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It's been a great week for my Bucket List. First the Trump rally, and now I've garnered my first "like" from @drawandstrike .

Will the joy ever end? 🤣🤣😘

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I noticed Jawa intently kicking my sneaker over as I was enjoying my morning cup. I figured she was tormenting another wolf spider so I went in to investigate and found this tiny toad. I relocated him/she/it to the proper toad area outside, under the butterfly bush. We normally see a toad on the back slab at night, the dogs notice, but never mess with it/them/wtevr.

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I'll tell you what. I may be a bit biased, but in doing some research I really find to be incredibly valuable. Having so much information searchable in one place is amazing.

Crap. This THING showed up on our porch a week or so ago, all alone. Now it's wormed its way into the house.

Con artist.

Penny is onto her evil ways.

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We definitely need to reopen the institutions.

Zombie Land, Dallas.

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For @Baline

You said you're trying to find the long game in regard to Mexico.

These two guys caused all the trouble we're seeing today.

Vicente Fox and George W. Bush.

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@DTPrez @MarcusJ65

Adult men always say, "SHE came on to ME."

So what?


It doesn't matter if she came on to you. If you take her up on it, you have to go jail for rest of your life.


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Good article on California and its wildfire problem/

Of Electricity and Ideology

California’s policies to combat “climate change” have made the state more vulnerable to wildfires and left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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For @MarcusJ65

Let's talk about two things that everyone is afraid to mention:

Infant mortality rate and teen suicide.

Both are extremely high in the US. Why?

Illegal immigration from Mexico.

This is a 15-year old. She's considered a woman.

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So Trump got something done that the world leaders have been trying for a decade to do and he did it in about 2 weeks with 28 US soldiers.

Bonus: he flushed out the war mongers in the GOP and Dem parties and caused the Speaker of the 🏠 to have a nervous breakdown on live TV.

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Designer Donald! President Trump enthusiastically tours new Louis Vuitton workshop that will employ 500 in Texas flanked by his chic daughter Ivanka (who showed up clutching a Chanel bag)

President Donald Trump toured the new Louis Vuitton leather workshop in Alvarado, Texas on Thursday
Trump was joined by his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner
The family toured the new Louis Vuitton facility and spoke with workers

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@trueblueTEX @Seedsaver

Assigning me to a so-called community is presumptive, prescriptive, and pernicious.

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered.

My life is my own.

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@trueblueTEX @Seedsaver

"You're part of the 'Gay Community,' so you'd better support this or oppose that."

I reject this concept completely.

This concept taken to today's absurd extreme and standard devalues individuality. In fact, it destroys individualty.

My unchangeable traits don't dictate MY thoughts. Do they dictate yours?

Terrence K. Williams isn't some herd animal or hive-dweller, and neither am I.

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@trueblueTEX @Seedsaver

Because I have trait overlaps with many different people doesn't mean I am slave to some intersectional Venn-diagram community loyalty.

I am unique. Even here, where content of character and likeness of thought are paramount, I am not a member of a community.

We exchange ideas, learn, and grow, but I am not part of the Quodverum "community," because there isn't one.

The word is used like a cudgel, to enforce groupthink.

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@trueblueTEX @Seedsaver

The hashtag at the bottom of the sign evokes some thought.

People are brainwashed into thinking they are part of "communities."

That person is gay, but rejects the idea of being in "the gay community."


The community to which I belong is my neighborhood. I'm a 52-year-old white guy.

Does that make me elong to the community of White guys? Of 52-year-olds? Of White people?

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