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I don't watch Fox anymore but Shannon Bream is the best thing they have. She is also SCOTUS reporter and ex attorney. She has a cute story. Went to law school and graduated, practiced as atty but dream was to be journalist/anchor. Media Exec told her she would never make it. She started our carrying coffee in news room! Also a beauty pageant winner I believe.

Blessed to have met Shannon Bream at church last night. She is a lovely woman of faith, whom I greatly admire.

@Debradelai thank you so much for Thursday’s Yapping perspective. Didn't consider the “Pope” factor and makes senses what’s happening on our borders. Yes, the Pope twists the Gospel. What a liar cheater stealer and theif and will be in good company with Bidet.

RIP SAM Cunningham. My son wrote a paper about that iconic game, photo and person SAM Cunningham. Twas a positive step in race relations in college football. Fight On Trojan. 🥰

Interesting site for traffic patterns and analysis. Anyone one else subscribe

Equestrian Competition…my favorite Olympic sport to watch. Magnificent creatures. 🐎 🐎🐎

Happiest and Most Blessed Independence Day! 🥰🥰🥰

@DuaneCates Thanks for mentioning Coffee with Scott Adams. My talent stack has increased and my Bullshit radar has strengthened. He is awesome and so are you!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.