DJT exposing the swamp, today has brought out the trolls, the Monday morning quarterbacks and all the hateful naysayers.

I have no interest in returning to the bleak futureless worldview that I once had as a obvious, normie Dem.

I love America and I will live in hope and refuse to succumb to despair.

So, blockity, block, block.

No time for losers.

We are the champions

Of the world.


That is both impossible and self-destructive.

The GOP is not our enemy, with a few very loud exceptions.

The left are the opponents. Wasting time purging our own and focusing on that will do damage that no Democrat can do



@timr @mrbungle

Let's be clear.

Mitch McConnell stood on the senate floor yesterday and stated Donald Trump incited violence by feeding lies to his base despite the evidence to the contrary.

And you're going to state that GOP isn't out enemy.

The GOP that let Stacey Abrams walk all over them in Georgia.

The GOP that voted for a 2nd impeachment in the house.

The GOP that supports Romney.

Good luck defending their weak rhetoric and garbage. It's current form is too cowardly to fight


Let's be even clearer.

Politics is about power.

The United States is a two party nation.

The Democrats are both evil and insane.

The GOP is our vehicle for power.

A third party would divide us and destroy us permanently.

Hopefully, as the fever breaks and emotions calm down, we will realize that.

It is reality, whether we like it or not



I said nothing about a return to the status quo. I have posted about this for two months. I am talking about transforming the GOP from within, which is happening across the country.

Please do not assume

A third party would not turn the GOP into a shell. It would divide and destroy us and the Dems would be thrilled

You are talking to the wrong man about a third party. I would hope conservatives would be more pragmatic and less idealistic and romantic about politics



Pardon me, sir.

I decide what choices I have. No one else tells me what they are, including you.

No ultimatums.

I choose what we have now, a Republican party that is being transformed from within into a far more conservative party.

A third party is self-destruction. It astonishes me that so many conservatives believe it is viable

You can be quite sure you will hear this from me again.

And again


@Spart_A_Cuss @timr @mrbungle @Schmeezle1

Bobblehead's scorecard.

10-9 @timr

Action packed round.
Slight historical precedent on third parties tips the scales on my scorecard.

I realize no one asked me to score. I find it cathartic.

@Spart_A_Cuss @timr @mrbungle

They were, tea party darlings in fact. Sort of siren singers to the disaffected


I just wanted to say I respect and appreciate the work that you do here, and your opinion.

I'm not sure how what I said kicked off this nonsense here but I apologize anyway. This place is nothing but dry grass and tinder right now.

I've blocked a lot of people for shit talking in the last 48 hours.


No problem Bungle. No apologies needed.

Yes, it is grass and tinder, now and some of these threads turn into marathons.

@timr @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle I don't agree with this assessment. Even the threat of a third party is a great way to leverage the GOP. These people need to be scared after the shit they pulled. They need to see their future in doubt. I have no problem squeezing their nuts to get what I want, neither should anyone else after the last 2 months.


Absolutely not. That is not what would happen.

While this conservative 'civil war' rages over purity and purges, the left will swoop in and take over, even in red states.

'Leveraging the GOP' is happening now through elections, primaries and retirements.

It is alarming that so many conservatives are focusing on destroying the GOP rather than fighting the vicious and evil left.

We must be pragmatic

@Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle

@timr @ManuelCerdan1 @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle

A serious issue here is that people do not understand why the US does not have a stable system with more than two parties.

It is not a contingent historical artifact. It is a systemic feature. The American system does not enable the stable existence of more than two parties easily. I don't know if this was by design, it's just how the game theory plays out.

In multi-party states (e.g. UK) you really just have bi-stable coalition governments.

@PathIntegral @timr @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle We have had third parties in the past. Even the GOP at one point was a third party. It can be done and leveraged with the right strategy.

@timr @PathIntegral @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle You don't know that. It would destroy their gravy train but we would be fine. The GOP brand is also a liability anyway. How well does the GOP brand play in the inner city? Why have that albatross around our necks for the sake of making sure McConnell gets another steak dinner with a K street lobbyist?

@timr @ManuelCerdan1 @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle
@timr I’m sorry but I’m just not at the “thinking pragmatic “ stage yet, I’m still pissed off at the blatant fraud that’s going unpunished. To what avail will it be to vote for any conservative when we all know the fraud will continue?


Because it is possible and indeed necessary to fight against the fraud and make changes.

The battles go on. Surrendering to the insane radical left is not on my itinerary

@ManuelCerdan1 @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle

@timr @45strongsafe @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle I concur, but when it comes to rewarding the Flakes, Ryans of the GOP for the sake of power, we clips our own nuts. Remember the whole Obamacare repeal? That didn't happen not because of McCain, but in the House when Ryan made the most milque toast bill he could form. It was designed to be a liability. McCain killing it was just icing on the cake.


What are you on about. Flake and Ryan are toast - gone.

They were not rewarded. They were tossed out.

This focus on RINOs is bad enough - complaining about failed former politicians is absurd

@45strongsafe @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle

@timr @45strongsafe @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle Really? They had long careers. They made out like bandits. They had been squishy for years. Nevertheless, the party and the base gave them power. How did that work out? Last time I checked it was their fecklessness that led to them losing the House! So how did us not leveraging our votes against those turds get us power?


Their careers are over. They are gone.

This is the new GOP.

Your focus on destroying Republicans is becoming tiresome.

Time to fight the Democrats.

Not the Republicans

@45strongsafe @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle

@timr @45strongsafe @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle You are making the same mistake. Again, you think this is with a broad brush. There are good candidates, but leverage is about pressuring the weak or bad candidates. You keep taking of the "future GOP", but last time I checked they just lost two Senate seats in GA! You might wanna deal with the present first before you set sail to the future.

@Spart_A_Cuss @ManuelCerdan1 @timr @45strongsafe @mrbungle

It was all across the states in this election. That's why I still think something will be done about it.

@ManuelCerdan1 @timr @45strongsafe @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle

Mostly FRAUD. It overcame EVERYTHING. Millions of fraudulent votes. MILLIONS.


That is your focus. Not mine. I have made that clear.

I will be busy working to defeat the left.

@ManuelCerdan1 @45strongsafe @mrbungle


What is your strategy to defeat the Democrats?

Wait - don't tell me.

You are not interested.

Your demands are becoming tiresome.

@ManuelCerdan1 @45strongsafe @mrbungle

@Spart_A_Cuss @timr @45strongsafe @mrbungle

1. Approach the minority communities with an actionable plan that deals with issues that they value. School choice, gun rights, police reform (better funding and training). Eat at the Democrat base.

2. Absolutely cut off anyone that is compromising with the Swamp. No money, no votes, no volunteer time. Cut them off. When they see that, they will capitulate. Even Kelly Loeffler had to go along with Trump to try and win her seat. Leverage.

@Spart_A_Cuss @timr @45strongsafe @mrbungle The GOP is a private corporation. They exist to make money. If ignoring us makes them money, they will do it.

@Spart_A_Cuss @timr @45strongsafe @mrbungle
3. Gut the consultant class of the GOP once and for all. They are a waste of time and know nothing. They fail upwards and have no vested interest outside of ad buys on issues that matter solely to BoomerCons. Flush those turds.

4. Push for an ending of our military footprint overseas and push our allies to handle those issues. This would also eat at a significant area of the Democrat base.

@ManuelCerdan1 @Spart_A_Cuss @timr @45strongsafe @mrbungle

Interesting sidebar on Ms Loeffler. Hubby owns (yes owns) the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). He agreed then refused to delist CCP companies evening before Ga run offs. He reconsidered but only after Trump agreed not to insist Kelly agreed to say she would vote no on election integrity vote. She then reneged after Potus campaigned for her. This is the type of scum who we are dealing with.


There was no personal slander, and I do not appreciate your suggesting that there was.

@ManuelCerdan1 @45strongsafe @mrbungle

@timr @Spart_A_Cuss @45strongsafe @mrbungle I respect @timr , I give him props for giving me good reasons and no personal attacks. Kudos. 🙏❤️

@timr Ah well, spurt wanted a 3rd party, I just demonstrated how that would work, by blocking him.

45 followers trying to infiltrate and give dems power for decades

@timr @45strongsafe @Spart_A_Cuss @mrbungle The House in Democrat hands is the end result of us not leveraging our votes.

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