I like the kid....for Kansas. He’s a good boy. But today I want Brady to make a statement.
1. He made Bilicheck look good
2. Up yours to the ungrateful Pats fans who hated on him for moving on even though he did so much for them
3. Brady loves our president and NEVER gave in.

BREAKING: The United States Supreme Court has scheduled the Pennsylvania election case, Sidney Powell's Michigan election case, and Lin Wood's Georgia election case for its February 19 conference


@Spart_A_Cuss I imagine the literal "mass" that will formally exit and follow his lead could be unimaginable. Republicans ***should*** know this by now but they are so lost in their self-created bubbles. I say burn the old system to the ground and start fresh. New politicians will be properly vetted and held accountable for their words and actions. No more of this establishment politics.

Good morning, QV.

I was quite perturbed to discover that the GOP vote to oust Liz Cheney suddenly changed to secret ballot and with that secret ballot she remains in her position.

As i stated before, if Trump calls for a 3rd party, we all move to a 3rd party. The GOP just voted to protect a person who not only voted to impeach Trump, but also has a 13% approval rating in her home district. Trump however, enjoys a 91% approval rating in the entire country.

Beyond atrocious.

I wonder when Hollywood will realize their moral posturing makes them look like hypocrites rather than saints? 🤔

They are THE example of a truly "toxic culture".

I'm not sure there's any kind of abuse I haven't heard coming out of Hollywood. Not even children are safe there. Actually, children are likely *more* at risk than adults.

They're paid to lie. You can't trust their words.

The most trustworthy ones are the quiet ones.

The less they say publicly, the less they lie.

@Spart_A_Cuss There IS the lunar reconnaissance orbiter, but I am unaware of whether its orbit covers everything we'd need to see, when we need to see it:

for anyone that has or hasn't watched the dan scavino post from last night re: Space Force.

1. it's very much worth the watch and well-produced. I'd do it with the sound all the way up.

2. There's a line in there. I paraphrase. 'When our enemies can build bases on the dark side of the moon.'

has anyone heard of any country building a base on the dark side of the moon? I mean, that's quite a "random" thing to say for an intro to space forcing.

You know what would really be genius?

If this is someone else's thought previously, I apologize for not seeing it.

But.... that EO on the election from '18 we all discuss?

What if.... trump never executed it... because the EO itself was a red herring.

That EO was simply meant to create panic in the traitors and they actually hung themselves because of a 'fake ' EO.

that would be classic trump

Ted Cruz: President Trump was “Both Reckless and Irresponsible” and Did Not Prove Election Fraud in Any Court.'

So wait. Does that mean if Trump presents evidence of fraud in court he no longer was reckless and irresponsible.

Call me kooky, looks like Cruz just lobbed a great big fat, "I dare ya" right in Trump's strike zone

This guy still has the Donation Basket out. What stones he has.

What struck me as odd to this day was trump's georgia rally.

Everyone here saw it, right? We all expected his words to be bomb drops even though it wouldn't be prudent before the georgia senate run off.

Anywho, who observed junior and Ivanka over trump's shoulder in the background standing Next to marine 1?

Did they know they were on live tv? Did anyone see their laughter? Anyone notice how brazen their casual behavior was?

Because it was all over and hopeless or because it was in the bag?

In this world there are independent conservative journalists.

There's also OANN and Newsmax

Why aren't Ben Carson, Steve Mnuchin, Pompeo and others doing interviews. You know, the good ol' 60 Minute style to discuss the world and trump for 20 minutes

Maybe they exist and I've missed them. Very few are vocal currently

Grenell posted a photo of Trump calling him on Trump's last day. Grenell's vocal. Like he's been given permission to be so.

Who's Trump been golfing with? Nothing? Nada?


You know, it's almost like trump won... the end game is already his... and the only thing that could stop this inevitability is if we go to war with ourselves.

Ciralsky is too stupid to understand that he was set up.

His conversation was recorded and published, and he thinks it was a mistake or...something.

This has never happened before.

That little fact is your cue that everything said by all parties was said for the purpose of misleading the press.

NO WAY did Ezra Cohen-Watnick mean it when he said that Trump threw America under the bus.

It's something a leftist "journalist" needed to hear so that he'd believe what he was being told.

So, we all have observed the number of EOs Biden is signing.

Maybe it's part of their plan. Maybe Joe signs the EOs so Kamala has cover when she takes over.

What I haven't seen yet RE: the EOs, is a reversal of the 2018 Election EO that Trump signed.

Has this one been reversed? And if it hasn't, why? Among the 30+ EOs Biden signed, they didn't touch the one that confiscates of anyone caught in election interference?

Well, here it is. Can anyone confirm this is the House Democrats 1st bill and the contents are about preserving voter fraud activities.

If this is accurate, let us see how the GOPe responds.

If this is accurate, all the marbles are on the table.

For those out there that still believe Trump should continue working with the GOP establishment, I present Mitt Romney.

Nothing exciting, really. Just that Trump's actions are impeachable and the trial is constitutional.


I'm going to stick with published FACTS.

So there we go.

Make sure to watch Bearded Bladder tonight.

Watch the two bladders expel their hot air.


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