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Pres Trump signs and displays memorandum forgiving student loan debt for totally and permanently disabled veterans. Says 25,000 veterans will have their debt wiped out. Says it reflects the "love and loyalty of a truly grateful nation."

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A Thread on Jeffrey Epstein H/T to Harold Finch from the Telegram Room "The Library"

It starts with an article from
where we are now seeing the mainstreaming of satanic pedophiles being identified & Robert Maxwell being called a KGB operative

I guess this is one way to "encourage" self deportation.

Illegal Workers Flee Georgia Food Plants After Mississippi ICE Raids

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@Cdubois @ThomasWic @drawandstrike @wziminer @Lonestar @NevadaJack

DEEP STATE, BE AFRAID: Bill Barr Has the Eternal Perspective
Written by Christopher A. Ferrara

"...Barr knows what happened here and I believe he will expose the perpetrators of Russiagate, which has to be far and away the biggest political scandal in American political history. ..."

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The Bill Of Rights is not a list of permissions. It’s a rundown of restrictions on government. THESE THINGS THE GOVERNMENT CAN NOT DO. It doesn’t “grant’ rights. It blocks the govt. from certain areas and actions. Teach your children and grandchildren (and friends).


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Here's an update on Sgt Derrick Miller who was released from military prison recently. This update is from my friend, Bev, founder of The Band of Mothers. Bev had dinner with Derrick in DC in early Aug.

"...Derrick is a man with a mission. He is currently working up on the hill as a shared employee of several Congressmen. ..."Derrick has been named Chairman of the Justice for Warriors Caucus..."

Hunter, Gohmert team up to launch 'Justice for Warriors Caucus'

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Great idea. Try him, and immediately after sentencing, extradite him on the condition if he is ever released from the Mexican prison, he will be returned to complete any remaining sentence here.
Mexico's president wants to extradite El Paso shooting suspect Patrick Crusius

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found on fb, made me giggle.
(either that or I need to go to bed)

You could not make this stuff up. Dem's are clueless.

For statues honoring women, NY first lady nixes vote-winner St. Frances, chooses drag queens | News | LifeSite

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@ThomasWic @DefiantAmerica

Oh hell, why not, for those few who haven't read it. I've only known a precious handful of people who have lived it.

I don't count myself among them, they're in another league, another universe altogether.

Written in 1875 by William Ernest Henley

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Remember the Argie sub that sunk two years ago?

Remember how I was not surprised in Twatter and made reference to the incompetence and cretinism of the Argie navy?

Well, the only reason they started a search (and late) was two phone calls from the US military attache.

1. --Did you lose contact with a sub?
--Yes, we did, always do.
--Look into it.

2. --Remember the sub?
--Better start looking now. Click.

The admirals were on their way to a casino and whore house.

It took TWO calls.

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