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I’m grateful to have this information, this truth, at this point in time. To witness this historical moment. The world shifting because of the brilliance of one man. May your thread be true.

Momentous. God bless Trump and all involved in this work.

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Putin considers Finland as part of Russia. Also, Russians don't forget Finland's collaboration with the Nazis.

For Putin, the calculus will be : 'Finland is run by fools, their military is hopeless, they are not NATO members and their 34 year old PM just insulted Trump. The possibility of the US helping them is now unlikely.'

The odds in favor of a Russian invasion just went up significantly.

When the tanks roll in, who will Finland turn to? They can forget Trump.

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Under pain of death, Russian engineers were told to copy them.

So the Russians dismantled them and copied each piece individually.

The engineers were so afraid that they copied all the English-language writing on the components, such as radios and navigation gear.

That was how the Russians got strategic bombers.

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Words are inadequate for such a beautiful memorial and photo.

G-d Bless, Saul. Any may those who perished Rest In Peace always.

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@ThomasWic I’ve been doing the same thing for a while now. When I’m deciding on which news wonk is worth listening to, whether or not a person understands what Trump is about is a deal-breaker.

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That's not what happened.

The cops went to speak to him about a domestic-violence incident.

There was no gun involved.

You're proving the cops' point that social media made this situation worse.

"Supporters" had to be arrested because they're imbeciles who set their hair on fire and interfered with law enforcement carrying out their LEGAL duties.

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@bbhack My concern centres largely on DNS address book. ICANN under the auspices now of the United Nations continues the systems for databases and methodology of naming conventions etc. And holds the crypto key to the DNS.

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For God's sake.

Did you see how the wall in the video is covered with white hand and footprints?

It took the guy endless practice to climb the wall.

And he's a free climber, not an obese woman with five children.

And the Border Patrol isn't going to stand around while people practice climbing the wall.

I've never encountered more defeatist people than Trump "supporters."

So easily fooled into giving up hope.

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@Debradelai said this yesterday and it’s perfect.

“Looking for legal or moral technicalities in this inconsequential clown show is an exercise in futility.”

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'At last, we have the evil Drumpf'

This time it's the 'tax returns'.

You'd think these leftist morons might've asked a basic question - if Trump's tax returns were damning, wouldn't they have been released by now?

Er, yes. Yes, they would have been. But still they !

Trump is playing them. He knows that the tax returns reveal zero, but he's going to force them to spend treasure & time all the way to SCOTUS, where they'll lose.

Then Trump will release them.

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These power shutdowns were supposed to only occur in high heat and extreme winds.

My forecast is 71 degrees with winds at 15 mph. I call bullshit.

The minute your electric goes off ... here's what you do

Gov Newsom:
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Send emails through his public page:

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This is what happens when you keep a chair warm, semi-wasted, in a College run by Jesuits telling you that moving from one country to another is a God-given right.

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@ilumanous @Debradelai

respect is EARNED. it's not bestowed upon a moron sitting in a chair and holding a gavel. first, the person in the chair must warrant respect. those standards weren't Homan is well within his right to call her out.

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@REX I make this very point in my next column at Epoch, hopefully going up tomorrow.

Sneak preview section:

Why doesn't Pelosi want to bring a resolution to hold an official, by-the-Constitution impeachment hearing to the House floor for a full vote? Because she knows exactly how such a vote would go.

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I lie all the time about my real life.

To everyone.

When I publish my memoirs under an assumed name, I'll lie even more.

Parts of the memoir are lies.

I had to do it TO PROTECT OTHERS.

Trump is lying his ass off, and people are looking to others to tell them what it all means.

Those others are too limited to see the big picture. Therefore their opinions are without value.

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F*cking Russians stoking the fire of Democrat hoaxers (pardon the tautology) by expressing their desire that Trump do not release phone calls that nobody asked for or intended to release.

Watch the Dems latch onto this and start screaming "release the call Putin does not want released" in 3, 2, 1...

Enough is enough.

As with terrorists, one cannot negotiate with Democrats: They are not acting in good faith, do not intend to keep their word, and only favor our enemies.

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This is just disgusting.

As Ray Bradbury wrote in the introduction to the 50th anniversary of Fahrenheit 451, “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running around with lit matches.”

This woman is the head of “English Language Arts” for the public schools in Washington Township, NJ.

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@EarlThePearls @Beemer4Trump @Debradelai

Make it easy on yourself and support monthly. Easy, quick, and simple.

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