5- WeBuildTheWall knew something about the people in the community and got those permits finalized lightning fast for a reason.
There are ALOT of shady and possibly compromised people posing as do-gooders that could stop the wall from being built if they knew the plans ahead of time. They're the Trojan Horse for Islamic terrorist groups, Mexican cartels & ChiCom's.
Any person who grew up in a border town and is against building the wall is up to no good, as is any politician.It MUST stop now.

Will Hurd, who claims to be a republican, is just one of those heinously corrupt politicians. He's been a front for the MX drug cartels and it's past time to kick him to the curb. Senator John Cornyn is another.


@SerraDiFalco @patriotdistress

I believe last week Judge Jeanine mentioned plans to broadcast from the southern border.

The more you know..geez!! He's even worse than i suspected 😡
thanks for the info.

@SerraDiFalco @Dawnz @REX @Debradelai

Anyone on QV with an answer as to why Soros & his sons haven't been investigated with a microscope, indicted, found guilty, & prosecuted? Why hasn't some foreign government dealt with him as well?

@HunDriverWidow @SerraDiFalco @Dawnz @REX

Because nobody can be prosecuted for exercising their rights.

But, if you like to persecute people you disagree with and fabricate them a crime to suit your anger, there is always the Beria/Pelosi school of totalitarianism.

@SerraDiFalco @HunDriverWidow @Dawnz @REX

C'mon. This is bullshit cubed.

Podesta shut down his groupd when Mueller opened an ivestigation on him, the group and Manafort.

Soros transfer is no different (and considerably smaller that that of Ted Turner, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates,) and is not connected in any way to Podesta's troubles.

Do not waste my time with conspiracy bullshit ever again.

I've had it with conspiracy bullshit.

Really. Do not bug me again.

@SerraDiFalco @GenFlynn

If you are trying not to spread conspiracy theory bullcrap, you are failing miserably.

What part of don't bug me anymore did you not understand?

Second and last request.

@SerraDiFalco @Dawnz - Hurd is as dirty as they come and an embarrassment to the State of Texas.

Bravo on an insightful thread from your personal experience. Build the Wall.


Thank you for such a great thread by someone who knows by living through it.

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