"The House of Commons has adopted two motions declaring support for growing calls to remove Iran from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) on Monday.

The motion, which was put forward by Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, was adopted by unanimous consent following question period on Monday".


A cherry-red 1955 Ferrari driven by racing legends sells for $22 million

Racing legend Shelby won 8 races & 10 podium finishes piloting the car during the 1956 & 1957 seasons — most wins of any other car in his racing career. 

This model is among a select few designed and built by Sergio Scaglietti..

Shelby inscribed “Mr. Ferrari told me that this was the best Ferrari he ever built,” on the fuel tank. The car still has an original matching-#'s engine, chassis & body.


Boris Johnson admits that President Trump was right all along about Europe's foolish dependence on Russian oil:

"Boris Johnson has called on Western nations to take back control of their energy supplies and end an addiction to Russian oil and gas that has left them subject to blackmail by Vladimir Putin."


Jesse Kelly
Blows me away how every Leftist policy position leads to poverty, misery, and death but most still won’t accept that’s the whole point.


The easiest way to end in an egalitarian society is to make everyone poor.

@RichardGrenell: "The intelligence leaks have stopped.

And it actually points to the partisan credibility problem of the leakers and their allies in the media.

Remember when they return, and they will return, they are domestic enemies."


Just the Secretary of Education working with his Brown Shirts, to secretly set-up parents as domestic terrorists.

Cosa Nostra, Democrat-style.

This is who the Democrats2022 are, folks.

A group composed of radical Marxist ideologues and establishment criminals, who use mafia-style tactics (extortion, bribery, shakedowns, violence, theft, illegal spying, set-ups, election fraud etc) against their enemies.

Vile scum.

They are the #1 enemy of the American Republic.



Mollie Hemingway 🐦

You are the one always bragging about yourself, for unclear psychological reasons. But now everyone knows you ran the destructive lie that Trump stole the 2016 election by colluding with Russia (for which your partner was just indicted) and pushed for 2020 chaotic mess.


TY Dr Rand Paul for crossing that Rubicon & exposing NIH & Dr. Fauci.

Now they are all clamoring to "help" find the culprits.

NIH & Harvard were HIP DEEP in funding & ENABLING that Level 4 Laboratory in Wuhan

Make it APPEAR that you're obeying, when in fact you're fighting back effectively.

It took us a century to get where we are now.

Woodrow Wilson was the father of modern "progressive" ideology.

Trump is finishing them off at warp speed.

The role of a mentor is to prepare people to strike out on their own.

Trump completely reformed the Republican party in four years.

Therefore the best IS yet to come.


When you're ignorant, your opinions have no value.

Everyone in that Tim Pool video is actually more ossified than Trump, who's 75 years old.

These people worship youth. That prevents them from seeing that the natural order of things is to get smarter as you get older.

Trump is easily the most radical political figure in human history.

It's easy to see if you take the time to study him.

Yesterday Space Force announced that it's taking over several duties of the army and navy.

People keep voting for this madness, so I'm indifferent to their fate.


They hate Trump for no reason, and they support policies that will cost them their lives, so it's not possible to care about them.

I don't wish them ill, but I'm definitely not going to try and reach them.

Currently I listen to a program called "I Survived..." as I do my research.

It's amazing how often people show mercy to savage criminals.

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