We talk a lot about The Donald, but can we just take a minute to appreciate the First Lady?

Melania is elegance and class personified. She is graceful and intelligent and compassionate, not to mention beautiful. It's my opinion that she's been very unfairly overshadowed. In a more just world, she'd be very loved by the people and the media.

Imagine a society that dotes on Michelle Obama but goes radio silent in respect to Melania. It's shameful.

@Shuffington She is so awesome, and done a fantastic job with grace and dignity!!! And sent HER OWN MESSAGES when the situation called for it!! She’s incredible!!

@Shuffington I am waiting for the first fashion mag description of fake dr Jill as "stunning in a blah blah blah dress by blah blah blah." They had the most beautiful first lady ever in the WH for four years and never said a word. Effers.

@Shuffington FLOTUS does not complain a bit about that either. Because she is not a superficial moron that needs public worship. Which makes me like her even more.

Big Mike was worshipped from the moment BHO announced running. And yet still whines about not getting enough attention. We don't like her because of skin color she says..
Nope we could care less what color she is. We simply don't like evil, and corrupt douche bags.


I have the opinion the First Lady needs not the celebrity adulation most of her others insist on.

Maybe the situation fits her best. "Just let me do my job."


The Left putrefies fame and glamour.

Hence Lady Gaga.

Anyone worth their classical liberal bona fides would be Camille Paglia and her appreciation of glamour.


For the 1st six months of Hussein’s Administration, constant praise for Michelle’s work-out plan, her “gorgeous” arms.....🤮

@Shuffington We all talk about her grace, style and loveliness ...the media ignores her. It is disgusting.


She personifies the grace of elegance and class for all to strive for but seldom ever attain.


I never got the hostility towards Melania. Just because she's married to the Donald. She's still her own person.

@Shuffington -RE: “Imagine a society that dotes on Michelle Obama but goes radio silent in respect to Melania. It’s shameful”

Yes, it is. And purely intentional on the part of the Legacy Media. Like the former POTUS, Michelle was also a Media creation, whose accomplishments were overblown and inflated.

@Shuffington You are on point. She's beautiful and accomplished in her own right and in a just world she would've been on every cover multiple times by now.


There’s hardly a better metric how MEAN these SOB’s are than the total media freeze-out Melanie has gotten.

Forget for a moment her stunning beauty. Not ONE major magazine cover in over four years?

Worse still is the stunning silence regarding her work for children.

I guess speaking five languages is commonplace for such supposed strumpets.

How many languages has Mike Robinson mastered, again?

@Shuffington Anna Wintour announced at the start that Melanie would never appear on a Vogue cover, unlike every other First Lady since she became editor. Everyone in the fashion press followed. Shameful is to put it mildly.

Yes, those who profess in tolerance, acceptance and equity are the ones who try to shame the first lady.

She is grace, humility, charm and elegance. Not one magazine cover, so infantile to ostracized her this way.

Agreed! Melania is intelligent, beautiful, multi lingual and chic. In our Republic if the vile venom of the propagandist leftist media and the Marxist democrats wasn't so pervasive, BOTH Donald and Melania would have been CELEBRATED

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