To understand what the leftists really mean, substitute the word "democrats" everywhere they say "democracy", and then it will make sense.

Re: abortion #2:

Sexually active women have access to the morning after pill.

No need to put chemicals in your body every day.

No need for an abortion at all.

Unless you like helping out the ghouls who use their tissue and organs for research and who knows what else.

Re: abortion #1:

The supreme court could make people shut up for awhile by simply confirming Roe vs. Wade AS WRITTEN.

First trimester, abortion is legal.
Afterwards, only to save the life of the mother.

Since then it morphed to: . . to save the health of the mother.

Then. . . to save the mental health of the mother.

Then. . . to save the financial health of the mother.

Now we're at the point where a sitting governor said let it be born and then we'll decide what to do with it.


Big brother media won't blame New Orleans mayor - Dem

Big brother media won't blame Louisiana governor - Dem

Big brother media won't blame USA president - Dem

Big brother media will blame climate change.

George Carlin:

You know how dumb the average guy is?

Half the world is dumber than him.

I really, really, really want to know who ordered the vote counting to stop on vote counting night.

Then, I will finally know my master, the chief oligarch of the American Empire.

Hey folks, the NYC Board of Elections is lying through their teeth. Follow the timeline.

They said 135,000 test ballots were left in the system.

The winner noted 100,000+ ballots were added AFTER the evening vote total was announced.

But the BOE didn't say that.

With these cheating bastards, you've always got to follow the timelines with a magnifying glass.

I want to apologize to my fellow Quods.

I didn't know so many of you have responded to my toots, as I kept Notifications on "All". Just went through the @ list back to the beginning, and am humbled by the traffic toward me. And only a couple slap-downs from Saul!

Henceforth, I promise to watch the T. Wictor tutorial to better navigate the site.

I'm still working, improving my little part of the world, so I probably won't be interacting much yet.

But at least I know there's more to know!

So much of what I see on the left is attributable to pathological altruism and/or self loathing.

They want us as pathological and loathing as them.

Praise God and pass the ammo!

Remember when the Miami Herald, nyt, wapo, etc. went down to FL and re-counted the 2000 election?


That's because they didn't trumpet the results when they determined Bush actually won FL.

They didn't want you to know.

Don't expect media coverage of the AZ election audit results when the fraud evidence is announced.

If it doesn't fit their narrative, they won't report on it.

Have you noticed the weather report doesn't show the average high & low for the day anymore?

Ask Tony Heller.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are a little bit of what's good in the world.

Please pray for the living there, while La Soufriere vents.


Tony Heller is producing video after video that destroy the "climate emergency" BS.

I fear for his well-being for taking on the climate mafia, and will now include him on my prayer list.

Would love to see him on QV!

A famous investor once said "I buy stock in companies that are so fine they could be run by an imbecile, because there will come a day when it will be.

Now think of governments.

When you're young, you have more time than money - so spend your time and save your money.

When you're old, you have more money than time - so spend your money and save your time.

Can someone contact Scott Adams?

He's asserting thinness in Africa as why they don't have covid problems.

I suspect it's due to the fact they sell HCQ o-t-c and people use it regularly to avoid contracting malaria.

Plus the overweight/obesity charts are a joke. I would need to be 5 pounds lighter than my high school weight to not be judged overweight.

Those charts say 70% of Americans are overweight, so it's not an aberration for 80% of the hospitalizations to be in that category too.

Thinking all this turmoil is God separating the wheat from the chaff.

Don't be chaff.

The experts cannot make their computer models predict lake-effect snow as it happens along the Lake Michigan shoreline, but their models are 'settled science'.

Yeah, right.

Being angry is a reaction.

Being hateful is a choice.

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