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The problem is not that Sullivan and Blinken are failing to restrain Malley, but that they are marching in lockstep with him. A consensus reigns inside the administration, not just on the JCPOA but on every big question of Middle East strategy: Everyone from the president on down agrees about the need to complete what Obama started—which means that the worst is yet to come.

FYI - when the cop pulled him over, he admitted to being a reporter sent to follow the jury bus.

the judge said his name and his boss's name (from the New York office) at the trial.

I dont remember the two names are, but Im sure we'll be hearing about them later!

BREAKING: an MSNBC reporter was caught running a red light while following the jury bus in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

the judge is referring for prosecution and MSNBC has been banned from the court room.


@Jim_Jordan in a book tour interview on local radio this morning made a pretty good comment about President Trump standing "in the way" of weaponized government, pointing out that in Trump's four years, we didn't have a Lois Lerner IRS going after political fundraising groups as we had under Obama, or an FBI using the tools of counterterrorism against parents objecting to school curricula, as we have under Biden. The bureaucracy was instead all focused on getting rid of President Trump.

avail. I had to laugh at Meg at how she took the advice of the one guy, but she took a deep breath and she and Spindrift made their way home. Spindrift is a female subadult, and she has survived the first 24 hours so she needs a prayer that she makes it through the week without any major damage from the concussion or any other injuries that may show later.

Meg had an interesting rescue around 3 AM in Sydney in some strange circumstances. Little Spindrift got one heck of a concussion and was found on a walkway. A member of the public (MOP) called Meg but never covered Spindrift with a protective box, nor did she stay near her. So there was Spindrift with a raging bat headache and near her were some drunk men. Thankfully they didn't get bitten or scratched by Spindrift and didn't bother her. One guy tried moving her with his cell phone, but to no

A little bit of nighttime action this week in Maryland.

Meteor Shower on 11/17 & 11/8 and on Friday 11/19 a lunar eclipse.

And a beaver(full) moon.
Because beavers build dams their in November. Duh.

Joe Biden and Germany Give Green Light to Putin

Putin is once again outplaying Germany. The Kremlin sees clearly that Europe is on the verge of its worst energy crisis, largely because Germany has abandoned the goal of diversification. In the chaos, Putin is posturing to ensure his interests are secure, and at the heart of his strategy is Ukraine and Nord Stream.


Article by Ric Grenell 🇺🇲



So Bannon the fraudster claims.

Don't take it to the bank. You'll be arrested for attempting to pass counterfeit currency.

@rising_serpent: "Binger should worry you not because he is utterly clueless, deliberately misinforming and more concerned about optics than he is about actual facts—which are all true—but because he's emblematic of a rapidly enlarging cadre of lobotomized SJWs who got into law school.

>@disclosetv: 'NOW - Prosecutor in Rittenhouse trial claims 'you lose the right to self-defense when you're the one who brought the gun.' [video]"

The Prosecution wants people to believe that Arson isn't violence.
In some states it's legal to shoot a person lighting Molotov Cocktails.
Arson of businesses deprive the owners and employees of providing sustenance to their families and themselves. Many times they never recover.

I don't pay much attention to Bannon, ok, I don't pay any attention to Bannon, but I have to ask, did Joe really Merrick Garland to go after Bannon by name?

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.