1/2 You've described my wife and me up until about two years ago.

We also married young (younger than you two) and have been together nearly 23 years now.

I completely gave up on politics in the mid-2000's.

Big tech, oddly enough, roped me back in. I understood, earlier than most, how dangerous Google, etc. were.

My wife was convinced I was borderline crazy just a few years ago [your phone listens to you and shows you ads based on that data -- that sort of thing].


2/2 Those "theories" were too outlandish for her.

In mid-2016, I started paying attention to the election. I knew my oldest son would be entering the Marine Corps soon, and I knew my vote might determine his Commander-in-Chief.

It wasn't until the spring of 2017 that I fully boarded the Trump Train (Wictor helped).

For the Mrs., it took another two years, and the 2020 election sealed the deal.

She too is radically compassionate and believed the media. Her eyes are open now.


P.S. I'm confident your wife will fully come around. I learned (probably later than I should have) that I couldn't convince my wife. She needed her own "aha" moment. Once I learned to keep quiet, she sought out answers for herself. Didn't take long.


@JonGrubb @Kingjerold
You both sound like wonderful husbands. May God bless you and your families. ❤️

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