This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time and our president tweeted it! Must watch and listen 😆

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@ThomasWic @Debradelai
Just watched today's Hearing.
My Thoughts=
1.The State Dept. rode Shotgun for the Swamp as it Squirreled away BILLIONS in US Taxpayer Dollars (Another illicit slush fund)
2. The GOP is becoming APOPLECTIC with rage at how Schiff is running the Hearing.
It's worse than I'd ever imagined.
One SURE FIRE WAY to get those R Designated Rascals to back Trump is for the Dems to ignore/slight them like this.

I told Bode all about the impeachment hearings. He laughed his ass off and said Adam Schiff is a doofus.

Pretty obvious that George Conway is a putz.

Personally I think they are going through a divorce quietly and his outrageous outbursts are his passive aggressive way of getting to Kellyanne.

We’ll see.

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My wife got this for me today.
I guess she still loves me! Lol

Seems to me Schiff was the only one intimidating the ‘witness’ Yovanovitch by reading Trump’s tweets to her.

The animals pushing this weapon of mass destruction should get the death penalty in my opinion.
Maybe that would be a deterrent.

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Bill Mitchell
Isn't it weird that things always turn out so well for a president who has "no idea what he is doing" but the self-proclaimed "smart people" get everything wrong constantly?

If I were going to college again I’d probably go to Ohio State just to see this amazing band.

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Here's how Greta's people destroy the world.

In California, the government has been forcing the utilities to spend more on "green" energy.

Politicians extort money from the utilities by threatening more and more green laws.

The utilities donate to the politicians and put money into green energy so that Greta is happy.

But guess what?

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