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Just got an email from the Biden admin.

"The student loan payment pause has been extended"

So now that judges have blocked the loan relief, they are basically allowing folks to not make any payments until SEPTEMBER 30 2023.

Absolute BS.

So for the next 10 months lots of folks will not work, cause they don't have to. Living with roommates or with parents. Making the unemployment numbers lower because they haven't reentered the workforce.


And almost all will vote Democrat.

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Apple has over $200+ billion cash and investments they can use to buy Disney.

Disney's market cap is $175 billion.

If it was gonna happen, it needs to happen NOW, under a Democratic admin (Apple and Disney donate LOTS of money to the Democratic party). A Republican run FTC would probably kill such a deal.

I now think this is why Chapek was fired. He was against it.

Iger may be Disney's LAST CEO.

I now lay 50/50 odds this will happen.

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It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

Thomas Sowell

Pennsylvania voting results are extremely slow, as Fetterman is counting the ballots himself.

Please be patient.

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So Warner Discovery has found the new face and head for their DC movies.

James Gunn.



Good luck with that.

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So, this video is... Unsettling.

China's real estate bubble is bursting. The Chinese Bond market is fucked. And the Zero COVID policy is causing unrest and impacting demand and creating high unemployment.

If China implodes... Watch out.


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Well at least it's confirmed..

US: Iranian troops in Crimea backing Russian drone strikes

We've known for some time that the Iranians were looking to supply Russia with Kamikaze explosive-laden drone for use in Ukraine. Now it looks like the initial results were seen as positive and now Russia has purchased hundreds of these Drones along with troops brought in to train the Russians in their use.

So again - why are we trying to make a deal w Iran who's arming our foes.

Canada's respect for human life can only be described in one word: subterranean.

I wonder how people view them now, after the decades of arrogance they've shown the rest of the world.

"Canadians are the nicest people ever!"


Very nice institutions like the Human Rights Tribunal, the greatest kangaroo court on the planet...

...Encouraging veterans to off themselves and save everyone else the trouble...

Such nice people.

Glad I've never been, and never will.


Just yesterday, the story of a 54-year old man was posted.

"An Ontario man facing homelessness has decided to apply for medically-assisted suicide as a way of escaping poverty."

“I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die,” 54-year-old St. Catherines man Amir H. Farsoud told CityNews in an interview on October 13.


In the 2021 calendar year, the Canadian government reports a 33 percent increase in medically assisted "suicides".

Unsurprising for a country that tells its desperate citizens to choose euthanasia rather than give them any kind of meaningful aid.

Wonder what 2022's will look like?

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Frosk tweeted today, in response to a fan (after she threw the producers under the bus for her own rant) that 'She's leaving the industry, so it's all good.'

I hope she enjoys her future job making over-sugared lattes at a nearby Starbucks.

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@Schever_W Yup. He's a piece of work. A miserable human being.

I know a lot like him. Angry at the world, wondering why THEY aren't famous and popular and rich.

Guess what?

Life don't work like that.

You can work your ass off and still get nothing. Or you can be in the right place and right time and you become George Clooney.


Sometimes, people who suck win.

Sometimes, not.

In the end, all are dust. You are not important.

Except for the people who love you.

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So in January feminist gamer Frosk did a live comment on "misogyny in gaming" on the G4TV Youtube channel.

She basically insulted all the male views of the video-game focused channel. "if you don't like it, don't watch it."

Guess what?

They stopped watching.

Comcast last month laid off most of the staff, including Frosk.

Today they fired everyone else.

And let the media know before the employees.



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I'd probably say this is one of the final remnants of GamerGate and jackassery that ensued when morons in the SJW Media attacked their audience..

Here's some backstory / history for those interested as Gamergate was essentially the first big battle in the current culture war (and in essence, the Gamers pretty much won..)

Gamergate Controversy Explained Easy Cartoon

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The White House released a framework recently on regulation of digital assets that included a call for the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department to continue behind-the-scenes efforts to impose a government-run cryptocurrency known as a Central Bank Digital Coin.


Why is Elon Musk inserting himself into geopolitics now? Russia, China, now Russia again.

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