Results of DemocRATs in power prove over and over that 1 party rule is lethal, especially when they are in cahoots with the 'watchdog' media.

Trump is the Cool Cat ripping up the dogs and the rats. Truly a glory to behold!

All I see are "green lights":

1. Mueller in the rear view mirror.
2. Assange & Epstein in custody.
3. Declassification handed to Barr.
4. Mifsud inside w/ Barr & Durham.
5. Federal death penalty reinstated.
6. August recess - nobody's around.

The battlefield is prepared. "Fire at will" is likely the next order.

I'll go out on a limb here:

Our planet is the best one in the whole universe!

Prove me wrong with science.

Sorry (not sorry) for the plagiarism Catturd.

Fear is a reaction. . . . .

Hatred is a choice.

Don't let your natural reactions drive you to the wrong state of mind.

I think I've finally figured out why the left goes so crazy when a Republican is elected president.

They expect others to do the same dishonest, illegal and despicable things they are planning.

"1) I truly believe this is the entire bowl of wax! Half this country would say that the previous administration, IC and HRC were right to go after PDJT by conducting a soft coup. However, when some of those same POS are involved with pedophilia, we are talking about less than 10%"

Two things from the past that have bothered me for years:

1) When Obama said "if elected, I will fundamentally transform the USA", what exactly did he mean?

I can make assumptions from his actions, but he never elaborated (to my knowledge) and no one ever asked him - media, politicians. . . . . nobody.

2) When Trump came down the escalator, the establishment was filled with an almost demonic rage and hatred.

Now, I believe we are about to find out why. And it will be very very ugly.

If you need hope that Gen Z will be OK, listen to XM Radio Station 53 - "Chill" for a few hours.

And if you need a pill, be sure to take the red one.

Progressives now insist anyone with political views they abhor can be refused service and chased from restaurants, but you Christian bigots sure better provide them goods and services. . . . . .

Or else.

"Erick Erickson"

Oh, look. Beto O'Rourke's campaign provided funding to get migrants placed in concentration camps.

Walmart pays a $282,000,000 fine to the SEC for shady work in another country.

Question 1: Where does that money actually go?

Question 2: Why are we policing stuff done in other countries?

Question 3: What else am I missing here?

I know of only two one-word oxymorons: Bittersweet and Humanity.

They sort of go together don't they?

The Last Refuge: "True The Vote wins historic $2 million settlement against IRS."

Damn it, that's our money. The settlement should be against Lois Lerner, John Koskinen and their henchmen.

I am sick and tired of people winning settlements and getting paid with OUR money instead of the perps.

It may be taking so long for capital J justice to appear because the 'web of filth' is worldwide. Justice won't hold if only the USA devils are conquered.

I don't usually pray for outcomes, but I do pray that God guide and protect DJT, his family and allies.

Why can't people who are turning on the Clinton's understand what's happened to those before them?

Anyone with any connection to Mrs. Clinton better be in hiding, carry heat, or have professionals positioned front and rear.

At least until the dam breaks.

I thought the 'suicides' were going to take place before the last minute garden variety murders.

It appears I was wrong.

You want to know why politicians act the way they do? Look no further than the media.

Did you ever know a family with a "golden child" or a "black sheep"? Or maybe both in one family?

Imagine the media = the parents, the golden child = the democrats and the black sheep = the republicans.

That's why the donkeys can bray anything they want and just get more outrageous every day.

And that's why the elephants just duck and shrug and are happy they're around for another day.

Chris Stigall (on Twitter) says it better than I did a bit earlier:

Deep State re. HRC:

"We have conclusive evidence of wrongdoing but we don't think she intended to."

Deep State re. DJT:

"We can't find any evidence of wrongdoing but we're certain he intended to."

I need to keep practicing this "tooting" thing. It's difficult to be concise and informative at the same time.

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