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I am a big fan of Black Friday sales. Mostly when it comes to buying physical media for recent or classic movies. I love building my library with the "loss leaders" that retail sells to get people in the door.

The BF sales have already started online. Just picked up the 4K version of the Battlestar Galactica 1978 pilot for $10, and also got a couple of vinyl albums for $15.

Why are the sales already started? Because the economy kinda sucks, and these companies need all the money they can get.

Indi Gregory was born with mitochondrial disease, which prevents cells in the body producing energy. The socialist NHS said the disease is incurable.

The parents wanted to do everything they could for their child.

Italy gave Indi citizenship and offered help. The pope himself offered free care at a state of the art hospital.

The UK Gov't admonished Indi's parents and turned off their child's life support in the hospital.

They didn't even let Indi die with her parents.


The UK has even less respect for human life than Canada does, in case anyone needed a reminder of what a bottomless shithole the British Isles are.

Socialist healthcare is designed to kill human beings, and that has never been more evident than this case.

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The most significant achievement of leftism is that it still exists despite 100+ consecutive years of 100% failure at everything.

The most significant achievement of Leftism in the past decade has been co-opting institutional power to coerce women to participate in male sexual fetishes under the guise of civil rights advancement.

The US has become so embarrassing that elected congressmen are pulling fire alarms like retarded middle school children.

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Beijing Diane croaked her last croak.

And I could not give less of a shit.

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Sanctions are the illusion that we are depriving these asshats of anything.

Germany buys Russian oil through India.
Iran buys anything it wants through China.

And middlemen around the world make a mint.

The second largest city in the UK just declared bankruptcy this week.


Birmingham blames it on all sorts of dumb shit to deflect, like a failed IT system implementation.

The reality is they've got as many problems, if not more, than California.

An irresponsible, unaccountable government in which nobody even knows who their representatives are is just one major symptom.

“It’s not good enough for Biden just to have a socialist economic policy in the US, he also wants to export that socialist economic policy to Europe and to the United Kingdom.”

The UK is already a disunited socialist utopia; they've already taken the deepest plunge out of all developed nations.

Europeans commenting on our politics is tiresome.

Especially when they collect on undeserved six-figure salaries.


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Disney done f'd up.

They decided to pull their channels, including ESPN, from Charter Spectrum the day before college football season starts. Because they wanted more $$.

In response, the stock dropped to a low of $81.40 a share.



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Goodness gracious.

The WGA is negotiating with the studios WITHOUT A GENERAL COUNSEL OR A CFO.

And their chief negotiator is a 30 something " Research Analyst." Who is probably really good at posting TikTok and Youtube videos.

They are even more screwed than I thought.


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@Schever_W I think this is a drop in the ocean compared to the fact they sent PINKERTON AGENTS to intimidate a fan.


And Hasbro is losing money hand over fist. Infinite funds they do not have.

Back in June, Aldi's, the fifth largest supermarket chain in the UK, opened a "cashless" store.



The expected consequence of this took place just a few days ago. An older man was harassed and threatened by staff for using *legal tender* to purchase food.


The existence of a "cashless" store is legally dubious to me.

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There are so many "workers rights" laws on the books, that it literally makes Unions obsolete. The only people that are benefiting, are the union bosses.

The Useful Idoits that are walking on the picket lines haven't figured it out yet.

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@Schever_W Orson Welles famously said, "It's easy to make a lot of money if all you want to do is make a lot of money." That is what the execs in Hollywood do.

People have NO IDEA how much the C Level and above execs in Hollywood make. Combined, it is hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Producers also are paid tens of millions per movie.

Combine that with the A level talent getting at least $20 million a film... And also, money laundering is a real thing in the industry.

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