There's not going to be a ticker-tape for you on 9/11, Sleepy Joe.

No victory laps.

The Taliban, AlQ and ISIS want to escalate their war on the US. 9/11 will be a day of more humiliation of The Great Satan.

Xi must be wanting to move on Taiwan before the mid-terms.

Ditto, Putin on Ukraine.

China Joe & Co will be made to look even worse than they do now. By the time this is over, they won't be able to be seen in public.

They cannot succeed without cheating and lying.

And they're evil, no doubt. They will do what they feel they must, to survive.

So we must not fall for their traps.

And we must expect the worst.

But again, everything you're seeing is a desperate attempt to survive.

The one thing they thought would never happen HAPPENED.

The people woke up.

Once that happened, they lost.

May take 1, 10, 20 years. Doesn't matter.

It's OVER.

The trajectory is undeniable.

Enjoy the show.

The end.

Anyone worried about the economy? Don’t be. I’ve never seen rest areas so full with trucks.

And the Gulf Arabs are as important as Israel.

Nobody even watches the sky.

I watch the sky constantly.

It tells me almost everything I need to know.

Our amazing journey with Trump is just beginning, as he said.

The best is yet to come.


@NoahPollak: "Important to understand what's going on here. Progressives don't actually believe anti-semitism is real. Jews are wealthy & successful and therefore cannot be victims of bigotry. Oppressors cannot be oppressed. Remember their formula: racism = prejudice + power

Daughter backed into garage door that wasn’t all the way up for some reason. Then unexpectedly my husband came home and thought someone left it open so tried to shut it and this happened. I’ve no idea. Got any good news?

But that's why I support Trump.

I want my president to blow my mind.



It’s been a shit day. I’m listening to early 90’s alternative music to get back to a time when I was about to graduate college and the world looked promising.

If you like line and angle, a scene from my kitchen this morning.

Loving the beauty, ceremony, dignity and order of the funeral of Prince Phillip. Juxtaposed with the embarrassing events at the White House yesterday, I’m leaning heavily on my British heritage today.

Most Americans are about 2 microns away from not giving a flying f@ck about what liberals think or are offended by. It gets closer ever day. I can’t wait.

When it seems that things are falling apart and the center is not holding, stop and listen to your own inner self.

Listen for a quiet voice amidst the chaos.

My guess is you'll calm down and realize what IS TRUE:

The best is yet to come.


I had to take this picture while stopped at a light today. It’s a first for sure. Now I can see the license plate too. Lol. Guy driving had a bunch of beer/pop cans and crap in his car and looked like a cross between @Debradelai and @ThomasWic. Just an average day on 28th street.

If Russia invades Ukraine proper, Putin will lose A LOT of men.

As he he did at Deir Ezzor, Syria.

February 7, 2018.

It had to be done. The world is a hard taskmaster.

And the funny thing is, all the dumbass antiwar-for-no-reason types like Tucker Carlson and Tim Pool don't even know that we ALREADY HAD our war with Russia.

If they DID know, they'd oppose it retroactively, even though it saved the lives of God knows how many Syrians.


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