@drew12289 Bla Bla Bla. The 5 people that retooted and the 9 that liked it knew exactly what I meant. And the picture stating what it's for is right there for those with poor comprehension skills.

@drew12289 The custom here, if you are so inclined is to "buy" @GenFlynn a beer on Friday by contributing to his defense fund. He's a great Patriot and we do what we can for him. @SidneyPowell

No doubt where @SidneyPowell
stands on these matters!

Sidney Powell ⭐⭐⭐

Comey should be indicted immediately for his lies to
FBI agents who went to his house.

He has no excuse for that crime. He knew exactly what he was doing, why they were there, and his responsibility to them.

The same is true of McCabe's lies to Justice OIG.


The Mueller hearing really blew up on the faces of the Democrats. Now Weissman is exposed as the main driver of the probe.


Now the Democrats are looking foolish latching on this Russia collusion hoax and well on their way to committing political suicide.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates @SidneyPowell

Here’s @SidneyPowell speaking on CSPAN in 2014, about her book, Licensed To Lie.

She’s AMAZING...so dedicated to justice!

Long video, but so interesting.


@Barb @ThomasWic @vabelle2010 @SidneyPowell

The report could touch on the reasons these two were fired. But these lawsuits will bring out more of the details into that aspect. In other words these two bozos could be adding details to the IG report.

@grocerybag @JM @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @vabelle2010 @SidneyPowell
If that is their intent, it is going to fail.

Now if only that other former FBI agent, Asha Rangappa, could do something equally boneheaded to reveal what her service record at the FBI was. 🤔 😄

Strzok and McCabe are morons, these lawsuits indicate they want a public review as to why they were fired. 🤦‍♂️


Obama appointed DOJ IG Horowitz.

@vabelle2010 @SidneyPowell

@redwhitebluedude @vabelle2010 @SidneyPowell

Easily one of the stupidest portraits I've ever seen.

It looks like he's standing at a urinal.

Read the 2000 pages of
Virginia L. Giuffre,
Plaintiff, Case No.: 15-cv-07433-RWS
Ghislaine Maxwell,
Epstein case yourself -

Bernard Keric says the reason Epstein was moved out of suicide watch was most likely up to a medical person...psychiatrist, but also likely required sign off by the Warden

(27) But we are not out of the woods yet.

I WILL stay on this.

There is no more important issue before us.

But first, we have to drain this swamp.


(25) To restore the integrity of our institutions and the Rule of Law is the most important task facing the administration.

To expose those who violated the public trust and brought us to the brink of tyranny is indispensable to ensure that the damage's repaired.

(26) We’ve all heard this before: The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance; and we are never more than a generation away from tyranny.

We have come to the edge this time, and narrowly averted ours being that generation that lost it.

(24) But the real question is how far the investigation can reach.

Like I said at the beginning, corruption starts at the top, and it is imperative that the investigation go as far as it possibly can.

(22) I cannot yet say much more than that.

But I can say this:

McCabe lied through his teeth at the Congressional hearing. He’s toast.

Eric and Loretta are no longer there to cover his ass.

(23) We WILL have news soon, perhaps before February, certainly before May, and his minion Strzok is in no better shape.

(21) And when the elections did not go the way they expected, they turned our own institutions upside down in a seditious attempt to subvert our Democracy.

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