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Liberals Have No Creativity.

I’ll explain why with a couple examples...

Example A:

I follow a lot of local music. I’m also a musician. Last year I started a local music media website in Utah, so I get a lot of people sending me music to review.

The number of musicians who suck, and don't realize they suck, is absolutely astounding. Thomas Wictor can probably relate. Thomas is a bass player and used to write for music media.


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I’ll end by saying that I have never seen such a gathering of creative individuals as I have seen here on QV. You know who I’m talking about. Not need to tag them. They know. Some of you are included in that group.

P.S. I used to be an anon on Twatter, but after the election I changed. I joined QV under my real name, because this is the only forum where I feel safe enough to be myself. It’s liberating.


Take a break from Biden’s shit show and get ready for a kick-ass, rockin’ summer...Royal Bliss is coming to a city near you:

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What you're saying makes tons of sense.

The Chinese have been lying for so long about their capabilities that it's not possible them to not believe themselves.


It happened to the Russians on February 7, 2018, in Deir Ezzor Syria, when we inflicted 100 percent casualties on a 600-man Russian Mobile Detachment Combat Unit.

This is a combined-arms battalion based around three companies of motorized infantry.

Only two vehicles survived.

Whoa...I just passed 200 followers! So happy somebody appreciates my stories and content.


I filmed this with my new Canon M6 Mark II mirrorless camera and an 11x22 lens. The audio is not bad for being recorded with the built-in microphone.

I edited the video with Adobe Premiere. It was my first time using that app. I have used Final Cut in the past but my new job—working for a conservative political marketing agency BTW—gave me access to the Creative Suite and I used the video as a training "project."


Apologies for posting 👆 the video twice, but it's worth watching. These people tired of Biteme's mask mandates and are basically going about their lives like he doesn't matter.

And he doesn't, does he?

When Trump returns to fix the mess Dems are creating, bands like Andrew W Boss are going to fill large venues,—like they used to—and its gonna be lit.



As I stated in the article posted previously, people are dying to see live music, and for some: music is medication for the soul.

Take a look at the video edit...'ll post it again. Note the joy on the fans faces. It was very up-lifting.

Not surprising, those who don't support live music are the same ones who supported the mostly peaceful rallies across the country last summer.

Go figure.

Back to last Thur and the video I posted at the beginning of this thread...

To put things in perspective, Utah still has a mask mandate, but, Governor Spencer Cox—also a musician BTW—is planning to lift the mandate in April.

Anyway, I walked in the door last Thursday and there were about 100 people there for the concert. Not a single person was wearing a mask. I was actually embarrassed to have a mask on, so I yanked it off quickly...

A few days after her attacks started, I was helping do a livestream concert with a friend. We hosted 8 bands, 4 each on Boston and Salt Lake City. I’m in Salt Lake of course.

None of the 4 bands that played in our studio came with masks. Many of them approached me and told me they support my position on live music. It felt good, because I’ve never been the victim of cancel-culture before and all the support made me realize I just need to let this cancel culture freak dig herself a deeper hole.

One artist in the story, who has been trashing musicians playing live is gay. She's a great artist and I have featured her a couple times in Salt Lake Bard. But like a lot of liberals, her ideology has opened the door for her. She sent me a nasty messages asking for a retraction and demanding I remove her quotes from facebook. I refused and, now, she's telling everyone I'm a misogynist. Same old playbook.

And this is in the face of the hysterical lib musicians in town who are claiming that musicians playing live right now are dangerous. Check out this article. The band in the video are the band I mentioned in the opener.

All these posts with music inspired me to film and post a video of what's happening with live music here in Salt Lake City. This was from last masks...mosh's off the charts.

As he continued his story I excused myself in walked into my bedroom. I opened the handmade box where I kept my most treasured items, and retrieved the lighter that I had had cherished for the past year.

I walked back into the room and he started to continue his story.

I held my hand out to him, with the lighter hidden in my closed fist. As he reached out, to accept my mysterious offering, I dropped the lighter into his hand.


One day, a good friend dropped by and for some reason started talking about his uncle. My friend’s father had passed away when he was a teen—I knew this story—so his uncle was special to him. It was how he stayed connected with his father.

He started telling be about how his uncle has served in the Marines during WWII.

I started to get this sinking feeling. My friend was alway at every party. He was a close friend.


I didn’t smoke cigarettes, but I would flip open that lid, roll that flint wheel and light that lighter every day until it warmed in my hand.

I kept it to myself. I didn’t tell anyone I had found it. I had to for maybe a year. I never planned to give it up.

I was like Gollum with his precious!


One of my roommates and I were in a band (I mentioned that band in a previous toot).

It was the 80s and there was always drugs around. So when I say it was a party house, you better believe me.

Oh, they were crazy much so that I don’t remember half of them.

Anyhow, I cherished this lighter. I figured somebody had left it at the house and there was no way I could ever figure out who it belonged to.




I remember once I found an old WWII-era zippo lighter that had somehow wound up in my possession. It was engraved with a quote and had a soldered brass marine emblem in relief.

It’s hard to explain how amazing this lighter was. It’s been 25 years since I last saw it, but it was something special.

At the time, I lived in a rental house and it was a BIG party house. The house was in Tarzan, California. It had a pool and a hot tub.


I had hoped Trump's attorneys would present voter fraud evidence during the impeachment trial.

I even went out and bought 10M shares of Jiffy Pop Inc!

Smarter people than I remained skeptical.

And once again, Trump did something unexpected.

Damn that man!

He simply made the impeachment managers look like the low-life, everyday American-hating partisan hacks they are...

and the red-pilling of the slumbering American people continues.

Thank God I'm a patient man.

I’ll be sending yet another email to Mittens Romney today, telling him how clearly the evidence today showed Trump’s innocence. I will also be reminding him that, regardless how he votes, the people of Utah will primary his ass right out of office.

Everyone on q.v., with a senator who is anti-Trump, needs to send a similar email to their senator. Just go to their website...there will be a contact form. It’s really easy.

I love how Trump’s lawyers are red-pilling thousands, by showing the full Charlottesville video which a lot of people never saw.

They are exposing the lies that have been told by Biteme and rest of the Dem leadership for years.

They are also demonstrating how Dem leaders have sctually excited violence and supported the Antifa and BLM riots.

I predict Biteme’s support will continue to decline.

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