Great thread on Castro's Cuba.

"This story, and a million like it, is what seeks to whitewash with their "but the reading lessons" bullshit.

@BernieSanders is not only unfit for the Presidency, he should be removed from the Senate immediately.

He is the worst kind of apologist trash."


Sorry Blue, I just saw this. It's still there, I just read it again.


🤷🏻‍♀️ Who knows why, keeps saying unavailable...oh well.

@Seedsaver @JM @Dawnz have heard quite a few stories from people I know
Met their relatives who visited on a visa and had to go back
Others went to a new country then came here
It is a horrible thing for anyone in our nation to hold communism up, much less someone running for any position in our nation, sick people, thank you


@Lemonhead @JM @Dawnz

My boss came from Cuba as a child. His mom is alive and kicking, still in Miami. She says there was only ONE Cuban in Miami who didn't vote for Trump, and they ran him out of town. 🤣🤣

When Zero opened up travel to Cuba and Fidel was dead, she still refused to return. She's waiting for Raul to die. I hope she makes it. She has stories to tell as well.

@Seedsaver @JM @Dawnz 😅they do say that and they talk about their other relatives standing in line after him
Knew someone who went to see what it was like and then explained to kids why it is not fun, and why it is not a tourist destination

@Seedsaver @Lemonhead @JM @Dawnz
I think you pretty much have to remove the whole communist party not just Raul.

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