Arizona Democrats just introduced a bill similar to Virginia on gun bans. For Arizona constituents, we need to get very loud and send a clear and damning message to our representatives.

Here's a link to the full text of the Bill.

Great thread by Henry David, a South Bend councilmen, on Mayor Pete.

Another Democrat candidate will bite the dust if true.

I’m not a Glenn Beck fan, but this 90 minute show on Burisma, Biden and the Ukraine corruption scheme is outstanding! Highly recommend watching.

Ruh Roh

Tune in, POTUS is promising a reckoning for corruption at the prayer breakfast later at the WHite house later.

The Best is yet to come!
I love this video and I love our POTUS.

Warning: Goose Bumps inevitable while watching.

From the UK:

Dear USA
Our political system here (UK) isn't perfect, but our Speaker is supposed to be impartial and neutral - and seen to be so. He/she is removed from party affiliation while he/she holds the role of Speaker. Pelosi is a disgrace - whatever you think of Trump.

Oops, Tara is not Shadow’s CEO. It’ Gerard Niemira which is more illuminating.

From Twitter world:

1. Failed Dem caucus app CEO is Tara McGowen.
2. Tara is a Mayor Pete supporter.
3. Mayor Pete’s campaign helped pay for app.
4. Tara’s husband is a strategist for Mayor Pete
5. App is called Shadow.

No problems that I can see.

Rut Roh,

Viktor Shokin, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Biden wanted fired just filed a statement to Ukrainian law enforcement accusing Joe Biden and Burisma Founder Zlochevsky of attempting to kill him.

Found this on Twitter:
The House put this into the National Defense Act 2020, but didn't make it into the Senate Bill.

Prohibit funds for transfer or detention of individuals, including US Citizens, to GITMO.

Hmmm, why would they do that?

From Raheem Kassam:

Kamala Harris went on CNN to laugh about how she's not impartial, yet demands witnesses and evidence anyway, as if that would change her mind.

CNN's Dana Bash laughs along, says she should be trying the case, not a juror.

They're laughing in your face.

Rocking Rudy

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

Last night on Ingraham Angle:

Emails expose what Obama admin knew about Bidens and Burisma.

And what all of us have known for a long time.

“Be ready': Mother of Kristin Smart, who went missing in 1996, says FBI told her news coming soon

“Be ready. This is really going to be something you don’t expect. We want to give you the support you need,” Smart said she was told by authorities.

Epstein related?
The FBI also suggested she secure a family spokesperson and that the family “might want to get away for a while,”

Has anybody seen this clip of Schumer walking into the Senate hearing?

First it looks like he’s asking a stenographer to move out of her chair, then gives up and goes to the other side of the aisle to tell an invisible person to get out of another chair.

Someone is losing it in more ways than one.

From our great leader - President Donald J Trump’s opening remarks from Davos.


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