I saw this and felt compelled to share it.

Honestly, it's partly sad and despicable the state our nation's media is in, but I can bring myself to laugh at Creepy Joe because he was pretty obviously a corrupt and immoral cretin for his entire adult life. I wouldn't usually find humor in a senile old man falling up a set of stairs, but I'm willing to make an exception this time.

Meanwhile, Trump is climbing an entirely different set of stairs, and something tells me he won't slip up.

Folks really can't wrap their heads around the concept (or the value) of plausible deniability.

Play stupid. Win big.

CLANDESTINE is a word we should all currently understand and appreciate.

It's very good to see Trump on stage again. He's a natural. His charisma is so admirable.

Biden and Company are absolutely annihilating their supporters' faith in them. Every step this admin takes is a misstep.

The regret is real. So many will not vote democrat again.

I think it's hilarious. It's great entertainment, really. I've had to pop more popcorn than I thought I'd have to because the show is running long, but I'm still tuned in.

The monsters are laid bare, and all eyes are open.

Read the tagline for the game. Something tells me it's relevant.

Looks like Trump is scheduled to speak publicly on the 28th.

Great! I miss hearing from him. We need his personality and energy and presence back in our lives. The man's a natural born leader.

Here's hoping he has something great to say!

Covid was a catalyst for destabilization and fear. It was very intentional and very effective.

Globalists want afraid masses. They want small business destroyed. Big government is great for them. Biased media is great for them.

These people are evil. The puppet masters are wicked and greedy and drunk with power.

Think. For. Yourself. People need to open their eyes.

Seems like the Biden admin is dead set on making themselves as disliked as possible.

Everything they're doing is bad. It's all a failure. Their support is dwindling. Trump looks so good by comparison.

It's almost like america needed to see the clowns in action. Needed to see the absolute failure in motion. It's laughably awful. The puppet president is a complete joke.


Rather curious, no? Almost like some kind of plan is involved.

"This dude says no thanks to Victoria’s lockdown.

Journo: “Did you realise there's a lockdown?”

Democrats eyeing a criminal prosecution of Trump?

He probably welcomes the chance to defeat them again. I seriously doubt that he's worried. The impeachment was hilarious. His lawyers made mincemeat of the enemy.

Will they ever learn? Probably not, no, because they're stupid. They have tunnel vision and they'll lose over and over again because their delusion knows no bounds.

I'm usually not one to post political memes, but I saw this one and just had to share it. Hilarious.

It's just too good.

Imagine how completely pissed the swamp is right now. I smile when I think about their tantrums.

Pay attention, folks. Trump doesn't lose.

"VP" Kamala's body language is that of someone who is defeated and terrified. No one in Biden's admin seems remotely composed.

Trump "lost" and he's still the monolithic titan he's always been. The guy's a winner through and through. You don't get to where Donald Trump is without knowing what you're doing.

He's grasped victory after victory throughout his entire life. Why lose now, especially with everything on the line?

Spoiler alert: he won't.

The democrats don't understand that asking Trump to testify under oath is like asking Mike Tyson to punch them in the face.

It's not gonna go their way.

They've blundered their way into every pitfall and trap so far, though, so why stop being stupid now?

Here's hoping that we finally get to see Trump put them in their place. How sweet it'll be.

Trump is an extremely high profile guy. He has been for decades.

You're seeing no pictures of him, hearing nothing from him. Not even anything secondhand.

If he were golfing, somebody would sneak photos of him.

He's not golfing.

For him to have not been seen or heard from at all, he must be moving discreetly and deliberately. He's obviously not where folks think he is or someone would've spotted him.

The man's a tactician. I don't know what he's doing, but he does.

The longer Biden's "in office," the more he shows his ex-supporters what a great POTUS Trump "was." He's an absolute joke.

Meanwhile, Trump is presumed defeated. In his "exile" he's given the ability to move about completely undetected. Nobody really knows where he is or what he's doing.

That's the point, right?

Some things can only be done in the dark, but when finally brought to light they'll shake the foundation.

Stealth attacks are very effective.

Has Trump ever been this quiet in his life?

It's obvious that more than meets the eye is going on. Still too much unexplained and too much that just doesn't make sense.

Biden's admin is a clown car. It's hilarious. Not only are they all incompetent, but they're really nervous and uncertain. They don't act like winners at all.

Something is scaring them.

We all know WHO that something is, we just don't know exactly what's going on.

I'm still really excited.

Imagine the mental gymnastics required to believe that Trump's parting with his impeachment lawyers indicates his upcoming defeat.

It's silly.

He doesn't need impeachment lawyers because the impeached is dead on arrival. He did nothing wrong and there's piles of evidence supporting him.

Hey, speaking of evidence...

Yeah, exactly. Maybe it's about time he got his day in court so that he can present from very interesting evidence.

Smile, happy warriors. The best is yet to come.

If having faith is insanity, then I don't wish to be sane.

If hope is delusion, then I wish to be delusional.

I've stopped arguing for Trump. Not because he doesn't deserve my fervor or because I've stopped believing, but because it is a waste of time and energy.

Those who believe are already convinced. Those who do not are already defeated. Rationality and critical thinking cannot reach them, so instead I wait.

The show is not over. Make no mistake.

Chaos abounds.

The swamp outs itself at every step. Crooks remain crooks as the veil is thrown back. Thanks to Trump they're seen as they truly are.

The American people are pissed. Good.

Trump is still smiling. Even better. He's still making moves. I still trust him.

Biden: So let me be clear.

Okay, "Mr President," we're waiting for you to make even a modicum of sense.

This illegitimate fraud is an absolute joke. He's a laughing stock.

He's losing so much support, not that he had much to begin with.

Hmm...maybe the public was SUPPOSED to see Biden flounder like this. Maybe things were SUPPOSED to go ass up before SOMEONE swoops in to help.

I wonder... 🤔

The inside of Biden's mask is coated with smelling salts so he can stay awake long enough to ramble off some incoherent nonsense before the secret service escorts him back to his blankey and teddy in the basement.

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