Citizens of Laguna Beach met to vote on the patriotic decals on cop cars that "offended" illegals.

Not only did they vote to keep the decals, but after the vote the group of Californians broke out into the National Anthem."


NEXT! Step on up, DOJ is open for business. "Strike force." 😎

Nearly 60 Doctors, Other Medical Workers Charged In Federal Opioid Sting n.pr/2UiYVUg


Candace Owens
‏Verified account @RealCandaceO

Antifa is here!! Enjoy this video of the neo-KKK stalking and harassing me as I try to invite a group of peaceful black students into my event at UPENN.
The Democrat’s domestic terrorist arm strike again!


@GodlessNZ @Bluecharger69

He's a commercial real-estate developer.

Dealing with fires is his field of expertise.

Why has everybody forgotten that?

Wow we couldn't have a more gracious First Lady. She is always proud of her country.

“Like most Americans watching the tragic fire of Notre Dame Cathedral, I am truly saddened at the devastation and loss of this sacred space. My sincere condolences to the people of France, to Catholics, and to those around the world who have long admired its beauty and history.”


@KodiakIsland @Beemer4Trump @DeplorableAynNY

Sarah Sanders is a real American hero. The girl has put up with more undeserved crap than most any of us could ever suffer without mental breakdown.

@Alex_Graham @REX

Absolutely Trust in The Boss. But my prognosticating skills, yea right, say he is going to play a constant campaign of one MOAB after the other. Keep them totally in defense and making incredible mistakes like this week.

There is enough there to last for the next 18 months, easy. The big catch will be emasculating the Fake News Media. That is the biggie, the rest are easy.

“The president’s exposure of Omar’s hypocrisy and offensive diminishment of 9/11 was both legitimate and necessary.”

Qanta Ahmed: Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to Islam and doesn’t represent my Muslim religion.



IMHO Trump, being the strategist, will time events to have the most damage inflicted upon Dems right before the 2020 elections.

Things will start slowly come out now but the MOABs will be dropped in the summer of 2020.

He'll want their treachery to be fresh in the minds of voters as they go to the booths in November.

Trump will spend the next months preparing people for what's about to come.

We need to be patient and trust him. The 2020 election will be a sweep for the GOP.

‪Another informative video from @ThomasWic
‪The lies of AOC and the ADL youtu.be/wKz53Uixs9c

Thanks for everything you do, Thomas!

I love this site. Anyone can come in and have access to excellent debate, amazing historians, and reasoned insights into politics. And some humor too.

Do you remember when the snowflakes crapped their pants, cried, and screamed at the sky when Reagan ran for President?

Ronald Reagan used the similar slogan "Let's make America great again" in his successful 1980 presidential campaign.

Imagine being a Democrat and having to wake up pissed at the world for the last 39 years! I'm sure it takes a toll.


No idea.

Since it's all kabuki--Trump already has both the money and the builder--it could go either way.

@ThomasWic I'm wondering how you think Thursdays vote on the National Emerg in Senate will shake out?

The previous toot would've earned me a suspension on Twitter.

But Twitter is already mortally wounded.

Can't you feel it?

The Jussie Smollet fiasco was almost certainly the result of people whispering in the ears of the easily manipulated.

Jussie is STILL claiming that the MAGAttack actually happened. He went sobbing to his cast mates and begged them to believe him.

He's the beginning of the Great Collapse. His pratfall will be repeated endlessly.

I have decided to

'Identify as Democrat’

As this seems to be a magic shield that will protect me from any past or present legal/social transgressions.

You cannot question my motives or identity because of this.

I am now fully protected.

Now where do I get the free stuff?

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