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Lara Logan

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Are the genuine concerns of locals in Minneapolis being exploited by Antifa and their political backers? Listening to interviews broadcast live, I have heard many locals express a sense of loss for George Floyd’s horrifying murder, but also for the destruction of their city.

Clay County Judge Michael McHaney

"The last time I checked Illinois citizens are also Americans and Americans don’t get ruled."

It seems there are some judges out there that understand this is America.

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@RonOgletree @SlackerX @Dawnz

They got it all wrong.

A commutation reduces/eliminates a sentence (vide,Oscar López Rivera)

A pardon wipes the slate clean (Olli North) or even prevents it from being soiled in the first place (Nixon).

A Presidential pardon grants complete absolution to the person of the crime. It is,as if it had never happen.

It is not a commutation.

C'mon, people! By now we should now!

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Where Barack Obama achieved notoriety for "leading from behind," Fingergepoken, these last two months, has been leading from the basement. How long can Joe hide down there?

When will Mike push him aside?

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Democrat Taking On Susan Collins In Maine Has A Huge Me Too Problem by Mollie Hemingway

Mollie sez: "Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon is now going out of her way to ignore the detailed accusations of sexual impropriety and harassment by presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden." 😂

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Won't find farm families getting Covid.
Their immune systems are rock solid!

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I honestly don't remember doing this in the 80s. 😂

I must've been extremely young when these were in gas station bathrooms because my mom insists we used them!

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More documents produced in the Gen. Flynn case. They are making excuses for not turning over what was requested. It would be too hard to comply. They said:

"In fact, Covington already has engaged a respected e-discovery vendor..."

Let me guess, they hired Crowdstrike?

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@SlackerX @timr

Thank you very much!

Oh that is really cool. He is an impressive dude, as is Scott Pressler.

There are so many interesting people rising up. Really organically too, I hope that is the case. I'm taking that on faith right now.

One of my favorite expressions is "Many hands make light work" which i think is really what is at the core of a free society and why we are so successful.

330 million self directed Americans working simultaneously to solve our problems. Magic.

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Yeah and all the Spygate stuff makes anyone who touched it look evil. Average Dems cared about domestic surveillance. If any of that breaks through before the elections, it will also carve a piece off the Democratic turkey

I was making fun of the Free Tibet bumper sticker crowd earlier, but the left used to care about human rights.

If the media blackout cracks and people hear about the Chinese harvesting organs from Falun Gong and ethnic cleansing the Uygurs people will react.

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Babysitting toddlers is always an adventure. Sometimes the adventure continues after they've gone home. This morning while pouring a second pot of tea, I found the missing earplug to my hearing aid lodged in the tea spout. It would have been so much nicer if I would have found it with the first cup of tea, instead of the third.😨

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@HectorHeathcote @SidneyPowell

Ms Sidney has no qualms in taking down as many of these goons as she possibly can while she fights for the rights and freedom of her clients.

Covington wouldn't dare have pushed to this level. They're connected in one way or another to every slimy POS in DC. Can't be seen as damaging other clients of the firm now can they? 😡

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I'm laughing so hard right now. Hubby went to the liquor store because it's Friday night, the weekend is coming, and we needed our stash. Wine for me, beer for him. Lock-down with masks was re-instated today, and he forgot his mask. He found a walgreens plastic bag on the passenger seat, so he poked through some eyeholes and put it over his head. Nobody said a word. I am still guffawing. OMG.

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