Does anyone know what the Republican Party is doing about preventing mail in voting across the USA? I'm in NJ and people are all over the roads, shopping, dining inside and outside, but King Murphy, our Governor, won't allow the voting booths to open. It's so frustrating to watch the Dems cheat right in front of our face.

Can someone tell me why the United Nations is doing nothing concerning China's invasion of the South China Sea?

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China is a disgruntled minimum wage employee that shoplifts constantly from the store he works at, leaves moldy food in the break room fridge, lifts money from the cash register during the cash wrap at the end of the day, causes the bathroom disasters the customers complain about, and then screams racism when confronted about it.

Big Tech Cracks Down on Pro-Trump Speech as 2020 Election Looms

I like the article, but Parler isn't the best alternative. Federated social media sites like QuodVerum and the many other Mastodon/Pleroma instances are what should be promoted.

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I would love to see some REAL statistics comparing the China Virus to the regular flu that kills thousands every year. Comparisons of other illnesses and deaths to the China Virus might help people understand that it's no deadlier than anything else.🤔

Did everyone see this amazing video of the trash clean up in LA?

Scott Presler is really putting the spotlight on filthy DemocRAT cities across the US.

May the Lord Bless him and keep him, May He make his face to shine upon him, and be gracious to him. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon him, give him peace, and keep him safe.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.