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@Olly -
Interesting you would show that post. @ThomasWic has mentioned lying before in a thread. Here are screenshots.

Hedge funds, eh?

@ThomasWic - This is an absolutely relevant topic, too. Not only does that account have over 200k followers including legitimate psychological orgs...

But also the next step in the impeachment hearings will be having CIA psychologists give testimony as to Trump's mental fitness as pointed out by Carroll Quigley in the linked thread.

I don't have a specific question for @ThomasWic, but when he was on Twitter he was being trolled by a psychologist who was harassing him for having PTSD.

I'd like to hear his take on how some psychologists use their position of "authority" as an excuse to abuse others. It's an occupation that seems to attract sadists. At the very least, it's been said psychologists get in the field to cure themselves.

Food for thought and further elaboration for @ThomasWic.

Abusive behavior by psychologists:
I blocked a mutual Twitter follower tonight - PsyPost. They post articles about psychology and some of it's interesting. But they came down with TDS and posted the linked article saying "losers are more likely to believe conspiracy theories" showing a Trump supporters with a sign against socialism & implying Obama is Kenyan.

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@SeanZachel Only πŸŽ₯ worth watching on Nutzies is l by Mel Brooks.
"To Be Or Not to be". For some reason only clips are on Utube.

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The jackass who made it claims he wanted to show people what Nazis are. Hell ,just show Roland Fleischer.s heir, Adam Schiff

"With its mile-wide lampooning and deliberate avoidance of the breadth of Nazism’s horrors (anti-Semitism may be front-and-centre, but the Holocaust itself is never confronted head-on), Jojo Rabbit never risks actually disturbing its audience. Instead, they are left comforted by the notion that it is bad to hate and that simply recognizing that truism is the basis of a moral life."

I watched the trailer to 'Jojo Rabbit' and don't know what to make of it. It's seems to downplay (whitewash) the horrors of Nazi Germany which is a dangerous move towards rewriting "pop-history".

Here's an interesting critique of the film.

Sadly, most Kimmel and Oswalt fans won't bother to look into the matter beyond what they see on the Late Show.

That's why it's important for people who do care about the truth to speak out and hold these clowns accountable.

Let them know you're paying attention and you're angry.

Maybe Obama is better at reading a teleprompter, but Trump is willing and eager to go into detail beyond a planned statement.

If you ask me, that's far more "presidential" than any former Commander In Chief from my lifetime.

Most of Trump's statements Kimmel used for the video edit were off-the-cuff comments he made to the press when answering questions. His pre-written speech was well done (though he seemed exhausted).

Here's Donald Trump's full press briefing on the death of AL-Baghdadi.

It's about 50 mins long; 5x as long as Obama's pre-written speech.

Why is Trump's briefing so much longer? Because he actually answered questions from the press.

Obama answered no questions (because he's lost without his teleprompter).

Here's Obama's full statement on Bin Laden's death. It's a neat 9 mins & 30 secs. He does a very good job at reading from a teleprompter.

(When peoole talk about "acting presidential"; what they really mean is they want a scripted performance).

As long as people know that what they are seeing is not in any way real, that's fine. But encouraging people to feel depressed over a horribly out of context video edit is not only irresponsible, it's completely wrong.

Seeing this made me mad.
Yes, it's important to be able to laugh at things, but with fake news worse than it's probably ever been, it's very irresponsible for professional entertainers to propagandize a false reality they full well know people will blindly accept. I used vulgarity to describe those spreading propaganda and they full well deserved to be called names.

When your comedy bit does the very thing that the mainstream news does routinely, you're not doing "comedy", you're doing propaganda.

Kimmel's bit and Oswalt's tweet only reinforce people's perception of a false reality as a real reality.

We live in an era where virtually every bit of coverage about Donald Trump is taken out of context for the purpose of making him look bad.

Nothing exemplifies this better than the horribly false story about Trump praising Robert E. Lee at a rally which was repealed (but still archived) two days later.

You watch the whole speech and he was actually praising Ulysses Grant.

Last night, Patton Oswalt retweeted this clip from Jimmy Kimmel's show comparing Obama's speech on the death of Bin Laden with Trump's speech on the death of all-Baghdadi.
He describes it as "hilarious and so so so depressing".

In a different era that clip would be funny;


Not screwing with you about the missing comments. If you think I deleted my comments to make it look like they're being censored, here are two screenshots with time and date clearly showing missing comments.

I can only think that someone at Google/YouTube is controlling the information on Dark Journalist's channel.

I've also read on Twitter that his videos show up in the recommendation bar on the side despite not having watched him before.

I'm thinking he's a disinformation agent of some sort.

Any opinions or experience with this particular Dark Journalist?

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