They don't believe in those stinking masks. They know as well as we do they don't work.

The masks are a tool to exert control, and to condition the children to accept control as normal.

So now, "freedom to breathe" is a REWARD.

When will people wake up to the 'conditioning prisons' we are creating for our children?


@SomeLadyInVirginia @JM I agree with what someone said earlier on here-President Trump is telling people to stand their ground. When push comes to shove, the bullies won't fight back if you don't give in.

7) Finally, the focus will now be on the House. Republicans are not supporting the Dems there at all. Nothing more can happen until Congress return from recess.

So - again - no Bill has been passed into Law.

Back to work.

Signing off until later.

Over and out

6) Important to keep in mind:

Pelosi has to balance the extreme, radicalized energized leftist squad on one hand, with the increasingly worried and nervous 'moderates' on the other.

The squad are even more ambitious with the addition of Cori Bush.

Both sides of the Democrat House divide have stated openly they have enough votes to crush both Senate Bills.


5) Significant development in the House - Jake Ellzey, the winner of the TX #6 Special, has been sworn in to Congress.

Very important for the Bills in question:

This means that the Dems' control of the House is down to a margin of three.

That is, the Democrats cannot lose more than three votes in the House and successfully pass a Bill.

This is one of the smallest margins in history


5) Senator Sinema has already announced her opposition to Bill #2 in its current form.

Mark Kelly, AZ, is up for reelection next year. He has also expressed serious misgivings with the Bill.

Congress will be home, hearing from constituents.

4) In the House, there are serious problems for both Bill #1 - Infrastructure - and Bill #2 - Reconciliation.


3) Floor debate on the Bill will not begin for several weeks. Senate is going into recess now.

4) In September, the Bill has to be debated.

Then a Senate vote.

Then, if it passes, it goes to the House.

The Office of the Senate Parliamentarian has to approve everything in Bill #2, line by line.


2) Manchin's statement confirmed what I have been posting for a few weeks.

He will not vote for the Bill in its current form. His statement today was the clearest statement of opposition I have seen yet.

Again - he did not vote to pass the Bill.

The Senate voted on procedure only.


Quick note on the Senate vote today. I have already seen false statements about it on twitter:

1) The Senate did not vote to pass the Reconciliation Bill - Bill #2.

It was a procedural vote - only.

They voted only to allow debate and discussion on the floor. That is all.

I noticed several articles on conservative sites with false, or at best misleading, headlines.

Again - the Bill did not pass.


The CEO of Bang energy drinks looks exactly how you’d expect

-caveman circus


A top-heavy, worthless, useless self-proclaimed, radicalized leftist fascist 'elite' are straining the patience even of some leftists now with their power obsession, irrationality and wild pendulum swings from fear to rage to hatred and back.

Their moral depravity, spiritual void, intellectual and ethical bankruptcy combine to make them repulsive and weak.




As they decline, their panic creates a nightmarish environment of anxiety and uncertainty.

As you say, we see them for who and what they are - which terrifies them - and we are equipped with the perspective of history as we see where this is going.

Courage, hope and wisdom are required and strength of character. Uncharted territory.

But the wind is at our back




I shot this pic a few years ago on Joe Pool Lake, from the Levee. I like to call it "Biblical Sky over Water". Click or tap to see the whole thing.

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