I found the problem with Sunland Park, the Mayor backed Bernie. It all makes sense now why they have the biggest migrant crisis on the entire border “Bring em all in, it ain’t my money”

Durham probe is investigating foreign agents/entities, FusionGPS, NGO's, and individuals involved in SpyGate. Which brings financing into play. The DNC, Clinton & CGI, Soros all funded FusionGPS.

Chuck Grassley today pushed for tough legislation on unregistered foreign agents. Possibly to coincide with FARA indictments coming? Podesta Group will definitely be in the mix.

But hey, Soros is just an honest philanthropist right? Podesta's don't launder $ either. I'm just a dumb conspiracy theorist

Another crazy conspiracy by me to question the motives of Sunland Park/El Paso officials and community leaders. Yet 7 years ago the Sunland Park Mayor and others were charged with extortion, bribery, & fraud. Ex mayor plead guilty to extortion. Follow the $

Brian Kolfage brings up the same point I did 2 days ago about what I notice on the Sunland Park/West El Paso border. Never mind though, I'm just a conspiracy spreader. Bullshit.

"BREAKING: we caught video of armed cartel member walking illegals into the USA. He’s packing a gun in waist, then walks back into Mexico captured in Sunland Park NM! It’s out of control! What is the city doing? NOTHING!"

I maintain my controversial theory that 'Eric Swallwell' is not human, but a lab designed Area 51 polymer replicant, conceived by a Deep State genius on crack, who watched The Thunderbirds 24/7.

Just sayin'


This is a major win-win deal. If Mexico does not perform as promised, in 90 days the tariffs go immediately to 20%.

Meanwhile, the bumbling fools of McConnell, Barrasso and Portman could not be reached for comment. I don't know it but I would wager Romney piped in on it too.

Arrogant bassturds!


This case is a good example of why the crime of perjury is so potentially serious. Fraud and forgery will only get the prosecutor so far in terms of seeking justice for the victims.

I hope to see the cases put right in due course by practical minded judges. Another reason why high tech services like DNA testing should be treated with caution in the courts.

Lab owner forges documents to help CPS kidnap children. Holy shitballs.
"Dale County District Attorney Kirke Adams has stated that Murrah’s actions may have resulted in a potential “tidal wave” of DHR cases where children were removed from their parents based on false evidence from her lab"

CPS is used as a child sex/ trafficking racket. Look at the pure evil on her face. al.com/news/montgomery/2019/05

5- WeBuildTheWall knew something about the people in the community and got those permits finalized lightning fast for a reason.
There are ALOT of shady and possibly compromised people posing as do-gooders that could stop the wall from being built if they knew the plans ahead of time. They're the Trojan Horse for Islamic terrorist groups, Mexican cartels & ChiCom's.
Any person who grew up in a border town and is against building the wall is up to no good, as is any politician.It MUST stop now.

4- She's not concerned about the safety of the neighborhood from murderous cartels smuggling drugs and children, but mad because of the time it takes for permits to get approved?
The woman, Arlean Murillo, is a wife of a Border Patrol agent. She is also a Democrat and has been the guest of a NM Democrat Rep to attend a behind the scenes speech by Nancy Pelosi. scdailypress.com/site/2019/02/

3- Everyone who grew up there knows how dangerous it is. Everyone knows the cartels use that corridor. The wall is needed to provide safety.
The enemies are literally at your doorstep.
So I notice a quote in the article, by a woman, who said, "It's not fair that it takes homeowners and businesses weeks and sometimes months to get approval for projects on their properties and that this organization was able to build its project so quickly."
Very odd and it stood out in my mind

2-The desert was always turning up new decomposed bodies, bones, heads, etc. All a result of Mexican Cartels.
It wasn't a secret. Everyone knew and almost everyone hated it.
Back in the early 80's my mom told me about Moroccan and Lebanese Muslims coming in illegally. I wondered why? She said, "Drugs, guns, kidnapping."
So I've known the relationship between Mexican & Islamic cartels for some time, and yet no one ever did a damn thing.

WeBuildTheWall thread.
I read this article and wondered, "Who are the residents at this meeting trying to protect?" elpasotimes.com/story/news/201

1-I grew up in El Paso in the 80's, the West Side, before "Sunland Park" even existed. Nothing but barren desert.
As a kid, my mom warned me to never go out into the desert hiking, dirt bike riding, snake hunting, etc because Mexican gang members go through there to smuggle drugs/people, kidnap, murder, and bury bodies.
She was born in Mexico and knew.

@SerraDiFalco @GenFlynn

I doubt it very much.

A word of advise:

Never hire a "celebrity attorney" and never, but never, ever hire a politically active "celebrity attorney" unless he depends on you.

Otherwise, you'll become roadkill faster than you can say "oh, shit."

Your attorney should not have any other agenda but you.

@Pissyfit @Debradelai

@GenFlynn set them all up.

That's all you need to know.

The details aren't important.

He knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. He was the key to unlocking the entire corrupt process.

Like Trump, the general sees the big picture and games out all possible results.

The general has THIS in his head at all times. He can consult it when necessary.

Just change the place names to outcomes.

@REX @Debradelai @ThomasWic @HeshmatAlavi @DuaneCates @drawandstrike. I finally made the jump. I deleted my FB account 5 yrs ago & twatter is useless after being locked out so many times, but I have hope for this platform. All of you are dilligent, insightful, and on the right side of history. Thank you. The fight never ends

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