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DOJ has filed its Response to @SidneyPowell1 motion to compel production of documents in the Flynn case:

Just bought Gen Flynn a Friday beer. Read the DOJ lawyer's filed document posted today. Absurd. God Bless, @GenFlynn and @SidneyPowell.


Complete with a Table of Contents of 33 pages of content and a page full of exhibit listings.

Judge Sullivan will not be amused he has to spend his weekend with this after what the prosecutors tried earlier today.

She certainly knows these snakes to have had this set and ready to go.

Sidney Powell - The Unlawyer, lawyer.

At he risk of duplication

@GenFlynn @SidneyPowell


The entire filing is packed with common sense retort to the sham filing from the government's reply from 11/1.

Great job Ms. @SidneyPowell ❤️

Now we wait.

What they put Gen Flynn through is heartbreaking.

More from @SidneyPowell sur-sureply page 13 of 18:

"The government fails to mention that, to obtain the plea, it threatened Mr. Flynn with indictment the next day, the indictment of his son who had a new baby, promised him "the Manafort treatment,” and promised to pile on charges sufficient to put him in prison the rest of his life."

"The short fuse was no doubt motivated by the government’s knowledge, which it did not disclose to Flynn, that the salacious Strzok-Page emails, disclosing their vitriolic hatred of President Trump and his team, the key agents’ affair, and their termination from Mueller’s Special Counsel operation were going to be exposed the very next day."


p 13

"Mr. Flynn caved, not because he is guilty, but because of the government’s failure to put its cards on the table, as Brady, requires, and its failure to ensure that Mr. Flynn was represented by un-conflicted counsel when he was forced to make that decision."

@Elaines2cents @SidneyPowell

This is exactly why I love Sidney.

She has such common sense. (Or as I would say “Godly Wisdom”) When she speaks her message is always clear, logical and wise.

It is a blessing beyond measure that she became General Flynn’s lawyer. Accomplished through many tears and prayers...


(Mr. Van Grack) was content to allow hopelessly-conflicted counsel not merely to walk Mr. Flynn into five days of interviews with the Special Counsel team, but into an immediate, high- pressured plea of guilty without any demands for or production of Brady material, facilitated the waiver of countless rights, and signed an agreement for endless years of cooperation with the government at extraordinary personal expense."

Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable.

@Debradelai @SidneyPowell
I'm no expert. But IMO Sidney is in class all by herself.

Mr. Montes-Bradley- did I read correctly that @GenFlynn first attorneys had conflict of interest issues, that should have but we're not addressed by gov.?

@SidneyPowell Has It All Beauty & Brains!❤️

"In no uncertain terms “In conclusion, yes, the government engaged in conduct so shocking to the conscience and so inimical to our system of justice that it requires the dismissal of the charges for outrageous government conduct” as to

@Debradelai @hnijohnmiller @SidneyPowell

Fingers crossed for a dismissal, sua sponte. Thank you Ms. Powell! And please tell your staff great work. 😘


I am in awe of your sur-surreply and positively in love with your brain.

Van Grack's cupidity fully exposed, I cannot imagine Judge Sullivan not granting the Order to Compel.

Frankly, if you had requested it, a motion to dismiss should have been granted as a matter of law. But that would have precluded the production of the evidence you demand. Insisting upon that production is the only way to find a measure of Justice.

Lex, dura lex, sed lex.

"Given the already well documented history of “pretext,”
manipulation, violation of standing rules and practices (“screw it”) and other malfeasance by the
FBI in this case, there can be no justification for withholding this information from the defense
and the Court."

"As Mr. Comey testified to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, on
March 2, 2017, “the agents . . . discerned no physical indications of deception. They didn’t see any
change in posture, in tone, in inflection, in eye contact. They saw nothing that indicated to them that he knew he was lying to them.”"

"The notes do not say that he made any false statement at all. The agents reported back believing he either was honest or believed he was telling the truth. There is nothing
in the 302s—draft or final—that says he made false statements. And, the notes do not even match each other—especially on the statements regarding the UN vote and sanctions."

"the notes bear no signature and date as required by the FBI, casting doubt on their authenticity. If the signatures and dates are present in the originals, the government has
unjustifiably redacted that information, possibly without leaving a black mark to disclose a redaction, which itself is a form of deception."

False statement cases normally arise incidentally when government agents are investigating a matter and the interviewee makes a misstatement about that matter. Agents then seek to get to the truth by giving 1001 warnings to coax truthful information from the suspect. But here, to use Strzok’s own words, the investigation was “a pretext;” the object of the interview was to secure, rather than prevent, a 1001 violation.

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